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Snapmaker 2.0 Modular 3-in-1 3d Printer With Enclosure A350t

Snapmaker 2.0 Modular 3-in-1 3d Printer With Enclosure A350t
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Snapmaker 2.0 Modular 3-in-1 3d Printer With Enclosure A350t


Selling as not using it. Used the laser 5 times and the cnc once. I spent around 2500e on this, as can be seen in the first photo, with an enclosure. Add-ons and modules that I bought separately include SNAPMAKER ROTARY MODULE (HARMONIC DRIVE VERSION), Extruder Hot End Kit for Snapmaker 2.0, CNC BITS, CNC PLATFORM (MDF WASTEBOARD), SNAPMAKER 2.0 EMERGENCY STOP BUTTON and few other bits.
Any tests are welcome, as currently, it’s in my living room.
• World's Best-selling 3-in-1: 3D Printing, Laser, CNC, All in One Machine
• Large Work Area: 320mm × 350mm × 330 mm
• High Expandability: 10+ Modules & Addons Available for Upgrade
• Easy-to-use: 5" Touchscreen, Free 3-in-1 Software
• Well-built Hardware: All-metal Design
All details from the seller's website:
Large work area.
You can make large prototypes, or multiple smaller objects in one go. A350T provides the largest build volume, measuring 320mm × 340mm × 325mm.
Multiple materials supported.
No other desktop fabricating machines can support such a wide range of materials, from 3D printing filaments to laser and CNC machining materials.
3-in-1 software.
The tailor-made software Snapmaker Luban provides concise and easy-to-follow configuration workflow of 3D printing, and laser and CNC machining. Excel in 3 fabrication methods with 1 software.
Powerful Controller.
Snapmaker 2.0 can support various tool heads, add-ons, multiple linear modules, and more features using simply one controller. Rather than adding more ports and make a bigger control board with tangled cables, we've upgraded our controller to expand your creativity by providing universal ports, multiport adapters, and a CAN Hub for adding additional CAN-bus ports.
Wi-Fi connectivity.
With the Wi-Fi feature and the USB port, you can connect your machine to any configuration for your convenience. You can upload designs via Wi-Fi or USB flash drive and print with the touch of a button. In addition, you can update the firmware over Wi-Fi directly.
3D printing highlights.
High print quality.
Optimized motion control algorithm improves coordination between the extruder of the 3D Printing Module and Linear Modules driven by lead screws, alleviating under- or over-extrusion happening at the corners, which allows Snapmaker 2.0 to deliver excellent print quality at a fast speed.
Filament runout recovery.

Say goodbye to unfinished prints or "air printing". Equipped with a filament runout sensor, the machine will alert you when the filament has run out. You can now print large objects without breaking a sweat.
Laser engraving and cutting highlights.
0.2mm × 0.3mm laser spot.
Using a semiconductor laser as its light source, the laser module can engrave with a 0.2mm × 0.3mm laser focus, therefore making incredibly accurate images on various materials.
Built-in camera.
The built-in camera enables the Auto Focus and Camera Capture features, so that you will spend less time focusing the laser, and can edit your design and position it exactly where you want it to be. What you see is what you get!
CNC carving highlights.
ER11 Collet.
The standard ER11 collet ensures better concentricity, enabling a more stable CNC carving speed and larger step-down. Additionally, the collet nut supports over 100 CNC bits with shank diameters ranging from 1mm to 7mm (the provided collet is for 3.175mm CNC bits only).
Dust resistance.
The leadscrew, driver chip, and precision parts of the Linear Modules are completely enclosed in the aluminum alloy housings, which eliminates dirt accumulation and ensures better durability.
Well-made Enclosure. All-around protection.
Laser Class 1 safety.
The enclosure panels are specially designed to reduce the impact of laser from class 4 to the lowest level of class 1. Laser or CNC job pauses automatically when either door is opened, giving you extra protection.
Dust isolation.
Cover with the Enclosure and turn on the exhaust fan to cast off all the smoke and dust. You can further filter them with the Snapmaker Air Purifier.

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Comments & Offers
acalmenvoy 2 months ago
alex29 2 months ago
@acalmenvoy no, thx
devar 1 week ago
What wattage is the laser module?
alex29 1 week ago
@devar: Laser Engraving and Cutting

Laser Power:1600 mW
Wavelength:450 nm

And what is convenient is that you can upgrade to a 10w or 40w laser module from their shop.
devar 1 week ago
How old is it
alex29 1 week ago
@devar: around 1 year, used less than 10 times, many things never used.
danny_0 1 week ago
It’s on sale now so can get it brand new for just under 1600
alex29 1 week ago
@danny_0: everything I have is still close to 2000 on sale.
devar 1 week ago
Sure the rotary unit is about 400 it's own. I might be able to offer 1600..... maybe 1700 in a about a week if my printer or vacuum pump sells. Would you be interested in that offer?
alex29 1 week ago
@devar: when you get the cash, make an offer, and I think we can reach a deal.
devar 1 week ago
A1, thanks
danny_0 6 days ago
Can offer 1000, been looking at your spec and there website they’ve Father’s Day deal , what I want to do need a laser upgrade , that all I’m willing to offer currently
alex29 6 days ago
@danny_0: No, thanks. I really know their deals; everything I have is still close to 2000 on sale.
devar 6 days ago
Last question......
Can you deliver to Ballymun?
alex29 6 days ago
@devar: yes

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