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Massage Chair

Massage Chair
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Massage Chair


Very heavy chair - 253 pounds. Must be disassembled to move and then reassembled when final location is reached. It is best if this is done by professionals. I will arrange the disassembly / reassembly and delivery, you will share the cost. This depends on where you live.

Following blurb from d’internet
Already the predecessor "Dreamwave SOGNO" called from the house of Family Inada in Japan was awarded several times as the "best massage chair in the world" - and here we offer you the current model "Dreamwave" with an unprecedented massage quality and a design perfect in form.
Even a first glance reveals the top-quality workmanship of the "Dreamwave". The first touch reveals the quality of the materials used in its production. Come and enjoy an unsurpassed full-body experience - the incredible number of 101 airbags pampers you from head to toe with a massage experience that officially marks the farewell to all discomfort. The "Dreamwave" is an optimal choice for everyone for two reasons: firstly, its air pressure can be adjusted separately for shoulders, arms, buttocks and feet and thus responds individually to every wish, no matter how exclusive. On the other hand, with a size of up to 2 metres, it also offers comfortable space for more obese relaxation seekers. Its shapely lines and its design, which has been thought through down to the smallest detail, are unparalleled in the competition.
Despite its incomparable range of functions, the "Dreamwave" does not require endless study of an instruction manual before it is put into operation: its detailed instructions in German leave no room for misunderstanding. With a sophisticated remote control, over 500 setting options can be selected with just one click, partially and with centimetre precision. Even in a cosy, darkened atmosphere, the use of the remote control is trouble-free thanks to integrated background lighting - your massage can begin without any detours. With the "Dreamwave", you have the only armchair available around the clock that performs a complete massage of the upper and lower arms as well as the hands with 20 integrated airbags alone. The uniquely combined shoulder and neck massage can be maximised in its strength if required - for this purpose, the head cushion with integrated airbag can be easily removed. An additional vibration mechanism in the back area serves to stimulate blood circulation, increasing your well-being while reducing the risk of serious illness. The patented "swing function" is a special highlight of the "Dreamwave": it smoothly manoeuvres your body into the motion of a figure 8, providing a special kind of relaxation. Studies on the effectiveness of physical therapies were able to prove that this premium armchair has an outstanding effect in mobilising movement restrictions and has an alleviating effect on amputation complaints. Another exceptional feature, specially designed for young users aged 14 and over, focuses on reducing all the aches and pains of modern everyday life. The entire massage experience takes place in a comfortably warm atmosphere thanks to separate seat and back heating.
The exclusive "Dreamwave" combines sophisticated Japanese technology with superlative design - for an experience that is completely dedicated to your health and relaxation.

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Comments & Offers
donedealuser (#26f0b) 1 month ago
marymangru 1 month ago
@donedealuser (#26f0b) sorry - way too low.
steomc1 4 weeks ago
€1,000 OFFERED
steomc1 4 weeks ago
Please please please
marymangru 4 weeks ago
@steomc1 could you go to 1,500?
steomc1 4 weeks ago
1000 is all I can afford at moment I have to pay for someone to pick it up also. so if u could do a thousand euros I would be grateful, is it heavy?
marymangru 4 weeks ago
@steomc1 thanks anyway… I’ll leave it where it is for now. I think 1.5 is the lowest I’ll go.
Yes it is heavy.
steomc1 4 weeks ago
Ok thanks for your time
Wicklow98 1 week ago
€1,300 OFFERED
Would like to try it first
marymangru 1 week ago
@Wicklow98 too low sorry
teddougal 4 days ago
€1,500 OFFERED
marymangru 4 days ago
@teddougal: €1500 OFFER ACCEPTED
Conditional on you seeing it and being happy with it… of course!
I’ll pm you details of where we are. When suits you to come see it?

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