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  • New 16 Color Changing 4x GU10 3W RGB LED Light Bulb Lamps plus IR Remote Control Home Decor

    3 Product Description You can play coloring games with this item: 16 colors can change freely and magically; what's more, you can even change the type of the light among FLASH, STROBE, FADE, and SMOOTH through a remote control. From now on, your room will be filled with the atmosphere of fairy tales. Features: Total 16 different colors. With a remote control. Modes: Smooth/Strobe/Flash/Fade/On/Off. Low consumption: 3W. Suitable for illumination and beautification for home/party/etc. Specification Base Type: MR16 / GU10 E27 Control Type: IR Remote Controller Input Voltage:DC12V / AC 85-265V Output Power: 3W Color Changing: Choice of 16 colors Control Distance: 5M Pickup Brightness: 260-360 lumens Viewing angle: 60 Lifespan: 50,000+hrs Net Weight: 85g Wireless Remote Control Manual Up: Brightness up/Long hold for ffast flashing Down: Brightness down/Long hold for slow flashing Off: Power off On: Power on R: Change color to Red G: Change color to Green B: Change color to Blue W: Change color to White FLASH: Auto-change colors, fast skip STROBE: Auto-change colors, slow skip FADE: Auto-change colors, fast shade SMOOTH: Auto-change colors, slow shade Non-lettered buttons: Color-mix Package content 4 x GU10 RGB Color Changing LED Bulb 4 x 24 Key remote controller Please note - delivery time for this item is between 1 working day to 6 working days.

  • 4 x Waterproof LED Colour Changing Submersible Party Vase Base Light Lamp + Remote Controller

    3 The submersible light with ten super bright LEDs will run on three AAA batteries, which are not included Remote controlled 10 LED submersible from Acolyte sets the standard for a small high power waterproof illuminator Reusable, submersible LED lights are waterproof and wireless and are thus perfect for lighting up vases, bowls, or any water filled containers like fish tanks Can turn a boring bowl into a beautiful and exciting centerpiece and these are often used for wedding and party events Amaze your friends and neighbors; simply place one of these LED lights in a vase and use with or without the optional remote control A perfect alternative for candles in order to meet fire codes or to avoid the dangers of an open flame, non-flicker Simple to use: Turn around the box of the light by following the arrow of the back of the base to turn on the led light. After that, you can turn on and turn off the light with the wireless remote For the RGB Light You can change to multi-color with the 24 key Remote. Material: ABS Plastic Size: 70mm Diameter and 25mm Height Qty: 4pcs If you're interested to buy these items, click "buy now" button above and then choose one of the payment option. You can pay by paypal, credit/debit card, bank transfer, postal order. If you wish to pay by credit/debit card choose paypal payment and there will be link - "Pay with a credit or debit card" click on that link and you will be able to pay by card (Works on PC only) Please note - delivery time for this item is between 1 working day to 6 working days