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  • OMNITRONIC LH-105 MIC Splitter/CombinerBalanced comb

    3 Permanently mixing or splitting signals with transformer on the 3rth Connector. 1 feed-through output 1 signal output Inputs and outputs via balanced XLR connectors Ground-lift switch eliminates signal interference and ground loop problems. 2 in Stock.

  • Eurolite Dmx Led Color Chief

    3 New modern Light Mixer with Display. Master Dimmer and Dimmer for engaged Lights. Manual :

  • OMNITRONIC LH-120 Dual Stereo Extender

    3 2 x Stereo Audio over Cat 5. Offer for 2 x Transmitter/ Receiver Incl VAT. The OMNITRONIC LH-120 is a passive CAT-5 extender which allows transmission of two stereo audio signals over a single network cable (UTP/CAT-5 and higher) in a point-to-point connection. Used in pairs, the extender allows four coax audio cables to be replaced by a single CAT-5 cable up to a distance of 600 meters. Its compact design and easy installation makes the extender ideal for custom commercial and home audio systems, intercom systems, rental and staging systems and AV conference systems.

  • Nova Veritas 12" Active Speaker

    3 Condition: New Factory Demo Special offer High Quality Speakers with true 750 w rms Incl.Padded Cover 12 / 2-way self-powered premium loudspeaker / 750 W RMS amplifier (@ 8 ohms) 750 W / 1.500 W (speaker power capability) 130.5 dB SPL peak Outstanding dynamic sound and excellent headroom High sound pressure and precise tonal accuracy Attractive, elegant and stylish discreet Perfect dispersion of 90 x 40 (HxV) Wide range of accessories User Manual :

    3 weeks ago 8 comments
  • Solton Act Sat

    3 The New active Solton range Systems now available. Offer for 1 x Sub and 2 x Tops. aart Sub315 : 1 x 15 , 4 (100mm) voice coil LF Transducer 3-Channel Class D power module 800w rms sub, 2 x 350w rms Tops. 133 dB Peak 5 DSP presets Variable Low-Pass Subwoofer level Satellite level Mono / Stereo switch 2x Speaker output to satellite Weight 32kg aart T8 Tops 200w rms, 4 ohm. 124db peak 1" Quality exit HF compression driver Compact design User-rotatable, 90 x 60 horn Passive full range operation Crossover with HF protection Pole mount flange M8 inserts for flexible mounting options Weight only 8.5 kg Manual :

    PA Systems
    4 weeks ago 18 comments
  • 8 x 200w Nova Dxi 8200

    3 New Amp incl. VAT. Tight & clear Sound, low in power consumption, compact and very reliable. 8-channel power amplifier 8 x 200 watts RMS / 4 ohm SMPS (switch mode power supply / 8 kg only) Compact design and lightweight construction Independent clip limiters Class-D technology for high efficiency Euroblock connectors at inputs Barrier strip connectors at outputs Comprehensive package of safety circuits

  • Nova Union all 18"

    3 New System The Offer is for 2 x Nova Union 18 Sub 2 x Nova Union 18 Tops. Italian 18sound speaker loaded. Birch ply with polycover finish. The real passive full range Sound System. Even Frequency with no processing. Sensitivity of 100 db. Peaking with 131db. Phase plug custom X over 3" coil wound inside and outside of the Cone, making the Music. With a good amp the impulse response and Clarity can not be beaten. Demo Available @ in Tramore. Suitable Amps in Stock.

    1 month ago 0 comments
  • Inter m PX 1650

    3 Powered Mixing Desk with 2 x 500w rms & Reverb Very sturdy build with a great sound. Single boards for each channel. Case 100 extra. Used in Practice flat.

    Mixing Desks
    1 month ago 9 comments
  • Stereo Hum Eliminator

    3 Schulz Stereo Hum Eliminator. Connect care free to any House system. Made in Germany. 2 X High Quality Transformers inside. 2 x XLR in and out. Adapter cables to rca or Jack also available.

    DJ Effects
    1 month ago 2 comments
  • 10 x Original Velcro One Wrap Straps

    3 New 10 pieces High Quality very Durable Material. The most practical and longest lasting Straps. Some of them i use for years now. Doing the job like the 1rst day. 20/200 mm for mike cables 11 25/300 mm for Speaker or power cables 14 Postage 5 Vat receipt

    2 months ago 0 comments
  • 12" Coaxial with tweeter

    3 Upgrade your Stage monitor or tops to Coaxial. Of course we can help with the change over. The Aluminium horn is 2.5cm above the speaker basket but it is easy to take out for monitor usage or cut. I made a video about Coaxials : got to 5.40min : 2 in stock, we can order more. - Nominal overall diameter: 315 mm / 12 - LF voice coil diameter: 75 mm / 3" - HF voice coil diameter: 51 mm / 2" (titanium) - RMS Power: 300 W/ low - Sensitivity: 97 dB - Frequency range: 71-18500 Hz - Nominal Impedence: 8 - Flux Density: 1.25 T - Magnet material: Ferrite - Voice Coil Winding Material: copper - Voice Coil Former Material: Glass Fibre - Cone Material: Paper - Surround Material: Treated Cloth - Baffle cutout diameter: 280 mm - Recessed depth: 150 mm - Net Weight: 8.8 kg

