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Yu-Gi-Oh collection

Yu-Gi-Oh collection
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Yu-Gi-Oh collection


My list of Yu-Gi-Oh cards for sale.
It's my list from previous ad but updated
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Secret rare

Diffusion wave-motion MFC €10
Mazera Deville AST €10
Ring of destruction PGD €25

Ultimate rare

Hallowed life barrier 1st ed SOD €35
Forced ceasefire 1st ed FET €20
Assault on GHQ 1st ed FET €20
Penalty game 1st ed FET €25
Birthright 1st ed STON €15
D.D. Tap hole 1st ed CRV €15
Eliminating the league 1st ed STON €15
Dimension wall 1st ed CRV €20
Level limit area A 1st ed EEN €15
Goblin out of the frying pan 1st ed SOI €20
Alien warrior 1st ed POTD €30
Dark lucius Lv6 1st ed CDIP €30
Cyclone blade 1st ed €20

Rapid fire magician EEN €10
UFOroid CRV €15
Ancient gear beast TLM €15
Supercharge POTD €10
Spark blaster CRV €15

Ultra rares

Magic jammer MRD-E €10
Barrel Dragon MRD-E €10
Seven tools of the bandit MRD-E €5
Horn of heaven MRD-E €10
Mirror force MRD-E €10
Axe of despair MRL €15
Spellbinding circle MRL €10
Relinquished MRL €25
Snatch steal MRL-E €10
Mystical space typhoon MRL €5
Megamorph MRL €10
Toon mermaid MRL €15
Chain destruction PSV €5
Call of the haunted PSV €15
Ceasefire PSV €10
The legendary fisherman PSV €10
The fiend megacyber PSV €5
The masked beast LON sold
Torrential tribute LON €10
Card of safe return LON €5
Mage power LON €10
last warrior from another planetLON €15
Royal command LON €5
Destiny board LON €10
Dark ruler ha des LOD €15
Marauding captain 1st ed LOD €15
Yamata dragon LOD sold
Hino kagu tsuchi LOD €10
Great dezard PGD €10
Guardian sphinx PGD €10
Fushioh richie PGD €10
Mystical knight of jackal PGD €5
Byser shock PGD €5
Question PGD €5
Rope of life PGD €5
Spell canceller MFC €10
Paladin of white dragon MFC €20 x2
XY-dragon cannon MFC €20
XYZ-dragon cannon MFC €15
Lusterdragon MFC €15
Amazoness swords woman MFC €10
Chaos command magician MFC €25
Double spell MFC €10
Guardian grarl DCR €15
Guardian ceal DCR €10
Cost down DCR €10
Skull archfiend of lightning DCR €10
Blast held by a tribute DCR €10
Strike ninja 1st ed IOC €10
Black tyranno IOC €10
Levia-dragon Daedalus IOC €10
manticore of darkness IOC €10
Agent of judgement Saturn 1st ed AST €20
Gear golem the moving fortress AST €5
Blowback dragon AST €10
ghost knight of jackal 1st ed AST €15
Mystic swordsman lv4 1st ed SOD €10
Perfect machine king 1st ed RDS €20
The creator 1st ed RDS €15
Reshef the dark being TLM €10 factory ink on back
Insect queen DB2 €15
Damage polarizer DP04 €5
Ring of defence DP2 €5
Bubble illusion DP1 €10
Reign Beaux 1st ed STON €10
Voltanis the adjudicator EOJ €10
Allure Queen lv7 1st ed x2 CDIP €10 each
Uria lord of searing flames SOI €25
Chimeratech overdragon POTD €10


Goblin fan TFK €15
Exchange TSC-E €5
Graceful dice TSC-E €5
Skull dice TSC-E €5
Exchange EDS €15
Graceful dice EDS €10
Skull dice EDS €15
Perfectly ultimate great moth TSC €25
Riryoku TSC €15
Negate attack TSC €15
Alpha the manget warroir DOR €5
Beta the magnet warrior DOR €5
Gamma the magnet warrior DOR €5
Dark magician knight ROD €20
Knights title ROD €10
Sages stone ROD €15
Acid trap hole SDD-E €5
Salamandra SDD-E €5
Aqua chorus PCK-E €5
Windstorm of etaqua PCY-E €5
Silent swordsman lv7 WC5 €10
Kaibaman WC5 €5
Mind control WC5 €5
Golden homunculus WC6 €5
Helios the primordial sun WC6 €5
Helios duo megistus WC6 €5
Fairy king truesdale TFK-EN €5
Kinetic soldier TFK-EN €15
Slate warrior TFK-EN €10
Elemental hero necroshade GX1 €15
Winged kuriboh GX1 €15
Hero ring GX1 €5
Spell striker WC07 €5
Exploder dragon WC07 €5
Destiny hero disk commander WC07 €5
Acid trap hole DDS €15
Magicians circle NTR €5
Silent magician lv8 NTR €10

