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You Can Full Dip or Plasti Dip Almost Anything

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  • Preval Professional Grade Spray Gun

    3 Get that Professional spray Finish at Home Preval is a professional grade spray gun where no compressor is needed. Perfect for spraying using our Plasti Dip paint, making it go even further. Fill a jar with your favourite cleaning solution. It makes washing windows, fixtures and other surfaces virtually effortless. Dedicate another Preval jar to touch-up painting jobs. You'll get perfect colour matching every time because Preval lets you mix and use your own paint. You can spray oils and lubricants Each container jar has a resealable cap to preserve the contents. There are hundreds of ways you'll save time, effort and money with the Preval Spray Gun. From around the house to in the workplace, arts & crafts Preval is cordless and recyclable. How Preval works is truly amazing as it can spray whatever you want, within reason. At iplastidip we use it for spraying our plasti dip products on small projects. Preval is powered like a traditional aerosol can, but it operates like a traditional spray gun. The pressure comes from the top part called the Power Unit, contained separately from the product you are spraying. Made from aluminium, and from solvent proof components, the Power Unit is fully sealed, crimped and contained with natural and man-made propellants to insure a professional spray. A dip tube runs through it pulling up what you are spraying. Preval will spray up to 150 square feet of varnish,sprays most paints, when conditioned or thinned to proper viscosity.

  • Plasti Dip 400ml Tins

    3 Add interest to your arts and crafts projects, go to for more information. Add colour to garden ornaments,furniture,tools,equipment and protect all year round Outstanding Insulating properties Add grip to your tool handles Remains flexible under a wide range of temperatures WOOD: Seals and protects from weathering, and prevents splitting. METAL: Reduces vibration, deadens sound, and prevents corrosion. GLASS: Shatter proofs glass objects (available in clear). Also PLASTIC, RUBBER, FIBREGLASS and CONCRETE SURFACES! NOTE: Surfaces which are non-absorbent such as metals should be primed using our recommended Primers. Plasti dip regular can, comes in a handy 400ml size for projects around the home, with a great selection of colours :Black, White, Blue, Brown, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange & Clear