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  • Smart Phone Sanitizer Portable UV Lights

    3 1 3 in 1 Function: The cordless disinfection charger is not only a wireless charger for mobile phones, but also an aromatherapy / disinfection storage box for mobile phones and other small items, which is harmless to the human body. 2 Compatibility Modes: The cordless disinfection charger is suitable to provide 15W fast charging function for all mobile phones with Qi function and with sizes within 6.2 inches, and the cordless phone sanitizer and charger is suitable for iPhone 8, for 8 Plus X, for XR, for 11, for XS MAX, for Samsung S9, for S9 +, for Nokia Lumia 830, etc. 3Practical in Use: The cordless disinfection charger can be used for cell phones, jewellery, watches, credit cards and keys, baby pacifiers, toothbrushes and other items, which can be kept clean for 5 minutes as long as they are in the disinfection charger. 4Intelligent modes: Two cleaning methods are available for you to choose. And the cordless disinfection charger features the intelligent induction for power-off, and it can be cleaned at will and waterproof. 5Small Tip: Add some essential oils to the entrance of the charger and then the charger will start adding an aroma humidifier to your phone, then your device will smell wonderful.