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  • Bench Cookie Plus Master Kit 28pce

    3 Complete kit for gripping and protecting workpieces. Use Bench Cookie Plus Work Grippers alone to grip and protect workpieces. Can also be used with the included standard risers and XL risers to fix to dog holes or to allow space for a router bit or jigsaw blade beneath the workpiece. Includes 8 x Bench Cookie Plus Work Grippers, 4 x risers, 8 x extra-long risers and 8 x Bench Cookie finishing cones.

  • 5 Piece Forstner Bit Set

    3 We offer a wide range of Forstner bits in the most popular diametres. These bits are available separately or in beautiful wooden sets. The high performance stagger tooth design on the bits with larger diametres allows for sharp holes with straight sides and flat bottoms. Bits available for drill presses, electric and cordless drills and suitable to work on any type of softwood. Bits available with the following diameters: 15-20-25-30-35mm.

  • 6 Piece Cabinetmaking Sets

    3 Available with raised panel bits in two different profiles, these sets feature six router bits for making arched raised panel doors and professional drawer fronts. These sets include: OGEE RAIL & STILE BITS: these two perfectly matched tools will eliminate the frustration of setting up reversible cutters. The stile bits also feature shear angles for neater cuts. RAISED PANEL BIT WITH BACKCUTTER: this 88,9mm (3-1/2") diametre bit features a backcutter for milling both the front and the back on the panel in a single cut. We recommend using a 31,7mm (1-1/4") diametre bearing to work safely in two shallow passes. SUPER-DUTY FLUSH TRIM BIT: this 19mm (3/4") diametre bit gives you a superior cut with minimal chipping, even on end grain. OGEE DOOR EDGE BIT: a subtle cove followed by a subtle roundover adds an elegant touch to your door edge. DRAWER FRONT BIT:: this bit makes a mini-raised panel cut on the outside edges of your drawer fronts.

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  • Triton Cordless T12 Drill Driver 12V

    3 The T12DD Drill Driver features a quick-release removable 10mm (3/8") keyless chuck and concealed 1/4" magnetic bit holder, 17+1 torque settings, variable speed and reverse. Built-in LED worklight. Includes 2 x 1.5Ah batteries fitted with high performance Li-ion cells. Intelligent 1hr charger extends battery life and minimises charge time. 2 gears and 22Nm max torque. Includes soft case. Weight 1.15kg (including battery). Length 210mm. 3 Year Warranty. To activate the extended 3 year guarantee you must register the product on the triton-tools site within 30 days of purchase. Should you not wish to register, a standard 30 day guarantee period will apply.

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  • T12 Impact Driver 12V

    3 The T12ID Impact Driver features a quick-release " hex bit holder for high speed, high torque driving of screws, nuts and bolts. Includes 2 x 1.5Ah batteries fitted with high performance Li-ion cells. The intelligent 1hr charger extends battery life and minimises charge time. Built-in LED worklight. No load speed 0-2400rpm, impact frequency 0-3000 min-1, 95Nm max torque. Includes soft case. Weight 1.012kg (including battery). Included Accessories 1.5Ah Li-Ion batteries Soft carry case Charger Product Features Compact high-performance motor for class-leading performance & long life 2 x 1.5Ah batteries fitted with high performance Li-ion cells for extended runtime and continuous operation Precision metal gearing for long life even when used at high speed and torque 95Nm max torque, 2400rpm & 3000 impacts per minute for high performance driving of screws, bolts & fasteners Quick-release / 6.35mm hex bit holder for fast-changing of screwdriver bits & adapters Intelligent 1 hour charger protects tool, batteries & charger & minimises charge time Rubber over-moulded grips for secure handling & reduced vibration Fast 30-minute 80% charge ensures a charged battery pack is always available Built-in LED worklight for clear visibility of the workpiece Technical Specification: Charger :30 Minute fast charge / 1 hour full charge Material Primary Construction: Glass filled nylon with rubber over-mould Product Height: 190mm Product Weight: 1.1kg Sound Power LW: 79.2dB Variable Speed: Yes Variable Torque : Yes

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  • Custom Made Tooling For All Woodworking Machinery

    3 J.Jackson tools create solutions to fulfil the unique needs of all of our customers. The majority of our business stems from Diamond and insert knife custom tools, and for over four decades we have accommodated a variety of specific manufacturing requests. We understand our industry and the precise specifications of tools needed by our customers. Please contact us to discuss specific manufacturing and how we can help customize all of your tooling needs.

