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Super Nintendo bundle

Super Nintendo bundle
Asking price: €80
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Ballincollig, Cork
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6 days ago
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Super Nintendo bundle


Listing the Snes items from my main ad so people can see how much items are there. Selling at 20 per item if buying the lot. Over 150 items check link for details

Items valued 20 or higher
Double dragon boxed
Double dragon V boxed
Captain America and avengers boxed
Megaman X boxed
Kirbys fun pack boxed
Street fighter 2 alpha boxed
Super street fighter boxed
Street fighter turbo boxed tin edition
Turtles in time boxed
Rock n roll racing boxed
Castlevania IV boxed
Yoshis island boxed
Bomberman boxed
Donkey kong country boxed X2
Legend boxed
Star Wars boxed
Star Wars return of Jedi boxed
Mystic quest boxed
Zombies boxed
Earthworm Jim boxed
Mortal kombat 2 boxed
Mortal kombat 3 boxed
Mario all stars boxed
Mario kart boxed
Starwing boxed
Separation anxiety
Maximum carnage with manual
X men arcades revenge with manual
X men mutant apocalypse
Captain America avengers
Turtles in time with manual
Turtles tournament fighters with manual
Zelda with manual
Metroid with big manual
Zombies with manual
Ghoul patrol with manual
Donkey kong country 2 with manual
Donkey kong country 3 with manual X2
Bomberman 3 with manual
Bomberman 3
Bomberman 2 with manual
Secret of mana with manual
Magical ninja with manual
Final fight 3
Final fight
R type 3
Pirates of dark water
Saturday night slam masters
Super widget
Megaman X X2
Wild guns, original with new shell and label
Sunset riders
Probotector with manual
Smash TV with manual
Kirbys fun pack with manual
Kirbys ghost trap with manual
Kirbys dream course with manual
Mario all stars plus world with manual
Mario paint with mouse mat and manual
Yoshis island X2
Ultimate mortal kombat with manual
Battle toads and double dragon
Battle toads with manual
Punch out with manual
Biker mice from Mars
Run saber with manual
Beavis and butt head
Doom X2
Batman and robin
Batman returns with manual
Beauty and the beast
Lost Vikings 2 with manual
Lost Vikings with manual
Lost Vikings
Tiny toons wild wacky sports
Pop n twinbee rainbow bell
Super Nintendo Boxed console X2
Super Nintendo console
NTSC/JAP converter

Games worth 15-20
earthworm Jim 2 with manual
Hulk with manual
Batman forever with manual
micro machines with manual
micro machines 2
F zero with manual
super swiv
total carnage
rival turf
killer instinct with manual
street fighter 2 with manual
street fighter turbo with manual
mortal kombat with manual
Mortal kombat 2 with manual
dr Mario with manual
Mario all stars with manual
Mario world with manual
Mario kart with manual
lion king with manual
Aladdin with manual
toy story with manual
chuck rock
sim city 2000
asterix and obelix
space ace
Jurassic park with manual
Jurassic park 2
Daffy Duck
eek the cat
Mickey mouse great circus
joe and Mac
Tiny toons with manual
cybernator with manual
Adams family with manual
Super Gameboy
Multi tap X2

Games worth 10 or less
Jungle book
Star Wars
cutthroat island
cannon fodder
smurfs 2
street racer with manual X2
stunt race fx with manual
paws of fury
primal rage
Shaq fu
rise of robots
madden football
King of monsters
exhaust heat with manual
Iss with manual

Free items
Street fighter
Street fighter turbo
Royal rumble
iss delux
George foreman ko boxing
kick off X2
world basketball
Paradious Famicom game
super scope X2
Random game manuals X6
unofficial controller

There are mostly items valued at over 20 and most that aren't are still 15 so at 20 per game it is a big discount. Over 150 items for 3000

