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RAMPOW Micro USB Fast Charging QC 3.0/2.0 (2.0 M) & Data Sync Nylon Braided Cable (Brand New/Warranty)

RAMPOW Micro USB Fast Charging QC 3.0/2.0 (2.0 M) & Data Sync Nylon Braided Cable (Brand New/Warranty)
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RAMPOW Micro USB Fast Charging QC 3.0/2.0 (2.0 M) & Data Sync Nylon Braided Cable (Brand New/Warranty)


Condition: New

Genuine new and high quality of the "RAMPOW Micro USB 2.4A Fast Charging (2.0 M) & Data Sync Nylon Braided Cable".

All the "RAMPOW" products in my stock:

* Unlike many other similar cables in the market, this one is a guaranteed quality, reliable charger/data sync cable and recognized as fast charging cable by the smart phones and tested personally on my Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Note 8.0 phones.

*** Money back guaranteed if this cable didn't work with the expected speed/performance.

* SUPERIOR DURABILITY - The nylon-braided jacket can withstand repeated pulling and bending, which passes up to 7,000 cycles of a 125-degree bend test.
* FAST CHARGE & SYNC - RAMPOW Micro-USB cable is enhanced with 21 AWG power wires, ensuring safe, high-speed charging up to 2.4 A, and works better for tablets and quick charge devices.
* EXTRA DURABILITY - Forged from premium quality nylon braided textile and further reinforced by shield added metal connector tips. This USB Micro cable can withstand even the most demanding heavy duty routines.
* UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY - These Samsung charger cords support most Android tablets, Windows phones and cell phones with a Micro-USB port. Compatible with Samsung Note 1/2/4/5, Galaxy S3/S4/S6 Edge S7, Nokia Lumia, LG, Kindle, PS4 controller and more.
* TANGLE-FREE - These highly portable Micro-USB cable (2m / 6.5ft) are ideal for everyday connection needs.
* Time-Saving Charge & Sync - The reinforced charging cable ensures maximum charging speed for your devices with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 supported.
* Universal Compatibility - The cable is compatible with all Mirco-USB devices without any issue.
* The data transfer rate is up to 480 Mbit/s via USB 2.0.
EXTRA LONG CABLE - The 6.5ft/2m Micro USB cable is convenient to use anywhere - at the office, in the car, or while in bed. You'll no longer be limited by a short cable.

Product Details:
* Material: Nylon Braided
* Colour: Space Grey
* Size: 2m/6.5ft
* Fast Charge: Qualcomm QC 3.0 (Backward Compaible with QC 2.0)
* Data Transfer: USB 2.0
* Maximum Voltage: 12V
* Maximum Current: 2.4A
* Sync Speed: Up to 480 Mbit/s
* Certified by CE, FCC, ROHS
* Quality Inspection: Up to 7,000 cycles of 125-degree bend test

* 3 month warranty direct from me.

1 X RAMPOW Micro USB Fast Charging 2.4A (2.0 M)

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Comments & Offers
09gazelle 4 months ago
Hi is this a c cable?,I need a cable for a wileyfox swift,do you know which one would fit that? thanks
Jemand 4 months ago
@09gazelle Hi. I will search online and will let you know. Thank you.
09gazelle 4 months ago
Thanks it's the regular swift not swift 2,so a c cable won't work in it,I can't seem to find which one will,thank you
Jemand 4 months ago
@09gazelle: Hi. I have checked online. Your mobile requires USB-C type. So, you still can use this cable, but you will need USB-C adapter from Micros USB. If you still want the cable, I can give you the adapter free of charge. And by this offer, your cable will work on all the Android type devices. Just let me know. Thank you.
09gazelle 4 months ago
Hello thanks,it isn't a c charger as I have one and it dosent fit, wileyfox is confusing it says c cable but I think it's for a different model,I found the phone,on:
It shows a video there of the unboxing it says A end for charger and micro B connector on other end,I bought a wrong cable+charger a c one as the phone didn't come with one,if maybe you have a look at it and let me know if this charger would still work on it or if you have a charger the way it shows on that page ,not plastic one with rope like yours,so it's deff a micro usb a+b,you can let me know if you would have cable+charger,once you see the phone on the page you will know,there's a video of the unboxing+shows a plastic cable it comes with,but I kept buying wrong cables..thanks so much
Jemand 4 months ago
@09gazelle: The protection system on my PC blocked this URL as unsafe. But anyway, I have searched again online, it should be USB-C. What we can do, if you can meet me with your car, I will bring the cable and a car charger and will do real test on your mobile and see if it's gonna work or not. If it didn't work, you don't need to buy it. Please let me know if this solution works with you. Thank you.
09gazelle 4 months ago
Hi,oh I'm not in Dublin,I would need them posted,it comes up a c as there is a Wiley fix swift 2 and X is not that one,if you just type wileyfox swift phone is the black+orange one that comes up, there phones are very confusing,it's deffenitly not c as I have a c it won't fit,on a review of the regular swift it says the "A end is for the charger and the micro B connector is on other end.i don't know why it would come up as unsafe they're are tons of reviews,mobiletechtalk would be a popular English blog,however is on Google,would you have s charger like that an A that goes into charger and B connector? thanks
Jemand 4 months ago
@09gazelle: I'm not sure I will be helpful in this case, cause the adapters I have are the normal three ones we all know (Micro USB, USB-C and Lightning for Apple). And if you say USB-C type didn't fit, then mine won't as well. May be you need to contact their support team to guide you for the right cable or visit a mobile shop to find you the proper one. Please don't hesitate to contact me back for any further inquiries. I'm glad to help anyway :)
09gazelle 4 months ago
The port is way smaller the c cable dosent fit,they are for the rest of the wileyfox phones a c cable,there are different types of swift that's why it's confusing,it's just the regular swift and says A for charger +B connector is on other end,it looks like an apple phone port as you can see if you could see a pic of the phone,if you type wileyfox swift phone one will show up it's black+orange on the back,the plastic ones go fast so the wired ones like you have would be stronger it's a micro b connector for this particular one it says,I had another Wiley fox one that took a c cable the ports are completely different it's to big for the swift one,would you have an A/B one,the b is the connector it says, thanks
09gazelle 4 months ago
Oh I just saw your reply thanks,maybe it's the micro usb,it says similar ones are aucker or auckly brand,but it's deff not a c one,or the lightning one so it must be a micro usb
Jemand 4 months ago
@09gazelle: Hi. Sorry for my late reply. I had a long day in my work.
This link will show you all the USB types. The one in this add is Micro USB Type B. Which as you described it should work with you.
But, please check this link to confirm:
Jemand 4 months ago
@09gazelle: By the way, I could open the link you gave me from home, and it says it's Micro-B connector which means Micro USB Type B as this cable in the add. So, it seems you have older version of this mobile, cause all the new Android mobiles come with Type-C now.