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Worm casting / Vermicompost / Worm Tea

Worm casting / Vermicompost / Worm Tea
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Worm casting / Vermicompost / Worm Tea


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Here is some of 100% Organic home made Worm castings and Tea for sale.

Worm humus, also called vermicast or worm castings, is the final product of the decomposition of home organic material that has been excreted by the decompost worm.
Through the nutrients that are soluble in water, and bacteria that it contains, Worm·Humus is an excellent and nutrient organic fertilizer and earth-improver.

1 Liter of worm casting is 3 Euros , we sell half Liter too.
1 Liter of concentrated Worm Tea is 5 Euros. (Upon request to have it freshly made) takes 48 to be made before pick up.

Worm tea is an extremely potent fertilizer with a rapid absorption rate (compared to time-release fertilization of castings alone). According to University of Ohio’s Dr. Clive Edwards, “Microbial activity in worm castings is 10 to 20 times higher than in soil and organic matter that the worm ingests.” This “microbial activity” refers to the powerful combination of enzymes and good symbiotic bacteria in worm digestive systems that carry over its castings, adding healthy bacteria, fungi, acinomycetes, and protozoa to soil.

This makes soil far richer than it could ever become on its own. According to Dr. K.P. Barley, worm castings have “two times more calcium, five times for nitrogen, and seven times more phosphorus and potassium” than regular soil, and unlike chemical fertilizers, worm tea will never burn plant roots, no matter how much is applied.

Worm tea is not only directly beneficial for the plants but it’s also an extremely effective non-chemical pesticide that works on two levels: First, it promotes a healthy plant immune system so it can produce more of the hormones insects finds distasteful. This wards away a number of insects, including aphids, parasitic nematodes, and eelworms.

Second, when sprayed on leaves, the tea stimulates growth of a waxy layer atop the leaves called the cuticle, which both protects the plant from the elements and wards away leaf munching insects. Coating leaves with worm tea also promotes growth of good microbes that outnumber disease causing ones, preventing harmful fungi and diseases.
Here is a very briefed video to know more about Worm castings and tea: (copy and paste the link to your youtube please)

First come ,first serve
Sorry ,if we run out of products every now and then as its Organic home made products.

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