Cosmo Queen MP1 €20 crease on top
Dark piercing light MP1 €5
Five headed dragon SD09 €10
Rope of life SD2 €20
Elemental hero wildheart GSE €20
Shrink x3 STON €5 each
Elemental hero sparkman YSD €20
Cyber end dragon STON €5
Gemini elf IOC €10
Magic cylinder IOC €5
Lava golem IOC €10
Ring of destruction IOC €5
Diffusion wave motion RDS €5
Dark magician girl RDS sold
Judgement of anubis RDS €5
Vampire lord RDS €5
Windstorm of etaqua SOI €5
Blockman DPK €5
Treasure map DPK €5
Hero spirit DPK €5

Machine king EM1 €10
Total defence shogun CT1 €10
Blade knight CT1 €10
Command knight CT1 €10
Swift gaia the fierce knight CT1 €10
Iunsect queen CT1 €10
Obnoxious celtic guard CT1 €10
Gilford the lightning CT2 €10
Exarion universe CT2 €10
Vorse raider CT2 €10
Rocket warrior CT2 €10
Panther warrior CT2 €10
Archfiend of gilfer JMP €15
Unity JUMP €30
Elemental hero stratos JUMP €15
Cyber harpie lady SP1 €20
Victory dragon JUMP €30
Amazoness chain master SP1 €15
Embodiment of apophis SP1 €20
Ancient lamp SP2 €10
Exchange of spirit SP1 €10
Hidden soldiers SP2 €5
Barrel dragon MC1 €15
Dark ruler Ha des MC1 €15
Blue eyes shining dragon MOV €10
Time wizard DL1 €15
Barrel dragon DL1 €15
Buster blader DL1 €15
Toon gemini elf DL6 €5
Toon goblin attack force DL7 €5
The masked beast DL2 €5
Acid rain DL8 €5
Restructer Revolution DL5 €5
Spear dragon HL03 €15
movie pack sphinxes EP1 €5

