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  • Isoacoustics L8r130

    3 The IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R130 Home and Studio Speaker Stands Fine-tune your sound the way it's meant to be heard The IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R130 speaker stands are now available for smaller studio monitors, bookshelf and desktop speakers. Like its predecessor models, the ISO-L8R130 is designed to improve the performance and clarity of any speaker system, and features the company's patented "floating" architecture for audio image stabilizing.

    2 months ago 16 comments
  • Ssl E Series Eq

    3 E-Series EQ Module for API 500 format racks The E-Series EQ Module for 500 Series racks reproduces the legendary sonic signature of an early 80's classic, the Solid State Logic SL 4000 E console channel strip, which has featured on countless classic recordings from the 1980's to the present. The E-Series EQ Module features two different EQ's found on editions of the console produced between 1981 and 1989. Each EQ has unique response curves and tonal character.

  • Spl Transient Designer 2

    3 Used once for demo purposes. Considerably cheaper than the on line opposition.

  • Shure Beta 52a

    3 Frequency response shaped specifically for kick drums and bass instruments Builtin dynamic locking stand adapter with integral XLR connector simplifies setup, especially inside a kick drum Studio quality performance, even at extremely high sound pressure levels Supercardioid pattern for high gain before feedback and superior rejection of unwanted noise Hardened steel mesh grille that resists wear and abuse Advanced pneumatic shock mount system that minimizes transmission of mechanical noise and vibration Neodymium magnet for high signaltonoise ratio output Low sensitivity to varying load impedance Legendary Shure quality and reliability

    2 months ago 3 comments
  • Sennheiser Ew300 IEM

    3 EW 300 IEM G3-D-EU-X In-ear monitoring set: ear-canal phones with various ear-fitting pads, adaptive diversity receiver for high reception quality. Remote-controllable via "Wireless Systems Manager". Overview Hear better, perform better. Sennheiser monitoring systems are trusted by professionals worldwide and now are better than ever. Featuring an adaptive-diversity receiver, the receiver pack uses the headphone cable as a secondary antenna for flawless reception. Ear-canal phones, with various ear-fitting pads for an individual fit, reproduce the signal from the adaptive diversity receiver precisely and faithfully. Pass-through outputs allow easy splitting of the input signal to travel to other devices. Lastly, the entire set can be monitored and remotely controlled with Sennheiser's "Wireless Systems Manager" software due to the built-in Ethernet port on the stereo transmitter. Features Sturdy metal housing (transmitter and receiver 42 MHz bandwidth: 1680 tunable UHF frequencies for interference-free reception Enhanced frequency bank system with up to 16 compatible frequencies Ethernet port for connecting to the Wireless Systems Manager (WSM) software for control via computer - this delivers a good overview of monitoring and professional data management for multi-channel systems Adaptive diversity for high reception quality Pilot tone squelch for eliminating RF interference when transmitter is turned off Automatic frequency scan feature searches for available frequencies Enhanced AF frequency range Increased range for audio sensitivity Wireless synchronization of receiver parameter from transmitter User-friendly menu operation with more control options Illuminated graphic display Auto-Lock function avoids accidental changing of settings HDX compander for crystal-clear sound Receiver feature battery indicatation in 4 steps Mute function for transmitter HiBoost, adjustable limiter, stereo/focus mode, balance in receiver Contacts for recharging BA 2015 accupack directly in the receiver Wide range of accessories adapts the system to any requirement

    2 months ago 43 comments
  • Stc2x

    3 SONTRONICS STOCK CLEAR DOWN!! Super deals on Sontronics while stocks last. this is the STC2X with selectable patterns, no longer made. The more basic STC 2 on Thomann - 198.00 Sontronics selectable pattern large diaphragm condenser mic, http://www . Sontronics. Com/stc2x.

    3 months ago 34 comments
  • Sontronics Delta

    3 SONTRONICS STOCK CLEAR DOWN!! Super deals on Sontronics while stocks last. Original version of the renowned Delta at silly money!! Following on from the worldwide success of the iconic SIGMA ribbon microphone, they have introduced the Sontroncis DELTA. Where SIGMA found its place in the heart of the studio and recording world, DELTA's incredible capability in miking guitar cabinets sets it up to become a new standard in live sound recording. Show it anything from subtle electro-acoustic finesse to shred-metal mayhem and DELTA takes whatever you throw at it, delivering a world-class reproduction every time.

    7 months ago 17 comments
  • Shure Sm7b

    3 The SM7B is a selectable frequency response cardioid microphone that delivers warm and smooth audio reproduction in close-proximity studio and vocal applications, while shielding from electromagnetic hum

  • Dbx286s

    3 The dbx 286s is a full featured Channel Strip Processor that delivers a studio quality microphone/instrument preamplifier and four processors that can be used independently or in any combination. Why mic up vocals and instruments through a noisy, blurry mixer?

  • Apogee Mic

    3 Studio quality microphone for iPad, iPhone and Mac now ships with Lightning cable

  • Avalon U5

    3 The U5 high-voltage DI-preamp combines a unique passive tone selector with a variable gain preamp and filter. The high input impedance accepts a wide variety of signal levels and instruments from acoustic guitars to high-output active bass guitars and keyboards. The U5 direct box is loaded with sonic character and user features professionals demand U5 FEATURES Pure Class A, 100% discrete design Smooth musical detail and sonic excellence Variable gain preamp to +30dB. Dual microphone and line outputs Hi-Z 3,000,000 ohm input impedance Very low noise -100dB High headroom +30dB Six tone bank selections. DC coupled Class A output for superior bass High cut switch eliminates noise LED active signal indicator Headphone monitor output jack Low distortion less than 0.5% THD and IMD High level 400 watt speaker input Active to thru selector - ground isolation switch 100% discrete power supplies for audio path Internal toroidal power supply for low noise Long lasting, stainless steel hardware "My U5 has made me realize the potential of all of my bass equipment. More importantly, it is helping me to realize my own potential as a bass player." - Jeff P., AZ "The U5 is the holy grail for bass guitar. It would be a steal at twice the price." - Daniel S., NJ "I new I was going to like it, I just didn't know how well! I love it!" - Randall S., OH "Wow!! Acoustic guitar has never been better to listen to... magical!" - Adam B., CA