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  • Neutrik Male Xlr

    3 3 pole male cable connector with nickel housing and silver contacts. We also stock most of the common neutrik range: Np2x 2. 80 Np3x 3. 50 Np2rx 3. 60 Np3rx 5. 95 Nc3frx 6. 85 Nc3mrx5. 75

    3 weeks ago 31 comments
  • Neutrik Female Xlr

    3 3 pole female cable connector with nickel housing and silver contacts We also stock most of the common neutrik range Nl4fx 3. 95 Nl4mp 1. 90 Nl4mxx 5. 10 Nac3mx-w 5. 95 Nac3fx-w 5. 95

    3 weeks ago 6 comments
  • Skb R106 Dj Rack

    3 10x6 Roto Rack Console Model: 1SKB-R106 Category: Workstations The 1SKB-R106 is a 10U slanted top and 6U front, rack case that features steel threaded rails, hard lid and doors, side access ports (for cable routing) and has enough space to mount the AV-8 with the lid closed! The one piece ... Exterior Length:23.25 in (59.06 cm) Exterior Width:23.50 in (59.69 cm) Exterior Depth:21.25 in (53.98 cm)

  • Ssl E Series Dynamics

    3 PRICE REDUCTION!! E-Series Dynamics Module for API 500 format racks The new E Series Dynamics Module for 500 Series racks reproduces the legendary sonic signature of an early 80's classic, the SL 4000 E console channel strip, which was featured on countless 1980's recordings. The E Series Dynamics Module features a compressor/limiter and an expander/gate, both of which return faithfully to the circuitry and key components which define the sound of the original SL 611E Series channel strip. A true RMS converter is used in the side chain while the gain element is an all discrete design identical to the Class A VCA chip used in the original unit. The compressor contains additional switching options to defeat the over-easy curve and to use a linear release instead of the more usual logarithmic curve. The result is a compressor with three distinct voices, each with its own musical character. PLEASE NOTE: If purchasing please send message for current stock availability.

  • Sennheiser AVX 835 Set

    3 The AVX-835 SET includes a handheld microphone, the plug on receiver and all accessories to operate out of the box with camcorders as well as DSLR cameras. It features self configuring digital transmission which eliminates time-consuming radio frequency setup. The ultra compact receiver rotates around the XLR connector to avoid collision with other devices mounted on your camera. It switches on and off automatically with your camera - saving battery power. The AVX matches perfectly to your camera's input sensitivity without having to adjust the audio level on the microphone. From professional wedding video to documentaries, from street interviews to corporate videos, the AVX just works allowing you to concentrate on creativity. Key Features Very fast setup Plugs directly into XLR audio input Ultra compact receiver Switches on/off by P48 Phantom power Optimized dynamic range Auto frequency management AES 256 encryption License free Accessories included for DSLR use Metal housing Made in Germany

    4 weeks ago 0 comments
  • Akg C636

    3 Be aggressive, the C636 can take it If youve ever tried to bring a studio mic on stage, you know theyre too delicate to stand up to the task. The C636 mics proprietary double shock suspension system greatly reduces handling noise, even during the most energetic on-stage performances. Its capsule sits on a highly absorbent rubber bearing, eliminating any structure-based noise, while an adjustable balancing network cancels vibrations over a wide frequency range. In addition, a substantial brass layer below the capsule serves as a counterweight that increases stability and delivers cleaner acoustics. A new approach to broad-spectrum feedback rejection The C636 essentially eliminates feedback by combining a uniform cardioid polar pattern throughout the entire frequency spectrum with a specially designed suspension and grille for the capsule. This unique approach to housing the capsule avoids unwanted sound reflections on the back of the capsule from stage sound sources, the most common cause of feedback in other microphones. PLEASE NOTE: If purchasing please send message for current stock availability.

