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7 months ago
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Ladies & Gentlemen.......

Comment Ca Va as we used to say in Junior Cert French?
Probably spelling that wrong now to be fair.....
"How are ya going on lad?" as we might say here in Carlow.....lad!

So I'm flogging a jacket & it's quare posh like.

Practically brand new but it is second hand.

It's from the "Honestly Outdoor" range by Regatta (they're located upstairs on first floor in Haddens; I highly recommend a trip to Country Kitchen too; tis run by yer man that owns Curry Garden; grub's "unrale" in both joints so it is!).

Can you tell me more about this product please?

I can aye lad.

Well, for one it's got 2 sleeves, so this is certainly suitable for someone who has 2 arms, a left AND a right one.

It's got two cuffs too; this is the for the part of your arm where the wrist is; the bit at the end of your arm where your hand begins; the wrist is kind of important; it swivels, it goes forward & back, up and down, left & right; wrist action is important gentlemen.....

It's black; kind of; well look at the pics; I've gone with flash on & off so's you can compare; sure look it, if it's more charcoal what of it; sure who'd be looking at you anyway?

Its USP is, of course, it's got a hood on it so when it rains you don't get wet & the rain doesn't upset your folicles (they're on your head; the root of your hair for want of a better description; to be fair I only did Science as far's the Junior in 94) & so you won't need "Rain Counselling" or something.

It also gives you a degree of privacy & hopefully not for nefarious reasons.
Not all people who wear hoodies or pull hood up on jacket are out to rob yer handbag/cash register/phone.
In the main it's to ward off against the "Citizen Journalists", "Digital Journalist" & "Social Media Guru" types or simply p****s in laymans terms who think they've legitimate standing in society & proceed to film men, women & children in public without their consent.

So yeah, a hood's kinda cool for the aforementioned reasons.

What else?

Got it December 2020 in Regatta in aforementioned Haddens (Retail) Centre (another plug for Country Kitchen/Curry I'm gonna blag me a free lunch from there one of these days if this goes "viral") but beyond trying it on once (to paraphrase Larry being too polite to tell a Just a Minute Quiz contestant they shouldn't've gone to school just because that's where the bus stopped... "It didn't suit me").

Pricing it at half a ton but open to negotiation; will gladly accept double that no problem ba ha ha!

No magic beans reqd. & I can't be bought for a "Happy Meal" in McDonalds (Large 9 Piece Chicken McNugget Meal though & my people & yours might well be worth talking to....).

One try before you buy but no test driving it; like I'm not gonna let you head on into Wetherspoons to try pull a bird wearing it & then give it back to me on way out of if you've been successful.

No refunds; I'm not a shop & private sellers aren't obliged to so er, "Na na na na na".

Or "Caveat Emptor" if you did Business Organisation for the Junior in 94 like me; it's a Latin term of you're a bit older.

If you're interested in this product, with two sleeves & a hood, then it's "Collection only" in #CarlowLad & cash preferred obviously (but no duds) but I do do PayPal, EFT if preferred but I'm f****d if I'm posting it to some flaming gallah in Home and Away land.

Shipping: CollectionTo be arranged
Payment: CashTo be arranged
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billyfarelly 1 month ago
Hi is this still available
Cunionsandphey 1 month ago
@billyfarelly: 'tis!

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