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Gemini PDA 4G+WiFi - External Camera - x27 - Psion Keyboard

Gemini PDA 4G+WiFi - External Camera - x27 - Psion Keyboard
Asking price: €320 sold
Canada J Soup
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Dublin 2, Dublin
5 months ago
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Gemini PDA 4G+WiFi - External Camera - x27 - Psion Keyboard


Selling a Planet Computers Gemini PDA & phone that I picked up on Kickstarter last year. Great device but has seen little use outside the house as I need to use a separate phone for work. Device is SIM free / unlocked.

The Gemini is essentially a phone crossed with a mini-laptop. It’s in a wide clam shell format, folding out to show a full QWERTY keyboard (created by Psion designer Martin Riddiford for those who remember). It's about one centimeter longer and half a centimeter wider than a Galaxy Note 9 when closed.

It comes with Android 7.1 installed, but if you're feeling even a tiny bit geeky it's a breeze to flash Debian Linux or Sailfish OS with options to dual-boot.


MediaTek Helio X27 Chipset (deca core) with 4gb RAM
64GB internal storage, micro-SD expandable
5.99" FHD+ screen (18:9 aspect / 2160x1080 /403 ppi)
4,220mAh battery
WiFI + 4G, VoLTE compatible
Dual SIM
English UK keyboard
Dimensions (mm) 171.4w x 79.25d x 15.1h
Weight 308g

Full details at

Currently retailing for £599 (around €670) without the camera on

The device is in mint condition and comes with the external 5mp camera add-on that was sold separately. Box and all accessories plus spare front cover (if you opt to remove the external camera) included.

- No swaps or trades thanks
- Yes, I have a receipt
- Cash or bank transfer
- Collection only, meet in City Centre near Temple Bar evenings and weekends or in IFSC Mon-Thurs

Shipping: Collection
Payment: CashBank transfer
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ferg0 7 months ago
what price were you thinking ?
Canada J Soup 7 months ago
@ferg0 not sure I can go much lower, but have a minimum offer set so if that comes in I'd accept.
ferg0 7 months ago
170 euro to 310 euro on ebay ..............
ferg0 7 months ago
how does the phone call quality compare to other phones you have used ? many thanks.
Canada J Soup 7 months ago
@ferg0 it's good. Comparable to Samsung S8 I had previously.
mark711 7 months ago
380 euro min offer is a bit high !
[deleted] 6 months ago
Any chance exchange for my advertised pc?
Canada J Soup 6 months ago
@ms.752 Not really looking to trade thanks
[deleted] 6 months ago
N o worries, if you change your mind let me know! :)
Canada J Soup 6 months ago
@ms.752 will do, cheers :)
saifcaan 6 months ago
Hey .is it running Linux as well as android or just android?
Canada J Soup 6 months ago
@saifcaan just Android currently, but it takes about 15 minutes to install Debian Linux (or a dual/triple boot combination of Debian, Android and Sailfish OS) with a free utility provided by the manufacturer.
saifcaan 6 months ago
Can you install it if I buy from you?
Canada J Soup 6 months ago
@saifcaan sure, be happy to. Just let me know what combination you're interested in and, if looking for dual or triple boot, what percentage of the storage space you'd like to assign to each installation. I'd recommend keeping Android on it alongside Debian Linux (with a 50:50 partition) , as is handy to have for day-to-day use as a phone. Switching between just requires a reboot and doesn't take long at all.
old_ghost 6 months ago
Hi there,
Is it still available?
Can I see it before I buy it?
If so can we meet on Wed in town?
Canada J Soup 6 months ago
@old_ghost Still available. Happy to meet up on Weds late afternoon if that suits?
old_ghost 6 months ago
hi there,
How long did you have it? what is the condition? how long the battery last after fully charge?
Canada J Soup 6 months ago
@old_ghost I’ve had it less than a year. Condition is mint. Battery is large. Lasts a day and a half to two days depending on use.
ferg0 5 months ago
does this phone only last for 2 days on standby ?
Canada J Soup 5 months ago
Haven't tested full life of battery on standby but it loses around 1% per hour with no use so should be good for 4-5 days.
Ridcully 5 months ago
Hi, making offer for PM purposes. Hope that's ok
Canada J Soup 5 months ago
@Ridcully: €320 OFFER ACCEPTED