  • Silverline DIY Router Table with Protractor

    3 Bench-mounted table which combines with a standard router to create a full-featured router table. Capable of shaping, planing, rebating, trenching, moulding, jointing and grooving. Easy tool-free configuration plus length and angle measurement scales. Includes protractor, non-latching switchbox, router trigger clamp, main fence, adjustable output fence, safety guard, 2 x vertical featherboards, horizontal featherboard, cast aluminium table, 2 x table extensions and dust extraction port. Includes full instructions and fittings pack for easy assembly. Suitable for 900-1800W routers with a base diameter of 155mm (6") or less. Fitted with UK 13A mains plug and socket.

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  • Top-Quality Panel Saw Blades (CHROME)

    3 Find this blade and more, over on our new webstore: Industrial low noise & chrome coated circular saw blades with TCG Grind. Designed for professional woodworkers who require a high precision and durability from their saw blades. Special chrome carbide reduces tooth abrasion, whereas the chrome plated body protects against rust, corrosion and guarantees long-lasting performance. TECHNICAL DETAILS OF CARBIDE TEETH: -Teeth height mm:8 -CHROMIUM ISO-grade:KCR05 -Hardness (HV10):2.150 -Transverse rupture strength (N/mm2):2.500 300 x 96T x 30mm Bore. Triple Chip tooth. Application: for sizing cuts, perfect finishing by using scoring blades. Machines: table saws, horizontal and vertical sizing machines. Material: single or double-sided plastic-laminated panels. Price: 77.24 (Incl VAT) Delivery to any Ireland or N.Ireland address is 8. Please any questions in the comments section below.

  • CMT 191 Upcut Spiral Bit Solid TC D=8 l=22 S=8 RH

    3 A special super-micrograin carbide formulation was created to produce and hold a keen cutting edge. The new low-angle spiral is designed specifically to shear wood cleanly and provide efficient chip ejection. The tools run cooler and the edges last longer. TECHNICAL DETAILS: - Premium quality solid Tungsten Carbide - 2 spiral cutting edges (Z2) - Provides an excellent finish on the lower side of the workpiece - Upward chip ejection Used for ripping, template routing, panel sizing and any routing applications in solid wood, wood composites, plastic materials and laminates. Can be used at a high feed speed on well-clamped workpieces. Can be used on machining centres, point to point machines, CNC routers and hand-held routers equipped with chucks or adaptors.

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  • CMT 2 Piece Magnetic Planer Blade Setting Jig Set

    3 Designed to fit all planers. Magnetic Planer Knife Setting Gauge - The best knives won't perform well unless they are properly set and aligned. The built-in permanent magnets grip both the planer block and the knives while you use the integral adjustments to get the knives into perfect position - adjustable in 0.1mm increments. 1. Magnetic ceramic stop 2. Joints with magnetic connectors 3. Precision depth stop with 0.1mm increments The set is supplied in a wooden box with 2 setters Three options for setting of knives: Positioning onto the tool holder body with marking onto the original knife; Positioning onto the tool holder body setting with one of the supplied gauges; Positioning directly onto the machine table and the tool holder body.

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  • High-Quality Step Drill Bit 9.5 (3/8") Suitable for Kreg Pocket-Hole Jigs

    3 CMT Step Drill Bit 3/8" RH 515.001.51 Free shipping on orders of 3 or more Drill Bits. Price incl VAT: 24.99 per drill bit

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  • 550W Professional Laminate Trimmer 1/4" Collet

    3 TECHNICAL FEATURES: -Power: 550 Watt. -No load speed: 32.000 RPM. -Plunge stroke: 0-24mm. -Collet diameter: 6mm and 8mm. -Tool Gross weight: 1,8 Kg. STANDARD EQUIPMENT: -Baseplate with an adjustable fence. -Trimmer guide. -Guide bush -2 wrenches for easy cutter replacement. -6mm-8mm collet. -1-year warranty. -Instruction manual.

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  • CMT 0-80mm Digital Height Gauge

    3 -Horizontal and vertical measuring. -Self-standing for setting cutting depth on router tables and low profiles for back fence adjustment. -Measuring ruler with metric/imperial scale and locking screw. -Instruction manual. TECHNICAL DETAILS: -Measuring range:Scale: 0~80mm (0~3") Needle: 0~50mm (0~2"). -Resolution:0.05mm (0.002"). -Accuracy:0.1mm (0.004"). -Power:CR2032 3V, 1500 hours.

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  • 2 piece adjustable grooving sets

    3 Adjustable Grooving and tenoning Cutter Head Set for spindle moulder are adjusted with shims [included] allowing you to make precise grooves and slots from 14-28mm wide. The tool is constructed from light alloy and uses disposable tungsten carbide knives. D =150 B = 14-28 d =30 Z = 4 V=4

  • CMT Bit Organiser, Black Without Bushings

    3 When you are working on a project you need your tools organized and close to hand. CMT's bit organizer is the perfect solution. This handy moulded tray conveniently holds up to 100 router, drill or boring bits.

