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Venom ! Issue #26 ! 1st Appearance of Virus ! The Comic Mint (TCM) Exclusive Peach Momoko Variant Cover ! Limited to 3000 Copies Worldwide ! 2020 ! by Marvel !

Venom ! Issue #26 ! 1st Appearance of Virus ! The Comic Mint (TCM) Exclusive Peach Momoko Variant Cover ! Limited to 3000 Copies Worldwide ! 2020 ! by Marvel !
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Venom ! Issue #26 ! 1st Appearance of Virus ! The Comic Mint (TCM) Exclusive Peach Momoko Variant Cover ! Limited to 3000 Copies Worldwide ! 2020 ! by Marvel !


Title: Venom

Author(s): Donny Cates, Iban Coello

Publisher: Marvel

Date: 2020

First Printing: YES

Comic Age: Modern

Issue: #26

1st Appearance of Virus!

The Comic Mint (TCM) Exclusive Peach Momoko Variant Cover

Limited to 3000 Copies Worldwide

Pursued through the alleys by a shadowy monster, a scrawny blond thug runs headlong into Eddie Brock, who nonchalantly tells him to calm down. Terrified, the thug stammers that a monster is chasing him, and when Eddie responds with skepticism the thug points to where the monster lands in a crouch nearby. Eddie calmly assures the thug he'll handle it, reaching his hand out to the monster as its humanoid shape oozes into an amorphous mass, tendrils wrapping around Eddie as it bonds to him. Transforming into Venom, Eddie tells the thug that he got tired of chasing him and decided to let the symbiote hunt him for a while instead, noting that the thug is a hard man to track down. As the symbiote forms a clawed hand over the stump of his missing limb, Eddie says that the thug has information that he and the symbiote need; Venom grabbing the thug and snarling that he can either lie or live, but not both.

Later, Eddie collects his son, Dylan, who expresses reluctance with going to see the Maker. Eddie insists, saying that they have to find out what's wrong with him before Knull and the Symbiote Hive arrive on Earth. As Dylan continues to protest, Eddie firmly states that they're doing this - taking a moment to reassure his son, saying that he's scared too and never wanted any of this for him. Dylan tells Eddie that he's not afraid of the Maker, but is nervous about web-swinging. Grinning, Eddie assures Dylan that he and the symbiote will keep him safe. As Venom web-swings over the city, Dylan slowly begins to relax and enjoy himself; neither Dylan or Eddie noticing Virus watching from a nearby rooftop, clad in jury-rigged War Machine Armor painted black-and-gold to resemble Venom.

Arriving at the Maker's new base - a seemingly inconspicuous warehouse - Venom sets Dylan down and retracts the symbiote from Eddie's face. Dylan incredulously asks if the Maker's top-secret lair is really just a warehouse, but Eddie remarks that such things are never what they seem - reminding him of Rex Strickland's warehouse. Approaching the door, Eddie knocks and calls out to the Maker, telling him to open up and that he probably has all sorts of hidden cameras and sensors aimed at them - which the Venom symbiote verifies. Receiving no response, Eddie has the symbiote enlarge his fist and prepares to punch the door down. Just as Eddie throws the punch, the door opens; causing him to fall flat on his face. Giggling, Dylan asks if his father is OK; Eddie indignantly stating that he's fine before reprimanding the Maker for not opening when he knocked.

Standing in front of a large high-tech portal machine, the Maker sardonically retorts that he was wearing headphones before smirking and saying Eddie should have called ahead. Eddie snaps that the Maker changed his phone number, before demanding to know what the evil Reed Richards is up to. As the Maker explains that he's built a chronal gateway to other universes and intends to use it to travel to his home dimension, the Venom symbiote and Dylan both sense something is wrong with the Maker - namely, that they can't sense his presence at all. Remarking that Dylan's abilities are fascinating, the Maker wishes them luck in the fight against Knull; Eddie confusedly asking what Reed is talking about. The Maker reminds Eddie that when they first met he said that Eddie wouldn't like what he had planned, smirking as he says that while Eddie took that as a threat all he was saying was that he had zero intention of telling Eddie anything about his schemes. Gloating that he's gleaned all the data he needs from studying Dylan and the symbiotes of Earth-616, the Maker reveals that he's bonded to a sample of the Venom symbiote from his home dimension. The Earth-616 Venom symbiote panics at being unable to sense its counterpart, Eddie transforming and lunging at the Maker with a roar. Sighing in exasperation, the Maker states that the reason the Earth-616 Venom symbiote and Dylan can't sense his symbiote is because it's from his home dimension and completely synthetic - meaning it can be upgraded. Nonchalantly, the Venomized Maker punches Venom in the chest, knocking Eddie out of the Earth-616 Venom symbiote and sending him flying across the room. The Earth-616 Venom symbiote quickly returns to its amorphous state, the Maker condescendingly telling it that he has no fight with them. As the Earth-616 Venom symbiote rebonds to him, Eddie says he couldn't care less what the Maker is up to but that he needs him to take a look at Dylan first.

An alarm abruptly goes off, the Venomized Maker calmly stating that it would take the ordinance of an army to break through his defences. No sooner does he say this than the Earth-616 Venom symbiote tells Eddie to get down, Virus bursting through the wall astride an old Goblin Glider, lobbing Pumpkin Bombs as he demands to know if Eddie thought he could escape. As Venom shields Dylan, the Venomized Maker confronts Virus and angrily demands to know who he thinks he is. Withstanding Virus' miniguns, Venom lunches at the armored man - who accuses Eddie of ruining his life despite Venom snarling that he has no clue who Virus is. As Venom and Virus trade blows, the Maker sighs in exasperation and tells the Venom Suit to synthesize forearm-mounted auto-cannons before opening fire on them both. Virus uses Venom as a human shield, Venom mockingly asking if his taped-together War Machine armor can't even withstand a few bullets, again asking who he is. Virus angrily throws Venom into a computer panel and lobs a volley of pumpkin bombs, but just as he's about to reveal his identity the Maker's portal activates. Horrified, the Venomized Maker rushes over to check on it, telling Venom that Virus' wanton lobbing of pumpkin bombs has destabilized it and that he needs to shut it down before they're all sucked in. The unstable portal promptly sucks the Maker in, Venom and Dylan following soon after. Determined to pursue Venom even into the depths of Hell itself, Virus launches himself into the portal after them.

Regaining consciousness, the Maker finds himself in the middle of Times Square back on Earth-1610, the Ultimates having mysteriously vanished and the city of Manhattan resembling a war-zone. Retracting the Venom Suit from his mouth, the Maker grins wickedly and announces that this is perfect.

Venom regains consciousness, the Venom symbiote rambling to Eddie that there are too many voices for it to think straight. Retracting it, Eddie spots Dylan lying nearby, the Venom symbiote assuring him that Dylan is just unconscious. Regaining consciousness, Dylan remarks that his head hurts and his mind is all fuzzy; Eddie helping him to his feet and assuring his son that everything will be fine. As Dylan asks where they are, Eddie says that he doesn't know but that he intends to get Dylan home... belatedly realizing that they are in a futuristic city ruled over by the Symbiote Hive.

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