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Office Furniture, Chairs, Desks, Cabinets etc

Office Furniture, Chairs, Desks, Cabinets etc
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Office Furniture, Chairs, Desks, Cabinets etc


We stock a range of new and used office furniture and equipment, and also supply stationery. Get in touch to arrange a viewing wether you’re fitting out an office for your home, or upgrading your company’s office, we are sure to be able to satisfy your needs.

Filing Cabinets
Press and Cupboards
Fireproof Safes
Notice Boards
Screen Dividers
Office Stationery
Hygiene and Janitorial Products
Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
Ink Cartridges and Toners
And Much More

Call us today as our stock is ever changing, and what’s there today may not be tomorrow!

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Comments & Offers
Encon 2014 11 months ago
Hi do you deliver? And do you have a catalogue or list of items for sale. I am fitting out my new offices in Waterford
Paddy9911 11 months ago
@Encon 2014 hi, we don’t have a catalogue for the used furniture in stock, you would need to come down and have a look, or else I can send pics through email or watsapp. Alternatively, you can look online on our website (last pic), and I can price you for new or used furniture from that. Ignore the prices though as it is just for information purposes while our new site is being made, the prices on that are way more expensive than we actually sell at.

Encon 2014 11 months ago
caitriona mccabe 10 months ago
Hi im looking for 2 black desks and 1 office chair ( leather wit arms) can u put up pics if u have any thanks
Garvey008 10 months ago
How much for two/three of the Filing Cabinets you have in Picture 14?
Snake0 10 months ago
Hi, I'm looking for a office chair, something similar to: Haworth Zody Chair or Staples Hyken Technical Mesh with lumbar support. Please let me know if you have something similar.
Garvey008 10 months ago
Desk(s) in picture 11. How much for one/two?
Garvey008 10 months ago
Just saw your note to encron
Paddy9911 10 months ago
@Snake0 I have a lot of human scale chairs that I’m selling off, they would be very be very similar if you are interested?
Paddy9911 10 months ago
@Garvey008 I have any amount of desks at versing prices, even a couple still in boxes I am selling off all on that style
Snake0 10 months ago
Hi Paddy, yes I'm interested to human scale chairs like Haworth Zody. Can you send me pics? Do I have to place an offer?
Snake0 10 months ago
accept and send me pics of human scale chairs please
SERGIU01RUS 10 months ago
SERGIU01RUS 10 months ago
can you leve a phone no Call me i want many things for an office
SERGIU01RUS 10 months ago
Please can u accept my offer to can send me phone nr and adress
Antosue 9 months ago
Hi how much for the notice board on the stand please.
kal 9 months ago
For pm . Thanks
Paddy9911 9 months ago
@Antosue hi, we don’t actually have notice boards on stands at the minute, we only stock whiteboards if that is what you’re after? Thanks
sineadm88 9 months ago
Hi do you have room dividers and what price? Need to partition length of c.2.5m.
readytorock 7 months ago
Hi i need a desk divider 1800mm length and a desk end maple tambour unit or sonething similar. Need asap cheers
Msales 7 months ago
Msales 7 months ago
For pm only
Budgebolger 7 months ago
Have you got room dividers please. I'll need about ten.
Paddy9911 7 months ago
@Budgebolger I do, what size are you looking for?
Budgebolger 7 months ago
I've to cover 15m across a room. So as many as that takes
Budgebolger 7 months ago
Actually I need 6.5ft x 23.5ft covered
lilt 7 months ago
Hi I'm looking for a four drawer filing cabinet with keys if you have any ? Thanks
skenn 6 months ago
Hi do you have a small two door press that locks
Thank you
dizzybusy 6 months ago
Have you 2 corner cores w1400? Beech is prefered
Paddy9911 6 months ago
@dizzybusy hi, do you mean corner desks 1400?
dizzybusy 6 months ago
Yes. The long part 1400 and the short one can be up to 1200
Markgallagh 6 months ago
How many finding cabinets do you have? What price?
Aimee213 5 months ago
How much for the wooden cabinet in picture 3 and what are thr measurements please?
SERGIU01RUS 5 months ago
Hi i tried to ring u this morning can u give a call back
lreidy 5 months ago
Hi looking for a price for a desk 1200 long, with drawers or else seperate pedestal with delivery to Dublin?
Jamie Groom 3 months ago
Hi, I am looking for 25 desks and 2 round boardroom tables with 37 chairs. Would you have anything like this?
Darren23james 3 months ago
I’m just wondering can you send me a contact number so I can call you in regards to some items I’m looking for a price on?

