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Acoustic guitar MAKRO guitar

Acoustic guitar MAKRO guitar
Asking price: €99
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Balbriggan, Dublin
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2 days ago
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Acoustic guitar MAKRO guitar


payment accepted:

Cash or swap forthree 1 oz silver coins/ bullions

Makro acoustic

Freshman on the right is sold, and picture is just to show size of the guitar and case on the left

Do not deal with new accounts created just to get in touch with me or having multiple accounts for every day 24/7 freebies hunting, with accounts with hidden or fake location or lot negative feedback.
If I decide to deal with such account owners I will newer provide my home adres and will keep my right to refuse their queries
Not reading description on ad or not watching details in pictures or offer that does not satisfy me may be the reason of your questions or offers ignored
My items are for collection.
anything posted - paypal gift + registered postage but It is rare exclusion as mostly I dont post

may swap for silver coins etc

I also have Old Stradivari violin copy. With case. Wooden case is also very old and exact copy of stradivari case. Not sure about its value yet as they are also from worthless to very expensive, need to get it valuated

Acoustic guitar semi-acoustic electric A

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Walden Warwick Washburn Westfield Westone William Laskin Yamaha Yairi Zemaitis Zon

Shipping: CollectionPost/Courier
Payment: Cash
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Comments & Offers
colyum 9 months ago
Hi. Still available?
zemaitijospienas 9 months ago
@colyum: yes
Sarajosefinafras 8 months ago
zemaitijospienas 8 months ago
@Sarajosefinafras: add extra 20 and get it without case
andy3332 7 months ago
Is it just acoustic or does it plug in aswell?
zemaitijospienas 7 months ago
@andy3332: acoustic. I have Yamaha guitar that plugs into amplifier if you want
zemaitijospienas 7 months ago
Want it cheaper? - will swap for 1 unce silver coins (3)
fleatraveler89 7 months ago
€75 then I could collect it… in cash 🤜🤛
zemaitijospienas 7 months ago
@fleatraveler89: without case if you want as some time ago i spend a lot of time to make it, bought playwood, foam, material, hinges from my pocket etc
fleatraveler89 7 months ago
That’s ok
zemaitijospienas 7 months ago
Did you read its small guitar not standard size?
fleatraveler89 7 months ago
Yes I live in a studio so kkk … which year is it from!? It’s the first time I heard about this brand
zemaitijospienas 7 months ago
@fleatraveler89: Thats why i said you will be the only person who owns such guitar, I was looking for a long time and newer found anything about it anywhere, thats why i made case for it to be completely unique
holty b 6 months ago
Any interest in the gold ring on my adds??
zemaitijospienas 6 months ago
solid or plated? maybe, but I wont be in your area it is very far
holty b 6 months ago
Solid it is could maybe meet somewhere between like the red cow if interested?
zemaitijospienas 6 months ago
@holty b: dont know, maybe if any time sonme day you will go to Ikea for example, let me know I may meet you there. just in case you will be there
holty b 6 months ago
Cool I'll let you know if I'm ever up that way thanks for the reply
zemaitijospienas 6 months ago
zemaitijospienas 5 months ago
Will be in Dublin tomorrow if anyone from there want it
zemaitijospienas 4 months ago
For all the watchers: I am selling my stuff elsewhere thats why I withdraw them from here often. I do not keep items here forewer. The longer you watch it does not mean that it will become twice cheaper, this mean it will be gone!
AtomAnton 1 day ago
Hey man. I read you're terms and conditions of sale there and i just wanted to know is the Marko still available? I made an account ages ago from this and bought a few bits but i have no reviews apart from one negative. I went to collect pallets for an art project and there was nothing to collect but wood for a stove maybe. So you're man wasn't terribly happy i didn't take it.
Anyways. If its still available ill happily pay 100 and collect it on Thursday.
All the best,
zemaitijospienas 1 day ago
@AtomAnton: Hi, yes it is available and in attic since advertized, not tuned because wanted new strings to be lose not tensioned to keep them new and anyway I dont know how to tune this guitar
AtomAnton 1 day ago
Ah that doesn't bother me at all I'll tune it. Just need something small, teaching my niece to play so this would be great.
It's regular acoustic isn't it? It's not nylon string is it? Sorry man I'm not familiar with the make.
zemaitijospienas 1 day ago
@AtomAnton: regular, but need to be tuned not on the same tune as full size I think
AtomAnton 1 day ago
Perfect if it's still available on Thursday I'll happily take it. Sometimes the strings are wrong for them or something like that but I've no doubt it's not a problem.
AtomAnton 1 day ago
Perfect if it's still available on Thursday I'll happily take it. Sometimes the strings are wrong for them or something like that but I've no doubt it's not a problem.
zemaitijospienas 1 day ago
@AtomAnton: Ok
AtomAnton 1 day ago
Brilliant thank you! I have no idea how it works in regards to sharing information like post code or phone number etc though. But ill be available Thursday between 11am and 2pm to pick up.
zemaitijospienas 1 day ago
@AtomAnton: text me here day before and we will organise
AtomAnton 1 day ago
Thats perfect man ill give you a message Thursday morning anyways.
AtomAnton 12 minutes ago
Morning. So I'm free from 11.30-2pm today for collection of it suites you let me know,

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