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Silhouette Cameo 3 vinyl cutter

Silhouette Cameo 3 vinyl cutter
Asking price: €280 sold
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Lucan, Dublin
5 months ago
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Silhouette Cameo 3 vinyl cutter


Silhouette Cameo 3 for sale!
It’s the best Vinyl cutter for the price, bought it last month, but I’m not using it anymore.
It’s like brand new and it comes with all the cables and equipment.

Shipping: Collection
Payment: Cash
From sellers around the web:
geraldine.devaney 5 months ago
200 I can collect
cristimagerusan 5 months ago
@geraldine.devaney nothing less than 280 sorry
wawanchik 5 months ago
350 offered For cutter and press
Shauna O'Kelly 5 months ago
Would there be any vinyl with it?
Shauna O'Kelly 4 months ago
Is this still available ?
[email protected] 4 months ago
Is this still there and if so how many blade holders has it got, does it have the deep cut blade as I believe this is best for vinyl and that’s what I want to cut.
cristimagerusan 4 months ago
@Shauna O'Kelly yes, and also has a bit of vinyl left.
cristimagerusan 4 months ago
@[email protected] ye still available and it has the automatic blade cutter, but you can also change it to deeper. That’s what i done as it is better
sellingstuffnow 4 months ago
Does the machine come with all the equipment, ie blades, pc software, cutting mat etc.. thanks
[email protected] 4 months ago
I can buy it brand new on Amazon now for 315 euro delivered. What is your best price I have the cash there and once it is in the condition you say it is I will buy it.
cristimagerusan 4 months ago
@[email protected] going away Saturday morning so 250€ tomorrow if you can around 3, last price. It’s in perfect condition with all the equipment. I also have some vinyl for it.
cristimagerusan 4 months ago
@sellingstuffnow yes it comes with all the equipment.
frank.durkan 3 months ago
What is the cutting width?
cristimagerusan 3 months ago
@frank.durkan 12 inches
alex.wade.982 3 months ago
Best price?
Lob15 3 months ago
Do you have purchase receipt? Just for warranty/follow up if any problems arise. Thanks
cristimagerusan 3 months ago
@alex.wade.982 250€
cristimagerusan 3 months ago
@Lob15 not sure if i still have it, got it on amazon for 330€
alex.wade.982 3 months ago
Would you take €200
Shauna O'Kelly 3 months ago
MDP are selling them brand new with vinyl for like €340
Just for everyone interested in getting them
alex.wade.982 3 months ago
Is there a free software for this that I can cut out logos
kazcav25 3 months ago
Is this still available?
[email protected] 3 months ago
Would you take 220 I’ll take it today ?
cristimagerusan 3 months ago
@alex.wade.982 no sorry
cristimagerusan 3 months ago
@kazcav25 yes
cristimagerusan 3 months ago
@[email protected] 240€ last price
alex.wade.982 3 months ago
What’s used to program it what to cut
cristimagerusan 3 months ago
@alex.wade.982 an app, you can find it on their website where they tell you how to get it and everything
sellingstuffnow 2 months ago
Will you take €200 and i can collect it tomorrow?
Skillabill 2 months ago
Still available??
cristimagerusan 1 month ago
@Skillabill yes
cristimagerusan 1 month ago
@sellingstuffnow sorry didn’t see the message still available
sellingstuffnow 1 month ago
Thanks anyway. I ordered one from
Amazon already.
passekb5 1 month ago
170€ can collect tomorrow
[email protected] 1 month ago
Can collect tomorrow
mark orm 1 month ago
If it still dare i b intrested tks and can pick up asap
Jennifer Lasis 1 month ago
Is this still available?
cristimagerusan 1 month ago
@Jennifer Lasis yes
denisecavanagh 1 month ago
Did you buy this brand new or second hand?
mark orm 1 month ago
Intrested is is still dare
nita05 1 month ago
perfect working order and all items as starter pack
cristimagerusan 4 weeks ago
@nita05: €230 OFFER ACCEPTED
Yes working perfectly
mark orm 4 weeks ago
200 today
niallcdj 3 weeks ago