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  • 60 Sonny Terry Blues Riffs A Playalong course for intermediate harp players

    3 Sonny Terry has been and continues to be a huge influence on generations of harp players these Sonny-style riffs will introduce the developing harmonica player to the sound of the great man himself. There are 60 riffs in the collection and youll need four keys for them A, G, Bb and C. The riffs are performed at three different speeds and the notations and tabs give as much helpful information as possible. We end with four play along tracks, one in each of the harmonica keys, for you to try out the riffs. Ben Hewlett became a musician at the age of ten in 1969 learning the trumpet. He went through the school system of exams and performances, finally escaping the mandatory classical repertoire with the discovery of Louis Armstrong and Dizzy Gillespie. He was a minor third addict at fourteen and still has a passion for jazz and blues. He received a harmonica at the age of 7 and started playing it at the age of 27 having seen the Blues Brothers film a number of times.. Features Sonny Terry Riffs CD Backing Tracks Postal Charges For Lg Env 2.00 Standard Post 7.00 Registered Post Postage Rates Apply To Rep Of Ireland Only

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