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  • Fairy doors and Furniture - Fairy Door (4 colors)

    3 Brand new Fairy Door in packet. Item includes wooden fairy door and tiny wooden fairy key with ribbon. Available in 4 colors Red / Blue / Pink / Lilac Shipping is 1.50 and usually takes 1-2 business days

  • Irish fairy doors

    3 Fairy door and key from Fairy Doors and Furniture made in Ireland with love Doors are available in Pink / Red / yellow / blue / purple Includes original tiny wooden key with matching ribbon Accessories can be purchased separately for 4 each or 3 for 12. Accessory List: Lamppost Mushroom Flowers (x2) Fairy dust Garden bench Picket fence (pink / purple / white) Name plaque (choose your fairy name and let us add it for free) Fairy tree Fairy stepping stones (pink /purple /white) We have sold hundreds of fairy doors with 100% satisfaction Fairy close lines with tiny fairy clothes for 15. Includes stand up clothes line, beautiful tiny handmade fairy clothes, tiny fairy clothes pegs Postage is 1.50 on all orders inside Ireland (Please PM for overseas orders) Website: Facebook:

  • Fairy doors and Furniture - Clothes line

    3 Fairy doors and Furniture - Fairy clothes line. Brand new in packet. Item includes clothes line, fairy clothes and string and pegs (Complete set) This is a really nice product and can stand upright or without the mounts flat lined up to the wall or skirting board. Shipping is 1.50 and usually 1-2 days Thanks for looking