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Comic collections wanted

Comic collections wanted
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Mullingar, Westmeath
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Comic collections wanted


I buy comics in any quantity. You must be able to deliver to Mullingar or be willing to send them by courier or Parcel Motel.

Comment below with the total number of comics, the titles and how much you want for them.

To get the best price, take a few photos of the comics, showing some of the best, some of the worst and some average condition. If you have a complete list with the condition of each issue, even better.

Guideline prices (including delivery)

Quick sale (average condition, no photos, no list):
Children's humour comics (Beano, Whizzer & Chips etc.): €0.10 each
2000 AD (late 1980s - 2000s): €0.10 each
2000 AD (1970s, early 1980s & 2010s): €0.25 each
Judge Dredd Megazine: €0.25 each
1990s superhero comics: €0.10 each
US magazine format comics (fantasy, horror or sci-fi) €1 each
All other American comic books: €0.25 each
British mature readers' comics (Warrior, Revolver, Clint etc.): €1 each
European albums (Asterix, Tintin etc.): €1 each
Annuals: €1 each
Manga: €1 each
Graphic novels: €2 each
Everything else: €0.25 each

These are just the basic prices for anything and everything. If it's too low for what you're selling, let me know what you have and what price you want for them and you'll get a quick yes or no.

Best price (FN or better, full list with condition described and some photos):
25% of average eBay sold price for comics €5 to €10.
50% of average eBay sold price over €10.

Payment via PayPal on the day they arrive, or cash on delivery.

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ruariver 9 months ago
As per the previous post....
In terms of trades I’d be interested in anything Spirit related and Stanley Kubrick DVD’s I see you have...but you’ll need to see condition I’m guessing. I’m based in Deansgrange/Cornelscourt area or north Tipp/Moneygall whichever suits
mbforsale 9 months ago
I have lots of comic collections listed, she hulk, Captain America, some ultimates, X men, also have a 100 or so different, bout €250 different comics, not boarded or bagged but in excellent condition, can send you more details if interested in job lot? Thanks
mbforsale 9 months ago
Sorry that was suppose to 250 altogether not €250
corvus 9 months ago
@mbforsale: How much do you want to get for them?
mbforsale 9 months ago
I'm not too sure, what would you be thinking, I could what's app you some photos and a more comprehensive list.
blackops 9 months ago
I have a load of The Astonishing Spiderman comics in my ads. Open to offers.
corvus 9 months ago
@blackops: €0.33 for any Panini Marvel. €18 delivered for 53 issues.
blackops 9 months ago
corvus 9 months ago
@blackops: Sorry! This ad is intended for anyone who just wants quick cash for any pile of comics they come across. I'm sure you'll get a much better offer on your ad if you're prepared to wait.
agoose 8 months ago
Beanos 1981 - 1989 Most complete years.

Have to look in detail
corvus 8 months ago
@agoose: If they're nearly complete, I can give you €50 for them to include delivery.
agoose 8 months ago
Doesn't sound much to inc delivery.

I will have to see what I have
jawnmj 5 months ago
I have some in my ‘withdrawn’ ads check them out, make an offer, they gotta go, and am in moate
corvus 5 months ago
@jawnmj: How much for them including postage/Parcel Motel?
jawnmj 5 months ago
Make offer, do u want simpsons?
corvus 4 months ago
@jawnmj: It would be the price in the description, €0.25 each including delivery. Or 50% of eBay sold prices for any that sell for over €10. So it depends on how many you have, and yes, I would take The Simpsons.
jawnmj 4 months ago
Some of them would be rare/collectible so obv worth more than 25c. I have eBay a/c, can upload myself, cheers
corvus 4 months ago
@jawnmj: If you give me the list of what you're selling, I can get back to you with the best offer.
SellerH91 4 months ago
I've some manga and some comics, a few graphic novels, annuals in my ads, anything your interested in?
corvus 4 months ago
@SellerH91: Yes, I'd be interested in all of them. Are you happy with the prices in the description?
SellerH91 4 months ago
We ok to PM to finalize price, checking the weight of what i have, ive a bits not listed as well
therewillbe 4 months ago
I've a few.
DaisyC7 3 months ago
I have punch magazines from 1937 to 1944. I'd say I have a few hundred there.
corvus 3 months ago
@DaisyC7: I'd be interested in them so long as they are complete and in good condition (no detached covers etc.) I could pay €25 per 100 magazines including delivery.
DaisyC7 3 months ago
I have at least 200 of them. I would be looking for 50 euro for a hundred. By the time I delivery them to you from athy wouldn't be worth it for any less. I've seen them on ebay and one on its own is 5 pound.
corvus 3 months ago
@DaisyC7: For that price I would need to see the condition of each magazine.
DaisyC7 3 months ago
I can't pm u. R u able to pm me. If so send me pm with your phone number and I'll send pics to u.
Gizmo3485 3 months ago
We have old comics from 1970s but would be expecting alot more than between .10-.25 cent per comic when they can't be bought any more! Postage would be extra and at full cost price as well via an post. If you are interested though let me know and I can see if we can compile a list of what we have
corvus 3 months ago
@Gizmo3485: Let me know what you have and what price you want for them .
Garage sale Old & New 2 months ago
check out my items all no1 issues
corvus 2 months ago
@Garage sale Old & New: Are you happy with the prices in the description?
Garage sale Old & New 2 months ago
yep I have around 100 Comics all no1 issues, I can do a deal on the lot, even swap I'm looking for old wall clocks ie; Cuckoo clocks with weights or large round clocks that are weight driven even in need of repair may suit.,
boyder 2 months ago
i have around 500 Marvel Comics in v good condition for sale from the 1990s. If you are intrested please contact me. Thanks Colm
corvus 2 months ago
@boyder: Are you happy with the prices in the description?
boyder 2 months ago
I would really need to show you the condition of the comics. I would at least need 50 cent for each one.They are in excellent condition.
Only if you want I could send some pictures to you. Regards
corvus 2 months ago
@boyder: If you already have the photos or a list, you can send them to corvuslibros at gmail dot com
But I don't want to waste your time. It's unlikely that I'll be able to pay that much for '90s Marvel.
Clare lonergan 4 weeks ago
Hi have comics on my site if you want to buy , I have no idea how much a courier costs or parcel motel do you ? Or are you interested many thanks if you look ?
corvus 4 weeks ago
@Clare lonergan: Parcel Motel costs €5.50, An Post €8. How much for the lot?
Clare lonergan 4 weeks ago
It comes to 243 would you offer 200, and I have odd ones like sonic the hedge hog or buster ( a few) a would put in along with them. How much for parcel motel do u have any idea
corvus 4 weeks ago
@Clare lonergan: No, thanks.
Clare lonergan 4 weeks ago
Just wondering any reason
Clare lonergan 4 weeks ago
It’s not my end so I don’t know , what where you going to offer ?
Clare lonergan 4 weeks ago
Sorry I only read the rest of your ad , is it roughly 10 cent each
corvus 4 weeks ago
@Clare lonergan: Yes, €0.10 for Beano, Dandy and Buster. €0.33 for the Panini superhero comics and €0.25 for Sonic the Hedgehog from the 2000s (€1 each if it's "Sonic the Comic" from the 1990s).

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