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Stone Effect 3D PVC Plastic Wall Interior Panels Cladding 0.6mm

Stone Effect 3D PVC Plastic Wall Interior Panels Cladding 0.6mm
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Bunclody, Wexford
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Stone Effect 3D PVC Plastic Wall Interior Panels Cladding 0.6mm


3D effect - panels have beautiful designs in 3D. The thickness of the panel is 0.6 mm

7-9 euro per sheet.
Delivery 11 euro

Using PVC panels, you can easily hide wall defects. You don't have to level them with plaster. Smoothly bending around irregularities and small grooves, the panels will simply hide these defects. With PVC panels, you can visually divide the space and refine any room. Sheet PVC panels are an easy, fast and inexpensive way to change the interior of your room in one day and without much hassle. To do this,
you only need the PVC panels themselves and a bottle of glue to which they will be attached.
Components are mould-pressed, which grants them their 3D textured pattern.
PVC panels are made of durable and sustainable PVC (polyvinyl-chloride)
Interior panels can be used both in the city and in the countryside
for the decoration of utility rooms, balconies, bathrooms,kitchens, corridors, etc.
You can radically improve the look of a wall or a fragment of it by simply gluing panels to it. Decorative panels are made of PVC sheets painted by abrasion-resistant.
Manufactured in Germany.
Panels should be glued to a dust-free surface
using specialised PVC glue or liquid nails. The required amount of glue depends on the work to be performed (on the average 600 ml per 5-7 panels).
a water-proof and flash-resistant material (B category).
Modern building materials allow you to decorate the walls in rooms for every taste. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to spend large amounts on their purchase.

Decorative wall panels allow for modern and inexpensive renovations: corridor; balcony; kitchens; bathroom; dining room, as well as commercial premises such as offices, catering establishments, shops, administrative institutions.

EXAMPLE: Measure the wall - length and height

Length x height = m² : surface area = amount of panels

4.20 x 2.30 =9.66 m² : 0.6228 =15.51 panels sheets.

Remember always get 10% extra

1) PVC Panel 0,3 Mosaic "Sea Shore" 4620772253716 957x480mm surface area 0,4593 m

2) PVC Panel 0,3 Marble and gold 10009775 955 x 480 m² surface area 0,4584 m²
3) PVC Panel 0,3 Hazelnut 10007978 980 x 480 mm surface area 0,4704 m²
4) PVC Panel 0,3 Brick "Old red" 4620772253655 971 x 489 mm surface area 0,4748 m²
5) PVC Panel 0,3 Old grey 4620772253037 971 x 489 mm surface area 0,4748 m²
6) PVC Panel 0,4 Tile «Hawaii» 4620772258391 957x477mm surface area 0,4564 m²
7) PVC Panel 0,4 Stone "Black & White Plastushka" 4620772258957 980x489mm area 0,4792m²
8) PVC Panel 0,4 Stone "Brown Plastushka" 4620772254638 980x489mm surface area 0,4792m²
9) PVC Panel 0,4 Stone "Grey Plastushka" 4620772254614 980x489mm surface area 0,4792m²
10) PVC Panel 0,4 Bas-relief "Bullis vine shiny" 4620772259893 975x451mm surf area 0.4397 m²
11) PVC Panel 0,3 Mosaic "Gold Pattern" 4620772256816 959x478 surface area 0,4584 m²
12) PVC Panel 0,4 Brick "White Retro" 4620772258490 951x495mm surface area 0,4707 m²
13) PVC Panel 0,4 Brick "Retro" 4620772255154 951x495mm surface area 0,4707 m²
14) PVC Panel 0,4 "Yellow Slate Stone" 4620772253891 977x493mm surface area 0,4816 m²
15) PVC Panel 0,4 Ornamental stone «Graphite»4620772258612 953x478mm surface area 0,4555m²
16) PVC Panel 0,4 Ornamental timber "Oak" 4620772255932 953x478mm surface area 0,4555 m²
17) PVC Panel 0,4 Natural Stone 10007349 980 x 489 surface area 0.47922 m²
17) PVC Panel 0,4 Natural Stone 10007349 980 x 489 surface area 0.47922 m²
19) PVC Panel 0,6 Stone "Pebble Grey" 4620772258735 980x640mm surface area 0.6272m²
20) PVC Panel 0,6 Stone "Pebble pearl" 4620772258735 980x640mm surface area 0.6272m²
21) PVC Panel 0,6 Mosaic "Gold Mesh Pattern"4620772258711 944 x 645mm surface area 0,6088m²
22) PVC Panel 0,6 Stone «Wild grey» 4620772258797 984x633mm surface area 0.6228 m²
23) PVC Panel 0,6 Stone «Wild beige» 4620772258810 984x633mm surface area 0.6228 m²
24) PVC Panel 0,6 Stone "Wild Brown" 4620772256618 984x633mm surface area 0.6228 m²
25) PVC Panel 0,6 Stone "Marble stone 4627158788206 972 x 644mm Surface area 0,6260 m²
26) PVC Panel 0,6 Stone "Flat Brown" 4620772256694 947x 648mm Surface area 0,6136 m²
27) PVC Panel 0,6 Tile "Marble dark" 4627158781139 947x635mm surface area 0,6013 m²
28) PVC Panel 0,6 Tile "Marble light" 4627158781115 947x635mm surface area 0,6013 m²
29)PVC Panels 0,4 Bamboo "Golden" 947x503mm surface area 0,4763 m²