    4 weeks ago 0 comments
  • Ssl X Rack

    3 PRICE REDUCTION!! Build the perfect SSL. 4U Using identical circuit design and manufacturing to our Duality and AWS consoles, X-Rack is a modular rack system with Total Recall that delivers the classic SSL sound in a uniquely versatile form. Each X-Rack chassis holds up to eight modules in any configuration and there are a wide variety of modules on offer. You could build a stunning SuperAnalogue front end for your recording system, with two different flavours of mic pre (SuperAnalogue and VHD), EQ, transparent dynamics and a powerful master section. Or create an SSL summing mixer with an ultra-pure analogue mix buss, using two different line input modules to achieve high channel counts or combine additional sources during mixdown to the legendary Stereo Bus Compressor. X-Rack delivers the very highest quality analogue recording and summing path and is the perfect configurable solution for studio or live applications. The X-Rack chassis is a 4U 19" rack housing with a premium grade power supply, MIDI IN/OUT connections and a Mix Bus Link port that enables two X-Racks to be cascaded. The chassis also houses the Total Recall system with onboard capacity to store 32 system snapshots (the snapshots can also be stored as MIDI SysEX). PLEASE NOTE: If purchasing please send message for current stock availability.

  • SSL X rack

    3 PRICE REDUCTION!! Ex demo SSL rack Modules as follows; 1 x XR623 4 Line input 175 1 x XR622 Master Bus 250 Please Note. i have to put a price on the add and which is nominal and not for the entire PLEASE NOTE: If purchasing please send message for current stock availability.

  • Yamaha Bms-10a

    3 Microphone stand adapter that allows a number of compact Yamaha mixers including Stagepas to be mounted on a microphone stand.

    4 weeks ago 2 comments
  • VOVOX Sonorus drive 100 TS/TS

    3 1mt Vovox Speaker cable, brand new unused

  • Vovox Sonorus Protect A 350 Ts/rts

    3 Vovox Instrument cable 3.5mt straight TS to Right angle TS

  • VOVOX Link Protect A

    3 Vovox 0.3mt instrument cable, TS/TS

  • VOVOX Powerlink

    3 Vovox power cable 1.1mt

  • Akg Ip 1

    3 Two pairs of NOS AKG IP 1 professional IEM in-ear phones. These are designed for professional use to deliver very high SPL, 40 each.

  • Hosa D25 Looms

    3 Hosa D25 to Male and female XLR's as follows; DTF807 7mt D25 to Female XLR, 1 available, 70.00 each DTM807 7mt D25 to Male XLR, 3 available, 70.00 each DTM804 4mt D25 to Male XLR, 2 available, 45.00 each PLEASE NOTE: If purchasing please send message for current stock availability.

    1 month ago 2 comments
  • Professional Portable Mixers

    3 A selection of #MARENIUS Professional portable ENG / Field Mixers, New Old Stock (NOS) A less expensive and bulky alternative to the likes of SQN and available at a fraction of price when new ( or compared to current Marenius offerings) PLEASE NOTE: If purchasing please send message for current stock availability. 2 x MN3100 / 48 @ 125.00 each 1 x MN4210 / 48 @ 150.00 1 x Portabrace carry bag @ 100.00 These units are the 48V Phantom version so will power any condenser mic. PLEASE NOTE THE AD PRICE ONLY APPLIES TO THE CARRY BAG< PRICES AS ABOVE

    Mixing Desks
    2 months ago 0 comments
  • K&M21459

    3 A pair of K&M Folding Telescopic speakers stands and carry bag. Also available a third stand, 60.00 PLEASE NOTE: If purchasing please send message for current stock availability.

    2 months ago 4 comments
  • Neutrik / Rean

    3 Selection of Premade Neutrik / Rean ( chinese manufacture) Professional Cables 3MT Instrument 6.50 3MT Instrument R/A 5.00 6MT XLR Mic 9.50 9MT XLR Mic 12.00 1.5MT Minijack x 2 Phono 7.50 We can also make bespoke cables to order and carry the Neutrik range of connectors, check our other ad's

    2 months ago 89 comments
  • K&M27105

    3 27105 Microphone stand - black Inexpensive stand with professional features. Fiberglass-reinforced plastic base with foldable legs. Complete with boom arm.

    3 months ago 28 comments
  • K&M 23105

    3 23105 Table microphone stand - black EAN: 4016842216802 Inexpensive, handy table microphone stand for professional use. Sturdy plastic base with collapsible light-weight plastic legs and 5/8" thread. Also, the AKG ST1, now discontinued, all metal construction, 18 euro

    3 months ago 3 comments
  • Zoom Aph-1n

    3 The APH-1n includes : Foam Windscreen AC adapter (USB type) USB cable Adjustable tripod stand Padded-shell case Mic clip adapter PLEASE NOTE: If purchasing please send message for current stock availability.