Super rares

Swords of revealing light LOB-E €10
Man eater bug LOB-E €10
Celtic guardian LOB-E €10
Trap hole LOB-E €10
Polymerization LOB-E €15
Curse of dragon LOB-E €10
Mystical elf LOB-E €15
Dark hole LOB-E €15
Harpie lady sisters MRD-E €15
Tribute to the doomed MRD-E €10
|Kuriboh MRD-E €20
Suijin MRD €10
Catapult turtle 1st ed MRD-E €35
Twin headed thunder dragon MRD-E €15
Garnecia elefantis MRD €10
Heavy storm MRD €10
Black pendant MRL €5
Maha vailo MRL €5
Invader of the throne MRL €5
Confiscation 1st ed MRL-E €15
Giant trunade MRL €5
Parasite paracide 1st ed PSV-E €10
Dust tornado 1st ed PSV-E €20
Mirror wall PSV-E €5
Backup soldier PSV €10
Nobleman of crossout PSV €5
Fairy meteor crush 1st ed PSV-E €15
Limiter remover PSV €5
Painful choice MRL €5
Black illusion ritual MRL €5
Messenger of peace MRL €5
Banisher of the light MRL €5
Mask of dispel LON €5
Mask of the accursed LON €5
Fire princess LON €5
Jar of greed LON €5
Kycoo thr ghost destroyer LON €5
Bazoo the soul-eater 1st ed LON-E €10
Dark spirit of the silent LON €5
Riryoku field LON €5
De-fusion 1st ed LON-E €10
Ryu senshi LOD €10
Exiled force LOD €10
Reinforcement of the army LOD €10
Spear dragon LOD €5
Twin-headed behemoth 1st edLOD €5
Asura priest LOD €10
Drop off LOD €5
Sasuke samuri 1st ed PGD €10
Book of life PGD €5
Mirage of nightmare PGD €5
Statue of the wicked PGD €5
Gravekeepers chief PGD €5
Necrovalley 1st ed PGD €15
Dark room of nightmare PGD €5
Barrel behind the door PGD €5
Trap of board eraser PGD €5
Z-metal tank MFC €5
Spell shield type-8 MFC €5
XZ-tank cannon MFC €10
YZ-tank dragon MFC €10
Skilled white magician MFC €10
Skilled dark magician MFC €10
Amazoness archers MFC €5
Different dimension dragon DCR €5
Dark flare knight DCR €10
Berserk dragon DCR €5
Mirage knight DCR €5
D.D. Warrior lady DCR €5
Butterfly dagger elma 1st ed DCR €10
Terrorking archfiend DCR €10
Mudora DCR €5
Dark master-zorc DCR €5
Spell vanishing 1st ed DCR €10
Trap jammer 1st ed IOC €5
D.D. Scout plane 1st ed IOC €5
Freed the brave wanderer IOC €5
Chaodrider gustaph 1st ed IOC €5
Wild natures release 1st ed IOC €5
Reload 1st ed IOC €5
Big burn 1st ed IOC €5
Orca mega-fortress of darknessIOC €5
Dedication throught light+dark 1st ed IOC €5
The agent of force mars 1st ed AST €5
Stone statue of the fortress 1st ed AST €5
Neddle burrower AST €5
The sanctuary in the sky AST €5
Legacy hunter 1st ed AST €5
Emissary of the afterlife 1st edAST €10
Des counterblow 1st ed AST €5
The first sarcophagus 1st ed AST €5
Horus lv6 1st ed SOD €10
Mobius the frost monarch 1st ed SOD €10
Penumbral soldier lady 1st ed SOD €5
Ectoplasmer 1st ed SOD €5
Greed SOD €5
Null and void 1st ed SOD €5
Thestalos the firestorm monarch 1st ed RDS €10
Triangle ecstasy spark 1st ed RDS €5
Divine wrath 1st ed RDS €5
Pikerus circle of enchantment 1st ed €5
Behemoth the king of all beasts 1st ed FET €5
Blast magician 1st ed FET €5
King dragun 1st ed FET €5
Ultimate insect lv7 TLM €5
Hieracosphinx 1st ed TLM €5
Megarock dragon 1st ed TLM €5
Master monk TLM €5
Brain control 1st ed TLM €5
Card of sanctity TLM €5
Goblin elite attack force 1st ed CRV €5
Cybernetic magician 1st ed CRV €5
Cyber twin dragon 1st ed CRV €5
Cyber dragon 1st ed CRV €15
B.E.S. Crystal core 1st ed CRV €5
Water dragon 1st ed EEN €5
B.E.S. Tetran 1st ed EEN €5
Goldd, 1st ed EEN €5
Cyber blader 1st ed EEN €5
Elemental hero bladegde 1st ed EEN €5
Cyberdark horn 1st ed CDIP €10
Cyberdark edge 1st ed CDIP €10
Cyberdark keel 1st ed CDIP €10
Cyber esper 1st ed CDIP €5
Storm shooter 1st ed CDIP €5
Cyber shadow gardna 1st ed CDIP €5
Trojan blast 1st ed CDIP €5
Super electromagnetic voltech dragon 1st ed EOJ €5
Majestic mech goryu EOJ €5
Victory viper XX03 1st ed EOJ €5
Clock tower prison 1st ed EOJ €5
Cyber prima 1st ed EOJ €5
Ultimate tyranno 1st ed POTD €5
Neo-spacian flare scarab 1st ed POTD €5
Destiny hero dogma POTD €5
Destiny hero double dude 1st ed POTD €5
Super vehicroid jumbo drill 1st ed POTD €15
Great shogun shien 1st ed STON €5
Dark world dealings 1st ed STON €5
Damage condenser 1st ed SOI €5
Ancient gear castle SOI €5
Demise king of armageddon 1st ed SOI €5
Ruin queen of oblivion 1st ed SOI €5
Divine dragon excelion 1st ed SOI €5
B.E.S. Covered core 1st ed SOI €5
Cyber barrier dragon 1st ed SOI €5
Tragedy 1st ed RDS €5
Burst return DP1 €10
Edge hammer 1st ed DP03 €5
Light lazer 1st ed DP03 €5
D-counter 1st ed DP05 €5
Eternal dread 1st ed DP05 €5
Armed dragon lv7 DP2 €10
Inferno reckless summon 1st ed DP2 €5
The graveof enkindling 1st ed DP2 €5
Over destiny 1st ed DP05 €5
Cyberdark dragon 1st ed DP04 €10
Magical mallet DP2 €5
Ruthless denial DP04 €5
Clay charge DP1 €5
Return soul 1st ed DP04 €5
Fusion guard 1st ed DP04 €5
Hero ring GX1 €10
Terrorking archfiend DR1 €10
Winged kuriboh GX1 €15
Bubble blaster 1st ed DP1 €5
Heavy storm DB2 €15
Sky scourge enrice 1st ed FOTB €5
Cyber phoenix EOJ €5
Neo spacian aqua dolphin 1st ed POTD €5
Neo-spacian dark panther 1st edPOTD €5
UFOroid 1st ed CRV €5
VWXYZ dragon catapult cannon EEN €5

Shipping: CollectionPost/Courier
Payment: CashPaypalTo be arranged
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Comments & Offers
German Wagner 3 weeks ago
Hallo, Ich hätte gerne, Yamata Dragon von LOD und The Masked Beast die Blaue Ritual Beschwörung von LON

Wärst du mit 15 € zu Frieden und könntest du die gleich mit in den Umschlag legen wo sich der B.SKULL DRAGON sich befindet?

Zu der Adresse:
German Wagner
Obergrasensee 5a
84347 Pfarrkirchen.


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