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Shark S1 Motorised Slider with NMX controller for Timelapse with Accessories

Shark S1 Motorised Slider with NMX controller for Timelapse with Accessories
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Shark S1 Motorised Slider with NMX controller for Timelapse with Accessories


Up for sale is the a custom built motorised slider for serious time lapse photographers in mind. It was meant to be my primary set up for all time lapse sessions planned, but right after covid break up I switched to a lighter and even more portable system and this one has been collecting dust for too long now, hence the ad

Original backbones slider which was designed to be operated by hand using a flywheel, is the back then well known Shark S1 slider, see here:

YouTube link can be checked here:

I bought the slider in its full glory from another adverts member for about €350 back then (lack of use if I remember correctly), in mint condition. Decided to turn it into 1-axis (slide left to right and vice versa) motorised system. By drilling 2 small holes into one of the blocks I was able to fit a custom hard plastic housing with additional flywheel for a stepper motor and mini belt inside. This procedure cost me around €100, sourced from a German eBay seller.

In order to achieve the slide motion a well known motion controller from Dynamic Perception called NMX was purchased by me from the following source, paid well over €400 (US import tax and VAT etc.), check the source here:

Google Play store app called NMX allows to control the slider via Bluetooth (with location/GPS enabled as well). 1m long rubber protected cable connects the stepper motor (Hanpose 17HS8401 type) to one of the 3 connection ports of the controller to communicate between each other. A 2.5mm jack cable from NMX controller connects to mirrorless/DSLR camera's respective port to operate shoot-move-shoot time-lapse sequence (for video footage this cable is not necessarily required as the camera records on its own).

IMPORTANT NOTE: due to the nature of the motorised setup and stepper motor gear, there always will be an audible noise/whizz sound running in the background. This is a non-issue in case of time-lapse, where the final footage always gets creator's own music choice, however if the live/actual background sound is a must, this custom motorised slider might not be for you!

A proper power supply is needed to provide plenty of juice for both the NMX controller and stepper motor combined. Hereby I offer 2 options that are both included in the bundle:
1) MaxOak 50000mAh DC powerbank, see here:

Comes with neoprene pouch case, charging adapter with 3pin mains cable and extra extended over 1.5m long 5.5x2.1mm cable. Current capacity sits at about 50% (still plenty if you ask me), as it has depleted since I bought it 4 years ago.
In case user has access to 220V socket, a power adapter with stand and plenty of connectivity (USB 2.0, USB 3.0, type C PD port) is provided as well

2) Litionite brand 25000mAh powerbank:

Includes neoprene pouch case. Also about 50% capacity left after 4 years of usage. Please note the DC port doesn't operate at above 5V, but all other ports (USB 3.0, type C port) work very well. Great news is there will be a 5V to 12V DC 5.5x2.1mm to USB A adapter cable included, which allows having the NMX controller connected to USB 3.0 port. This is very handy if portability/going lightweight is preferred by the user🤝

The slider itself is currently setup at nearly 65cm full travel length, which consists of 2x carbon fibre rods with central bottom platform offering plenty of tripod mount options. A small made of hard plastic flexible arm can be screwed onto the platform and fits the NMX controller unit, this allows for steady and uninterrupted cables operation during the slide movement.

Also there are already 2x arca swiss plates attached to each block's bottom to accommodate tripods for extra stability on each end. Mirrorless/DSLR camera with lens is mounted onto the central platform, an extra square shaped 2-step/ladder like aluminium plate is included to provide even more flexibility/angle options to play with. Or a basic video oriented fluid head comes in the bundle to be used instead.

Naturally, travel distance can be extended by using 2x2 55cm/550mm long rods that connect to each other giving the option of 1m long slide motion. The maximum can be stretched as far as 160/1600mm if all 2x3 rods are combined. Personally I find the 1m satisfactory for 99% of shooting scenarios, but starting with 65cm is not bad either. The unused carbon fibre rods will come with protective black plastic tips for both ends, rods alone will be protected in grey foam tubes (against scratches and damage in general).

There are many more extras included in the bundle worth the buyer's while:
1) extra spare parts for the custom plastic housing incl. screws, mini belt, Allen keys, mini flywheels (plastic and aluminium) etc.
2) extra spare stepper motor (have no details, but fully tested and works well)
3) spare unused black rubber belts for extended slide motion in case of going over 1m distance
4) free pouches/bags that fit all of the items mentioned above
5) for Nikon full frame F/Z mount users only: DC2 cable to 2.5mm jack to fit the NMX controller. Extra bonus given is EN-EL15 dummy battery adapter, which works very well off the QC 3.0 (USB 3.0) port on the Litionite powerbank
6) MOVO brand pouch bag with belt strip, this bag fits the fully assembled slider in its 65cm length perfectly. Other accessories like the NMX controller with cables, powerbank, spare belt and other bits and pieces will squeeze in just fine.
Also still have the original Shark pouch bag lying around, while it's in well used condition I can hand it over to the buyer, no bother.

All in all, this 1-axis motorised slider is not the newest or lightest by today's timelapse industry standards. But make no mistake, it still is a great device for enthusiasts or semi-professional timelapsers out there. It is extremely important for a genuine buyer to personally inspect and fully test this rig with their own camera setup. I'm more than happy to provide a brief tutorial of its operation and performance, if needed.

Given the overall near mint condition (used very little), plenty of accessories, original spare parts and much more, I'm looking at €400 cash or Revolut.
No price negotiations please
I'm open to swap offers as well. I will accept an iPhone or iPad in mint condition. Estimated value worth €400. Serious buyers are welcome🤝

Also I'm not selling in parts/separately, everything comes as a bundle! Have a look at rich gallery above

Thank you for reading and watching!

Shipping: CollectionPost/Courier
Payment: CashPaypal
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Comments & Offers
7gismo 10 months ago
Black Friday/Xmas 2022 offer for serious buyers!

Anything from my other single ads worth up to €50 comes as a free gift. This offer qualifies in case of personal collection
7gismo 6 months ago
I'm open to swap offers now. I will accept a smartphone (Android or IPhone) or tablet (Android or iPad) in ideally brand new/boxed condition. Estimated value worth €400. Serious buyers are welcome🤝
La Playa Studio 2 months ago
Hi there, does this come with the Shark flywheel as well? I couldn't see it in any of the pictures.
7gismo 2 months ago
@La Playa Studio The flywheel is not included in this bundle.
7gismo 2 months ago
@La Playa Studio I stand corrected, the flywheel is available indeed, found it buried in one of the closets. See extra images added to gallery above
La Playa Studio 2 months ago
Ok thanks that is good news. I’m familiar with the NMX, not a big fan (I have one already that has never been working correctly) has yours been operating ok? Any glitches or sudden reversing of direction?
7gismo 2 months ago
@La Playa Studio Haven't used it in a long while tbh as I have a different setup now, but it was operating OK from what I can remember. Perhaps the only downside of this custom motorised slider is that it can get quite noisy as it moves from one end to another, definitely not suitable for live interviews.
La Playa Studio 2 months ago
Bad news: it looks like the NMX app is no longer in the App Store. I had it on my phone but it erased itself and now won’t work. Any idea how to get it back on the phone?
7gismo 2 months ago
@La Playa Studio Was using the NMX app on Android only, not sure how to get it for iPhone nowadays
La Playa Studio 2 months ago
Ah maybe it’s still available on android.
7gismo 2 months ago
@La Playa Studio It is, just checked on playstore🤝

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