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Biological Undergravel filtration system + gravel and plant

Biological Undergravel filtration system + gravel and plant
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Lucan, Dublin
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1 week ago
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Biological Undergravel filtration system + gravel and plant


Condition: New

As in subject, I'm selling brand new and unopened under gravel filter (filtering tray, tube and pump) and throwing in few extras, approx 3.5kg of gravel and a nice plastic plant.

Biological Under Gravel Filter consists of:
- Brand new and unopened AquaClear Powerhead suitable for 38-114 Liter Aquariums (660 l/h) - worth eur60
- Biological UnderGravel Filter tray and tube ALGARDE 42/012S 280mm x 590mm (11 x 23 inch), the shape can be easily remodeled and made smaller if your aquarium is not exactly this size - worth eur15

Plant and gravel thrown in extra.

Filtration system itself costs 75eur brand new and selling the same new set for 50eur at the same time adding gravel and plant for free.

Shipping: Collection
Payment: Cash
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Comments & Offers
joey1052 2 weeks ago
Just 15 for the lot is it?
tb303 2 weeks ago
@joey1052: Yes - I'm during a major clean-up so trying to get rid of all this. It's all for 15 but naturally happy to accept more :) tks.
joey1052 1 week ago
Ok no hassle just leave it with me and ill get back to you the filter for the bottom is are they good how effective are they
tb303 1 week ago
@joey1052 Hi, this is all new and unopened filtration system. They are known to be more robust and old school systems pulling waste from underneath the gravel so more crap (literally) gets processed. As my goldfish were quite healthy they grew up fairly quickly so I had no choice and needed to upgrade fish tank before I could try this system. The system is as complete as it was sold to me for approx. 100 eur or something (you can still see the original prices on images) however I cannot comment on how it works or whether it is 100 complete or just 98% as I don't have much experience with it and also had to upgrade before I went this route. But again, it is as complete as sold to me and on images attached.
joey1052 1 week ago
Ah ok no hassle
joey1052 1 week ago
Sorry ment to add more there id be quite intreaged in this part alone if it works properly i asume the more filtration in the tank the better ive two gold fish and a pleco in my big tank one of the gold fish is abnormally big in the time ive had it less than a year id say its grown from 9" to roughly about 15 inches long and five from top to bottom it eats anything that moves i had two filters in the tank at once the other one went from 3" to like 6 inches in that time aswell so maybe that helped im not sure nore an expert but id like it as good as i could get the tank with more flowing in it from filtration
tb303 1 week ago
@joey1052 Hi, I was in a similar position. Mine are also growing quickly and initially bought this filter with a view of replacing the original one however then I was reading about goldfish and how much space they need to live and eventually decided to go from 40 litres to 80 litres tank with bigger filter but this was expensive. If they keep getting I'm not sure what will I do as not planning to spend even more money for a bigger tank...I just think the whole goldfish business is a scam as I've never seen then suddenly growing so fast. This must be some Chinese equivalent, looks the same but different specie. Honestly, according to what I have heard, this undergravel filtration is the last hope if you are not planning to upgrade your tank. And look, as i want to get rid of everything, I'll give you all I have for a fraction of price, that is my current selling price. If you buy in shop, you will pay approx 100eur so 7 times more. I'd say for this price it is at least worth trying to buy some time till you buy new tank. I've read that 1 x 5 inch goldfish needs at least 80litres, so having a couple you need 160, and if they are bigger you likely need 400+. Crazy, isn't it? Let me know what you think. Tks
joey1052 1 week ago
Well if they keep growing id say a pond in the end would be the anserw but they shouldnt keep growing if they dont have the space as ive heard you can stop the growing by no allowing them have a bigger thank ill have to do a bit of investagating to figure it out i havent the space to keep up grading all the time nor the funds id pissibly up grade to a 150liter tank maybe but not more than that
joey1052 1 week ago
Just leave it with me for a day or so and ill look it all up and let you know but if some1 else beats me to it by all means work away with them i appriciate ur time
tb303 1 week ago
@joey1052 ok
tb303 1 week ago
Folks, whoever is interested, please let me know as I'll be slowly throwing out things as need to finalize the cleanup. Tks.
florea.vasilache 1 week ago
Hi. Are you in the city center area soon? i'm interested.
tb303 1 week ago
@florea.vasilache Hi, unfortunately no plans of being in the city centre soon. The only way is to collect from Lucan. Tks.

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