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  • Neve 1073dpa

    3 A superb addition to the Neve outboard range, providing two of our world-famous Class A Neve 1073 microphone preamplifiers in a single rackspace. The 1073 is the mic preamp of choice for numerous leading producers and artists, delivering the unique Neve sound featured on some of the most famous recordings of the past 40 years. The big, punchy sound of the 1073 compliments any musical genre, from rock to pop, hip-hop to rap, thrash to classical. Its lush sound with classic Neve signature makes it the consummate mic pre for recording vocals, guitars, and acoustic instruments of all descriptions. With the 1073DPA, the highly sought-after 1073 mic amp sound is now available in a cost-effective 1U stereo rackmount solution, without the additional EQ found on the classic 1073 unit. The 1073DPA provides the legendary sound of Neve in a remarkably simple format. Two rear-panel Mic inputs and Line inputs feed dual Class A gain stages, with adjustable Gain control and selectable 48V available on the Mic inputs. Class A analogue outputs in XLR format are also found on the rear panel, controlled via adjustable front-panel 10dB Trim controls. This stereo unit is the perfect solution for studios looking to bring in the very essence of the legendary Neve 1073 sound. http://www.ams-neve.com/products/outboard/1073dpa-stereo-mic-preamp http://ams-neve.com/news-and-events/award-winning-neve-1073-mic-preamp https://www.adverts.ie/shops/audio-warehouse/

  • Neve 8801

    3 The 8801 Channel Strip is like having a complete channel from the legendary Neve 88R console widely considered among the best-sounding analogue music consoles ever developed. Contained in a single rackmount unit, the 8801 combines a classic Neve mic preamplifier and equalization circuitry with an incredible 88R-style dynamics processor. Completely hand-built and hand-wired by Neve, this ground breaking Channel Strip delivers a front-end with all the quality and versatility that has become synonymous with the Neve name. The 8801s signal path consists of our extremely high-quality Neve mic preamp, high and low pass filters, four bands of highly musical equalization, a compressor, gate, dynamics side chain and an insert point. The order of the signal path can be easily modified as the producer requires. The filter section and/or the equalization section can even be routed to the dynamics side chain to tailor the dynamics response of any input signal. An optional Neve-designed analogue-to-digital converter accommodates all standard sample rates up to 192kHz, as well as direct-to-DSD conversion. In listening tests, many engineers and producers preferred the sound of these Neve-designed converters to standalone converters costing more than the entire 8801 unit. Neve's proprietary Recall software (Mac/PC-compatible) allows seamless integration with workstations, providing instantaneous recall of all external device settings. An essential tool for creativity, Recall combines the flexibility of a computer-based system with the power and sound quality of genuine Neve design. Quite simply, the 8801 is the most convenient way to give any serious studio the ultimate Neve analogue sound. http://ams-neve.com/products/outboard/8801-channel-strip http://www.emusician.com/gear/1332/ams-neve-8801-channel-strip/39198 http://www.mixonline.com/news/outboard-gear/field-test-ams-neve-8801-channel-strip/369709 https://www.adverts.ie/shops/audio-warehouse/

  • Neve 8803

    3 Part of the exclusive Neve 88 Series, the 8803 is a dual channel equalizer and filter. Like the other units in the 88 series collection, the 8803 is hand-made and hand-wired in Burnley, England, and delivers legendary Neve sound with digitally recallable settings via USB connection to Mac or PC. This is an outstanding tool for creative flexibility, allowing Neves legendary analogue processing to be used as never before in collaboration with computer workstations. Designed to deliver the inimitable sound of the flagship Neve 88RS console, the 8803 Dual Equalizers circuitry is based on the classic Neve 8108 topology. Balanced inputs and 20dB trim are followed by two 12dB per octave filters. The High-Pass Filter has a variable corner frequency from 25Hz to 300Hz, and the Low-Pass Filter has a range of 3kHz-15kHz. The four bands of equalization offer selectable shelving and switchable Q on the high and low bands, with continuously variable Q on the mid frequency bands. Frequency selection is variable on all bands within the ranges 33Hz-440Hz, 120Hz-2kHz, 0.8kHz-9kHz and 1.5kHz-18kHz. For modern producers and engineers looking to shape and develop sounds with unrivalled sonic purity and musicality, the 8803 Dual Channel Equalizer is the preeminent choice. http://ams-neve.com/products/outboard/8803-dual-channel-equalizer http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/jun07/articles/amsneve8803.htm https://www.adverts.ie/shops/audio-warehouse/

  • Vovox

    3 Hear the difference. Vovox TRS to TRS loom, 2 mts https://www.adverts.ie/shops/audio-warehouse/

    2 years ago 0 comments
  • Vovox

    3 Hear the difference, Vovox D sub to TRS loom, 2 mts https://www.adverts.ie/shops/audio-warehouse/

    2 years ago 4 comments
  • Multipair Cables

    3 Individually jacketed and numbered multipair audio cables, any length. Item price is for the 8 pair but can supply 4, 8, 16 and 24 pair variants, POA https://www.adverts.ie/shops/audio-warehouse/

    2 years ago 18 comments
  • Pop Stop

    3 SE Electronics metal Pop Screen http://www.seelectronics.com/se-metal-mic-pop-filter-shield https://www.adverts.ie/shops/audio-warehouse/

  • Neutrik Analyzer

    3 Neutrik AL1 analyzer and MiniSPL measurement microphone in original carry case. any on of current generation test Generators can be used but this is a barely used serious bargain.

  • Sontronics Stc6

    3 Sontronics STC-6 handheld cardioid condenser microphone The STC-6 builds on the success of our original handheld condenser mic, the STC-5, but with a completely new design from the ground up. It has a studio-grade, gold-sputtered cardioid capsule that delivers a crystal-clear performance every time. Being more sensitive than a dynamic microphone, the STC-6 captures your voice or other instruments in significantly more detail, giving the kind of clarity and definition that you'd normally only expect to hear from a studio mic. The cardioid polar pattern helps to reject sounds entering the capsule from the sides, essential for producing a clear image on stage. The recessed switches on the rear of the mic offer a 75Hz high-pass filter to help reduce any stage rumble when the microphone is on a stand and a -10dB pad that helps to reduce the possibility of overload and distortion when recording very loud sound sources. The 22mm capsule sits in a shockmounted cradle to help reduce handling noise, while the radial grooves in the body help to maintain grip in the most demanding of performances. For added reliability, the tip of the electrode post is spiked to assist in preventing any oxidation and provides a positive pressure to the capsule electrode at all times. The STC-6 comes in a high-quality, tough yet light aluminium carrying case and includes a mic clip. https://www.adverts.ie/shops/audio-warehouse/

    3 years ago 0 comments
  • Moogfooger Rack Kit

    3 Rack Mount your Moogerfooger Effects in a standard 19" equipment rack. Moogerfoogers sold separately.

  • Jbl Control 24

    3 The Control 24C Micro is a compact in-ceiling speaker, providing full, high quality sound for background music and music-plus-paging systems. ALSO AVAILABLE the 24CT and 24CT Microplus 100V line versions.

    4 years ago 9 comments
  • Neutrik Male Xlr

    3 3 pole male cable connector with Nickel housing and silver contacts.

    4 years ago 11 comments
  • Neutrik Female Xlr

    3 3 pole female cable connector with Nickel housing and silver contacts

    4 years ago 2 comments