    2 months ago 0 comments
  • CAD Condenser

    3 Drum overhead mikes, used working fine. Offer for 2 Mikes.

    2 months ago 15 comments
  • 2 x Nova Veritas 10 Active

    3 Like fine Wine bin end offer for 2 New Tops/ Monitor with padded cover. They are performing without dsp just right. Self-powered 10" two-way, multifunctional vented cabinet 50 Hz - 22 KHz 90 x 40 nominal (HxV) Fibreglass horn (rotatable) 500 W RMS amplifier (@ 8 ohms) 500 W / 1.000 W (speaker power capability) 128 dB SPL peak 98 dB SPL 1 x 10 NOVA 10/500 (2.5 in. voice coil) 8 Ohms 1 x NOVA T5000, 1.75 in. voice coil comp. driver 8 ohms Low cut, high boost, low boost 15mm, birch plywood 35 mm pole socket, 2 x M10 fixing points, 5 x ANCRA (comp.) track, monitor angle 45 2 integrated handles Black NOVA PolyCoat finish Powder coated, black, perforated steel with acoustic transparent charcoal foam backing Input: 2 x XLR combo female, 2 x Cinch (stereo to mono sum) Output: 2 x XLR LINK male, 1 x XLR mix output 314 mm x 560 mm x 298 mm 19.5 kg incl. Padded Cover.

    PA Systems
    2 months ago 0 comments
  • Rca Dsp

    3 RCA 2 in 4 out. Pleasant Conversion, good Software & Eq's and set & forget delay. Can be delivered & installed.

  • 15" Coaxial Speaker Basket with 2" Tweeter

    3 Upgrade your Stage monitor or tops to Coaxial. They sound good and with a low cut of 65hrz go pretty loud too. Not to mention the advantages of less phasing on stage. got to 5.40min : 1 in stock, i can order more. - Nominal overall diameter: 394 mm / 15 - LF voice coil diameter: 75 mm / 3" - HF voice coil diameter: 51 mm / 2" (titanium) - RMS Power: 400 W - Sensitivity: 98 dB - Frequency range: 57-18000 Hz - Nominal Impedence: 8 - Flux Density: 1.4 T - Magnet material: Ferrite - Voice Coil Winding Material: copper - Voice Coil Former Material: Glass Fibre - Cone Material: Paper - Surround Material: Treated Cloth - Baffle cutout diameter: 350 mm - Recessed depth: 180 mm - Net Weight: 9.3 kg

    3 months ago 0 comments
  • Cameo ARA

    3 Offer for 1, 2 in stock. 3 Watt powerful Quad-LEDs produce lively RGBA-colors, all 24 LEDs can be controlled for a single DMX Stable, convection-cooled metal housing Bright 4-button display for easy operation Adjustable universal bracket and an eyelet for mounting and securing Automated programs, sound control and 4 DMX modes as well as the possibility to use as master, slave or standalone for a wide range of applications Can easily be connected in parallel with its 3-pin DMX sockets and IEC power input and output Includes infrared remote control

    DJ Effects
    5 months ago 0 comments
  • Nova E 12 Coaxial

    3 New 2 x Speaker Horn Loaded 12" leaving most 15" behind in Coverage Volume and Detail. Very small and light. Incl.VAT 23% Beyma Speaker inside . incl. Art Case Flight Case in good condition and new Pole mounts. Coaxial arrangement of high-frequency driver/woofer Long throw operation due to fully hornloaded design through the entire frequency range Exceptionally high sound pressure Unmatched dynamic range for increased functionality as a stage monitor Ultra-compact and super lightweight of only 17 kg Extremely high load capacity of 600 W rms/8 ohm Almost unlimited applications Sound experience of the highest class

    6 months ago 0 comments
  • Martin Speacon

    3 Martin Speaker connector on par with the Leading Brand in Quality, material and usage. 4 pin High quality Phillips nr2 screws not one i used in hire has failed. In single Bags. incl Vat 23%

    6 months ago 5 comments
  • Induction Loop Amp

    3 Maestro DL500 Hidden Hearing Loop Amp. Very clean ready to Install. Can be installed on request.

  • Martin Xlr male / female

    3 100 pices in stock. Very high quality XLR Plugs easy to solder and very reliable. Black.

    9 months ago 11 comments
  • Goose Neck Condenser.

    3 New Cardioid pattern with an exceptional sound quality for this Price Range. On/ of Button Phantom or 2 x aa Battery Powered. TECHNICAL DATA BM60 Type : Electret Directivity : Cardioid Frequency response 5012.000 Hz Output impedance 200 30%(1000 Hz) Power supply Phantom 948 Vdc / 2 x1.5 V AA type battery Connector 3 poles XLR Dimensions 140x480x140 Weight 720 g.

    10 months ago 2 comments