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Comments & Offers
shortround1984 6 days ago
Hi mate, can I please get indivdual prices for Double Dragon, Double Dragon V, R Type 3, Final Fight and Batman and Robin. Also are the free items dependant on what is purchased from you?
Gantstar 6 days ago
@shortround1984: Free items are for someone buying a lot of items and spending a lot, I know it's a lot of money if someone is buying most the items so throwing in some free things for them. I'm not trying to sell them separate but I'd want over 100 for the boxed double dragon games each and around 70 for the others if you wanted me to split from the bundle. If I sell the popular items seperately I'll be left with all the things people don't want and will be hard to sell do have to sell the popular items with the other things for an easier sale.
DaneScott 5 days ago
Hi. I would like Double Dragon boxed, Mega Man X boxed, Kirby's Fun Pack boxed, Super SF boxed, Turtles in Time boxed, Yoshi's Island boxed, DK Country boxed, Zombies boxed, and All Stars boxed.
DaneScott 5 days ago
I would also like SF II Alpha. If you could set me a price for all of them together.
Gantstar 5 days ago
@DaneScott: Well I'm trying to sell things together so splitting these games from the bundle will make it harder to find a buyer for the other items which means I can only split if your offer is very good so tell me what you think and we can see if it's something that can be good for both of us. Some of those will be over 100 on their own.
DaneScott 5 days ago
Gantstar 5 days ago
@DaneScott: Iv already turned down an offer of 250 for street fighter alpha on its own. 500 wouldn't be enough for me to split these games. Double dragon 100, mega man 100 street fighter alpha 100, turtles in time 100, kirbys fun pack 80, super street fighter 75 zombies 60, yoshi island 60, donkey kong 45, Mario all stars 40. Lowest prices id consider together. If you buy everything these will all cost 20 each so better deal for you. You could have them for just 200.
DaneScott 5 days ago
Do you mean 2000? I wouldn't be interested in all of them. Just the ones I listed.
Gantstar 5 days ago
@DaneScott: They are 20 each so 200 for the 10 of those games. It's a good deal for someone buying the lot, otherwise I'll have to get full price per item because I can't give a discount selling seperately and I don't want to be left with things no one will want so have to try sell together.
DaneScott 5 days ago
Ah so you mean 200 for the ten games if I buy all of the other stuff with? I mean I really don't want the other games. Especially given that some are duplicates. Plus I only real collect boxed games. Anything else I just emulate until I I can get the boxed edition.
Gantstar 5 days ago
@DaneScott: I understand you don't want everything, that's why I'm giving that discount if someone buys everything but I'll have to add in that selling those games will devalue the collection so it has to really be worth it to split them so only going to accept something that's worth it.
DaneScott 5 days ago
I hear you loud and clear. So what then would be your price for the ten?
Gantstar 5 days ago
@DaneScott: Iv already turned down 250 for street fighter alpha which I know was an excellent price but to split it I wanted a bit more. I'm not sure exactly how much I'd accept for the 10 but would be a lot more than 500. 1000 would be too much so below that anyway.
DaneScott 4 days ago
Cool man. If and when you're willing to split let me know, set me a price and I'll take those ten.
Gantstar 4 days ago
@DaneScott: well close to 1000 anyway to split them or 200 if you are buying a big lot.

AAspron: it's only 20 per item if you're buying everything or a very big bundle.
DaneScott 4 days ago
Honestly, I 100% only want them ten games. I appreciate that your looking to sell the lot together. I won't be tempted into buying them all. At the upper end, the value of the ten I want is about 800. If and when you decide to split please remember I would like those ten. In the meantime, glwts.
Gantstar 4 days ago
@DaneScott: So are you offering 800 for the 10? If so place the offer as its a good offer and something I would consider.
NiamhWong 4 days ago
Hi, how much for boxed GameCube + controller + Zelda windwaker + Zelda twilight princess please
Gantstar 4 days ago
@NiamhWong: not selling seperate unless it's a very good offer, I'm open to listening to offers, All boxed consoles come with controller inside.
NiamhWong 4 days ago
Gantstar 4 days ago
@NiamhWong: Wouldn't be close to split. If you were buying everything those items would cost 80 in total but selling seperately, Zelda twilight princess sells for over 70 on its own normally.
Eoin82 4 days ago
For PM purposes
Gantstar 4 days ago
brump1981 3 days ago
You have street fighter alpha already ?
k.maloney 3 days ago
Would you sell super mario all stars manual on its own
Gantstar 3 days ago
@brump1981: yes street fighter 2 alpha is boxed complete.

K.maloney: I might have a spare manual. What's your offer.
brump1981 3 days ago
Whould go for 50 ?
k.maloney 3 days ago
would that be fair
Gantstar 3 days ago
@k.maloney: I expect at least 5 plus per manual but I actually only have a 2nd manual with cart for that so wouldn't sell without the cart being bought as well.
ShayDT 3 days ago
Maximum carnage.
Any better pics
k.maloney 2 days ago
ok far enough thanks
Gantstar 2 days ago
@ShayDT: it's in good condition, no marks, picture won't show anything except a good looking cart. The manual is good but has a little wear to it but overall both are in good condition.

K.maloney: would you be after other manuals as I do have some spare without carts.
brump1981 2 days ago
What about my offer?
k.maloney 1 day ago
no its ok just looking for mario all stars thanks. maybe later ill be in touch
Gantstar 1 day ago
@brump1981: Not to be mean but Iv already turned dos offer of 250 so couldn't consider 50

K.maloney: I have other console bundles in case you were after other things and PlayStation stuff.