Thank you.
Paddy9911 3 months ago
@Darren23james hi I can’t send my number on this, but it’s printed on the last photo in this add
pipandtink 3 months ago
Form PM, when would you be free if I call down please? thanks!
Companero 3 months ago
Paddy9911 2 months ago
@Companero: €1 OFFER ACCEPTED
bullymick 1 month ago
are you open today and where about in the town are you
pipandtink 1 month ago
Are you open today?
ruthie87 1 month ago
Stackable blue chairs- in picture 18 how many do u have? Also looking for matching desks for approx 50 students
bullymick 1 month ago
Where are you based
Karrimor 1 month ago
Do you have any bookshelves available?
alex.bayley.524 1 month ago
Do you have any old filing cabinets ?
Paddy9911 4 weeks ago
@Karrimor yes we have open bookcases almost 6 foot high
Paddy9911 4 weeks ago
@alex.bayley.524 not at the minute but we will hopefully have some next week. I have filing cabinets that are twice as wide as standard one on special right now if they are of interest to you.
Paddy9911 4 weeks ago
@ruthie87 we don’t have that many stocked matching but we can order in new ones for you and price them up if you need. Thanks
Paddy9911 4 weeks ago
@bullymick wicklow town the enterprise centre
Paddy9911 4 weeks ago
@pipandtink we are not here all day every day, Monday-Friday 9-2nd Wednesday all day.
alex.bayley.524 4 weeks ago
Just looking for a rough one for tools and all
victoria 4 weeks ago
Hi there,
I’m looking for 2 very large wall notice boards. Might you have them in stock? If so, what size and how much?
furbydooda 4 weeks ago
Any office chairs??
Paddy9911 3 weeks ago
@alex.bayley.524 we will be open tomorrow if you would like to come down and take a look
Paddy9911 3 weeks ago
@victoria we have 6x4 foot for €80 each. Possibly have bigger 8x4 foot but would have to check for you
Paddy9911 3 weeks ago
@furbydooda we have a good few in at the minute if you would like to come and view
Arciphel 3 weeks ago
Hi Paddy, do you have any office screens/panels in stock?
Paddy9911 3 weeks ago
@Arciphel we do, what side do you require?
Arciphel 3 weeks ago
Hi Paddyx looking for ones ideally about 160cm wide or bigger, and about 150cm higher or taller. Also interested in the rotatable whiteboards. When would be a good time to come check out your stock? Cheers.
keyplan 2 weeks ago
How much are the magnetic white boards?
Paddy9911 2 weeks ago
@Arciphel hi, we don’t have the big floor length ones that you are looking for but we have the ones the fit to your desktop in that size.

Also depending on the size of the whiteboard the price can vary, what size did you need?
Paddy9911 2 weeks ago
@keyplan it depends what size, we have roughly 6x4 foot for €95
buddylily 5 days ago
Hi I’m just wondering if you would be interested to buy some office table dividers?
Paddy9911 5 days ago
@buddylily we don’t buy them in, but if they are in good condition we would take them for free, save you the dumping fee. Thanks
buddylily 5 days ago
No worries I’ll throw them in a skip if I don’t get rid of them
conorclark 2 days ago
Is it possible to see your furniture?? Where are you based? Thanks
Paddy9911 2 days ago
@conorclark we are based in Wicklow Town in The Enterprise Centre. There’s someone there 9.30-1 Monday-Friday. We can arrange to be open later than this by appointment

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