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SPINCARE Vinyl Record LP Cleaning Machine System RCM / Record Washer for 7" 10" 12"

SPINCARE Vinyl Record LP Cleaning Machine System RCM / Record Washer for 7" 10" 12"
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SPINCARE Vinyl Record LP Cleaning Machine System RCM / Record Washer for 7" 10" 12"


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The SPINCARE Record Cleaning System (RCM) contains everything you need to deep clean batches of 25-50 records per session. It offers a major step up in performance and convenience from cloth / spray based systems, whilst remaining an economical investment for the vinyl record enthusiast.

If you have never cleaned your records, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Any record that has been stored for any period time is likely to have a build up of dirt and contaminants in the grooves, even if you can’t see them. Removing this dirt effectives removes a wall between your record and stylus, resulting in significant improvements in audio reproduction.

We developed this machine after becoming frustrated with the current machines on the market. Common customer complaints include one machine leaving the record full of wet gunge that ends up melting into your stylus. Another covers the record label in soapy cleaning solution, damaging it permanently. Our machine suffers from neither of these issues.

Setting the machine takes less than five minutes and is very easy to use. Simply unpack the machine, click the rollers and velvet cleaning brushes into place, add the cleaning solution and you’re ready to start cleaning records.

To use the machine turn the record 3 times one way and then times the other. Take the record out of the rack and wipe it in a clockwise direction with the microfibre cloths. Place it on the drying racks (which can store 10 records) until it is completely dry. Repeat as required.

Once you have finished your cleaning session, poor the remaining cleaning solution down the sink. As you do so, look at all the dirt and gunk that’s no longer on your records. Satisfying! For your convenience, all of the accessories fit into the record washer basin for storage.

Replacement cleaning solution:
1 x 150ml bottle:
2 x 150ml bottles:

Postage: €7.50


1 x Record Washing Sink
1 x Drying Rack (holds 10 records)
2 x Super Soft Velvet Cleaning Brushes
2 x 8oz Proprietary Cleaning Solution (enough for 500 records)
2 x Microfibre Drying Cloths (30cm x 30cm)
2 x Brush Rollers
1 x Instruction Manual


Kris Shears on Apr 02, 2020
Great value especially compared to similar products e.g. the spinclean (almost twice the price!) and in my opinion better designed and includes everything you need apart from distilled water which can be picked up cheap from automotive stores/some supermarkets. Made some very dusty records sound significantly better.

Great value cleaner
David Short on Oct 27, 2019
I've always followed the advice of letting my stylus do the cleaning, but finally decided to dip my toes into the the world of RCMs. I had been looking at the Spinclean and the Knosti Discostat, but this is much better value. Easy to assemble and packs away nicely. I had initial problems with a white fibre deposit collecting on my stylus after cleaning, but found that this is down to not washing the supplied cloths enough, before use. I use hand wash detergent and after three washes, the problem has gone. I also use a larger microfibre cloth to rest the cleaned record on while wiping it. Keep the cleaned cloths in their bags when not in use.

It has already made several old LPs play like new. Obviously, it can't fix any damage, but it's surprising how much better they can sound, even after one clean.

In short, good value, well made and effective (I just use de-ionised water from Wilko @ £1.25 for 2.5L) - it will be even better when Spincare start selling the bits as spares. Oh, and their Audiophile Inner Sleeves are great value too.

Vinyl washer
James Briggs on Jul 07, 2019
Nice cleaning system everything you need is there, love the drying rack, great value!

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intbn 11 months ago

New Record Cleaning Machines in stock, using the link provided below:
intbn 6 months ago
Spincare Record cleaning machine back in stock at the link provided below:

Please note, due to a number of reasons(mainly the pandemic and brexit), transport & manufacturing costs have lead to an increase in the importing cost of these machines which we cannot fully absorb.

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nugene 6 months ago
so where can cleaner fluid be got now?
intbn 6 months ago
@nugene: Hi, I've just added the links to the advert description, you can purchase one bottle for €8 or a set of two bottles for €15.

Thanks for your inquiry
nugene 6 months ago
grand thanks where do i buy from ,were you around Celbridge somewhere?
intbn 6 months ago
@nugene: Hi, We have sent you a private message with details if you'd like to collect, please keep your communications within the private messages to avoid any miscommunication.

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