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Tau & Grey Knights Warhammer 40k

Tau & Grey Knights Warhammer 40k
Asking price: €100 sold
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Glencullen, Dublin
10 months ago
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Tau & Grey Knights Warhammer 40k


Absolute steal.Two armies from my older models. About 2000pts of Tau and 1000 or so of Grey Knights.

2 x hammerhead + railgun + ion cannon
3 x broadsides
1 x farsight
3 x battlesuits
1 x limited edition etherial
5 x kroot
6 x gundrones
2x squads of 12 Firewarriors
1x squad of 10 vespid plus strain leader
1x shadowsun
1x firesightmarksman + 3 sniper drones

2 x venerable dreadnoughts
9 x greyknight terminators
1 x terminator grandmaster
6 x greyknights
2 x assassin's

Open to offers and trades, only interested in tau models.

Shipping: CollectionDeliveryTo be arranged
Payment: CashPaypal
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Accusticsamuri 10 months ago
Put the price down by 30 as I would just like a quick sale. Let me know if your interested.
Accusticsamuri 10 months ago
Sweetened the pot with extra models, this is a fair price and an absolute steal. Anyone looking to buy a starter army with a good model range look no further. Additionally there plenty of models to bolster an existing army.
SF1999 10 months ago
I would be interested in some of the Grey Knights if you are splitting them up.
Accusticsamuri 10 months ago
@SF1999 which units are you interested in ?
SF1999 10 months ago
Terminator Grand master and the painted Terminators with the finished bases.
Accusticsamuri 10 months ago
@SF1999 whats your offer?
SF1999 10 months ago
20 plus shipping
Accusticsamuri 10 months ago
@SF1999 sure that sounds fair. Im just stepping out but ill set it all up in an hour or so. Hopefully thats ok?
SF1999 10 months ago
Sure, no rush. I'll make an offer for private messaging.
Accusticsamuri 10 months ago
@SF1999: I've made a changes to the minimum bid so if you make an offer I can accept it for 20 and we can PM each other and get your new models to you ;-)
SF1999 10 months ago

Let me know what the shipping is and your paypal and ill send it to you immediatly. My adderss is as follows:

Colm Hughes
Ard Brea

Accusticsamuri 10 months ago
Still Available: temporarily holding out grey knights grand master and painted terminators until sale confirmed. Everything else still available.
Accusticsamuri 9 months ago
Hi All, Feeling generous dropped the price down to a square 100. Would really like to just remove some clutter in my house so if you make me a good offer ill consider it.
John Delany1 8 months ago
Grey Knights still going?
Eoco1 8 months ago
Eoco1 8 months ago
I'll give ya 100 for the lot, Ill be free to pick up Monday on if it suits
Accusticsamuri 8 months ago
Accepted! Pm for details.
Accusticsamuri 8 months ago
@John Delany1 Hi John if the above falls through, i can sell you the grey knights for 60 no problem.
John Delany1 8 months ago
Sure thing. Is the original lot still there?
Accusticsamuri 8 months ago
@John Delany1 yep, still there :-)
John Delany1 8 months ago
Great. Also think my offer came across wrong, I'm actually just looking for the Grey Knights. I'm keen to get those off you, so I'll offer €70 plus whatever P&P comes too.
John Delany1 8 months ago
Woops you got what I meant, sry man, at work just glanced at reply.
John Delany1 8 months ago
€140 if they both gotta go.