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  • CMT Veneer & Laminate Edging Strip Cutter

    3 Laminate & veneer cutter is a very useful hand tool for clean, splinter-free cutting on laminates and veneers with no waste. Great for making intricate matched components. Place your material into the fence provided and have the cutter run along the edge of the panel. The two opposing steel-made circular cutting blades mounted on roller bearings will trace the cutting line. Use the micrometer knob on the top of the tool to set the cutting thickness, or adjust the strip width by using the metric/inch scale provided. Loosen the lock knob on the scale, move the metal bracket which holds the fence and tighten the lock knob again on the desired cutting width.

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  • Pocket-pro Joinery System

    3 For fast, easy and accurate cabinet & furniture construction. Designed by CMT and professional cabinetmakers, this new system allows you to make rock-solid pocket hole joints in stock 12,7mm (1/2) to 40mm (1-5/8) thick with unprecedented speed and accuracy. The heart of the Pocket-Pro system is our unique moulded jig, which features hardened drill bushings and an interlocking two-piece design. Sliding the jig up or down enables you to adjust the stock thickness in preset 1,6mm (1/16) increments without test joints or measurements! If you have used other pocket hole jigs you will be familiar with many joint applications, but you will benefit from many Pocket-Pro system advantages. For example: -Some jigs require adding or removing various parts-of the jig to join different- stock thicknesses. With the Pocket-Pro system you simply-have to adjust the interlocking jig up or-down for the full range of joints-12,7mm (1/2) to 40mm (1-5/8) thick. -Other jigs require frequent repositioning-of the depth stop collar-for different joint-styles. CMTs Pocket-Pro joinery system-allows you to make most of the adjustments leaving the stop-collar in the same position of the drill bit. -Plus, with CMTs Pocket-Pro system you can quickly adjust the location of the pocket in relation to the end of your workpiece to create a stronger joint by using longer screws, or to leave more meat in the joint. Check out the Pocket-Pro joinery system today. Easy enough for the beginner and accurate enough for the pro, the Pocket-Pro is the worlds most versatile pocket hole jig. CMT Pocket Pro Set Includes: Pocket-Pro Main Parts Toggle Clamp 9.5mm (3/8") Step Drill Bit 9.5mm (3/8") Depth Collar For Step Drill Bit 152mm (6") Square Drive Screw Bit Driver Bit Masterpack 30 Screw 1-1/4"

  • 260mm High-Quality Blade for Festool Kapex KS88 Mitre Saw

    3 CMT 260mm Circular Saw Blade Id=30 Z=60 260mm Diameter 30mm Bore 60 Tooth 5 Negative Cutting Angle Suitable for hardwood softwood chipboards and other composite materials.Hardened and strengthened for longer life. Courier service to anywhere in Ireland: 8

  • Universal Dovetail Jig

    3 Dovetail joints give a touch of craftsmanship to your work, but many woodworkers avoid these joints, because of their apparent complexity. CMTs new 305mm (12") dovetail jig is the fast easy solution! Thanks to precise templates, permanent stops and easy adjustments, we have taken the tinkering out of the dovetail joinery. Simply clamp your workpiece in with the edges against the factory-set stops, set your bit depth and then you are ready to rout. Also, we havent cut corners on quality either. This jig features steel body, templates, stops and clamping bars, so it produces perfect long-lasting joints for all your woodworking needs. The machine accepts stock from 11mm (7/16") to 25mm (1") thick and is capable of producing a variety of joints with the available templates. The standard jig includes a template for 12,7mm (1/2") half-blind joints and a template guide. Optional templates are available for through dovetail and box joints. 305mm (12") max length. 11mm (7/16") ~ 25mm (1") joint thickness.

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  • 13 Piece Router Bit Set With Wooden Case

    3 CMT's 13 most frequently used 12.7mm shank router bits assembled in a compact and attractive hardwood case for your convenience! The bits are made with the finest steel and carbide and feature our trademark orange PTFE coating. The perfect case for any professional woodworker!

  • Joining System For Single Dovetail

    3 The innovative CMT-Enlock joining system is designed to build the strongest T, mitre joints and edge-to-edge assemblies using the patented E15 and E10 dovetail keys. The dovetail slots in each part to be joined are machined quickly and accurately using the CMT Enlock jig. Simply clamp your workpiece in the jig, set the bit depth and you are ready to rout. The jig features strong cast aluminium construction throughout the body, top plate, stops and clamping bar to produce perfect strong joints for life! Width range: 30~75mm (1-3/16" ~ 2-61/64"). Thickness range: 19~35mm (3/4" ~ 1-3/8"). STANDARD EQUIPMENT: -Joining system CMT-Enlock1. -50 key master pack CMT-Enlock10. -instruction manual (in five languages).

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