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  • 1080p Full HD Car DVR (HDMI, SD, Motion Detection)

    3 PayPal & Credit Cards Accepted Visit our shop in Wellingtonbridge now open Conveniently record hassle-free Full HD 1080p video in your car with this amazing new powerful mini Car DVR. Record HD Video - Whilst Driving This little beast of a Car DVR can record 30fps video at 1080p/720p/480p. The wide angle HD Eagle Dash Cam will capture clear video for monitoring you car or journey; providing the ultimate DVR experience for an amazing price. It has a flip-out LCD Screen, anti-shake function, a versatile mount, rotating cam head, a solid black casing and USB cable, MicroSD card slot, Motion Detection, and so much more! You can even set it up to record your passengers and swivel the LCD screen, then re-enact some of those funny YouTube videos where people drift their cars with a frightened passenger and record it. Easy to Use - Advanced Features The compact black Eagle Dash Cam is very easy to setup, mount and start recording from the moment the device is turned on. It performs very fast from turning on to recording. You can record in 3 Different Modes, power on normal continuous recording, motion detection recording for security and cycled recording for saving data space. It has a multi-language menu which is very easy to navigate; you dont have to mess around with this camera to get it to work. Just switch the gadget on and it can instantly auto-record awesome HD video. It has a great 140 degree Wide Angle view for getting the full view of the road in front of you, the Lens also rotates 180 degrees and the LCD screen 270 degrees. All this plus an easy-to-setup suction pad and a versatile mount mean you can set the camera up however you want. Dont miss a thing - Dash Cam to the Rescue Have you ever thought about or encountered problems with proving what happened in road accidents or problems with the traffic police. With this great little gadget, your problems will go away, you can conveniently record high quality video so everyone from general drivers, police officers, journalists, detectives, lawyers, taxi drivers can have the evidence they need, that will hold up in court to prove what they encountered is true. Occasionally you might notice some crazy moments on your journey like a crash or a weird encounter, and Im sure you know what I mean when sometimes you feel a bit of regret, in that you couldn't record it because it was a random moment and you didnt have time to prepare. With the Eagle Dash Car Cam, you can record video for hours and even cycled recording so you dont take up too much data space, this way you can be confident that you will always be prepared for the unexpected when you are driving. At a Glance... 1080p Full HD Portable Car DVR Multiple Video Modes Motion Detection, Cycled Recording MicroSD Card Slot 32GB compatible for excellent storage capabilities Multi Language Menu Easy to Navigate and very fast to Turn On and Record Compact Slick Black Casing for an inconspicuous Car DVR Built-In Microphone records Audio Solid USB cable and a HDMI port to use with a larger monitor if desired 270 Rotating Display and 180 Rotating head are strong and wont give any backlash Can be used for Car/Vehicle Insurance /Hobbies/Sports Action Camera / Office / Surveillance

    Video Cameras
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  • 10 Inch Premium Digital Photo Frame and Media Player

    3 Watch as your pictures come to life with this 10 Inch Premium Digital Photo Frame. Use the user-friendly multimedia menu interface or remote control to browse through pictures and set up slideshows. This digital photo frame also includes built in speakers and supports playback of video and music files! Why take pictures when all you do is keep them stored away on a memory card or computer? Give your photos the special attention they deserve by displaying them on this 10 inch LCD digital picture frame. Featuring 1024 x 600 resolution and truely vibrant colors, your precious memories will always look their best so display them everywhere. To view files, simply insert your SD/MMC/MS card or USB flash drive directly. With built-in stereo speakers and support for the playback of additional multimedia content (MP3, AVI, MPEG, WMA, and more), you can display pictures, play music, or show video clips. You can even combine your photos with your favorite music playing in the background, making it a great way to relax and unwind by combining your most cherished photographs and soothing music in a relaxing multimedia slideshow. You can use this fantastic digital phoro frame at your office desk, in your home living room for family and friends to appreciate, at your nightstand for personal photos, or use it in the lobby of the company for visitors to see your company photos - the choice is yours! It is available in our warehouse right now for single piece or bulk stock purchases. Place your order today and we will ship it out tomorrow! At a Glance... 10 inch digital photo frame High resolution LCD screen Works with SD/MMC/MS cards and USB flash drives Static and slide show display modes Multimedia playback of pictures, videos and music Built-in stereo speakers

  • Complete CCTV System with 2x Indoor + 2x Outdoor Cameras (H.264)

    3 Live demo can be seen online at anytime on request just email for more info !! More convenient than ever, this Complete DVR Surveillance System features 2x indoor cameras and 2x outdoor cameras so you can keep an eye on everything inside, outside, and around your home or business! State-of-the-Art DVR This incredible and extremely versatile DVR is your professional and high performance audio and video solution for surveillance. Use this DVR at home, stores, internet bars, small offices, and any other place you are worried about. You can connect the DVR to your monitor and watch the surveillance video (you can choose any camera or have 4 of them on screen simultaneously!) on site or program the unit to record with motion detection. It even comes with a full featured remote control. Hi-Tech Indoor + Outdoor Cameras This Complete DVR Surveillance System comes with 2x indoor cameras and 2x outdoor cameras, giving you the convenience and versatility you need from a true security system. The indoor cameras are compact and portable enough to be installed in any crevice of the room, while the outdoor cameras are weatherproof, highly durable, and designed to stand up against both blunt force and force of nature. All of the cameras also include IR nightvision LED lights, which automatically activate at night so you're protected 24/7. A Complete and Affordable Security System Easy to set up, easy to use, and easy on the wallet, this DVR security system is one of our best deals yet. If purchased separately, the total price would easily be tripled. Not to mention, there's the hassle (and fear) of the parts not working together, so why bother when when this system is complete, compatible, and ready to go !! At a Glance... 500 GB HDD INCLUDED H.264 video compression 2x outdoor cameras and 2x indoor cameras Self-recovery system Motion alarm and video loss alarm Multiple recording mode Mobile phone support