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  • Outdoor Garden Back Yard Travel Camping Colour Stripe Hammock Hang Bed

    3 Just relax :))) on this high quality strong hammock with colorful stripes design! Easy to hang and assembly. Stretching for your full body length, ultimate relaxation. With the Max. load capacity of 120kg. Ideal for outdoor using, such as camping, travelling, hiking, backpacking, garden, etc. Specifications: Color: Stripes Single / Double: Single Material: Canvas Max. load capacity: 120kg Total length: Approx. 200cm / 78.4in Width: Approx. 80cm / 31.5in Total weight: 916g / 2.02Lbs Many Reasons Why The Hammock Is Better Than The Bed We have to fit ourselves to the grid of a bed, but the hammock molds itself to our forms. The bed, hardly a fellow traveler of our desires, squares off sleep; but the hammock collaborates in the movement of our dreams. Now the bed requires us to take its manner, fixing us to itself, and we look for repose in a succession of positions. But the hammock takes on our individual shape and becomes one with our habits, answering individual form. The bed is rigid, predetermined, and angular. But the hammock is hospitable, comprehensive, and accommodating, ready to meet all the whims of our fatigue and the unforeseen containment of our tranquility. The old mother, the young wife....... :) Delivery time - 1 up to 6 working days.