And much more ..Wholesale available!

Wholesales available.

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Payment: CashPaypalBank transferTo be arranged
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Comments & Offers
Jeanie1957 1 month ago
Hi what size is each panel in cms please and is pic 2 the same as 18 I would like something with green or blue in it thanks Jean
ipudane 1 month ago
@Jeanie1957 Hi.
Unfortunately I just left picture how look in interior, this stone have no in stock ,just grey and Pearl.
Yes there are same in 2 picture
johnnyl83 1 month ago
How much is 17ft x 8ft in picture 12 please
ipudane 1 month ago
@johnnyl83 this style you need 21 panel=€189
And 3 units glue adhesive, I have for €8
Delivery €15
€228 total
fionaryan03 1 month ago
Picture 23 do you have this in grey tone
ipudane 1 month ago
@fionaryan03 its more like white,but look again I add picture
Also you can view in our store:
fionaryan03 1 month ago
Wat length does the edging piece come in and can I collect
ipudane 1 month ago
@fionaryan03 size 980x489mm most size, but some , different the pense of ticknes and pattern
fionaryan03 1 month ago
Thanks. Can I collect items or do they have to be delivered
ipudane 1 month ago
@fionaryan03 morning, yes sure,you can collect, you can buy in our online store and pay with card then choose options collect, or collect in our warehouse by appointment and pay by cash.
Contact details ,direction google g-dire
Or submit offer to pm
david masterson 1 month ago
How much would it be for size 6ft 4 by 6ft 4 in number 19 plus adhesive and delivery to dublin please
ipudane 1 month ago
@david masterson Hi.
You need 8 panels
1glue adhesive €8
Plus Delivery €80 Total
david masterson 3 weeks ago
Hi what are the lengths of Beeding to join them thanks
ipudane 3 weeks ago
@david masterson they are very small
ipudane 3 weeks ago
david masterson 3 weeks ago
The lengths are 6ft 4
Ronaldo10 3 weeks ago
Hi can I order 8 panels of the grey one picture 10 with glue please
ipudane 3 weeks ago
@Ronaldo10 Hi sure you can do here press on the link and in accessories you will finde glue you need 2
ipudane 3 weeks ago
@ipudane or please offer and we pm all details
Ronaldo10 3 weeks ago
ipudane 3 weeks ago
Still Available:Many styles and pattern.
danceswithwolfs 1 week ago
Hi just wondering would u be able to deliver 2 panels I no it's not much there only for a fire place
ipudane 1 week ago
@danceswithwolfs Hi.
Yes sure,just make sure they are different sizes to have enough. Delivery €12

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