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  • TechSupply

    5 Tech Stuff and Phone Parts

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  • Tee-Stop


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    5 Underfloor Electric heating film and accerrories .Infrared technology The heating film is very efficient heating product, used mainly for underfloor, wall and ceiling heating. It has positive impact on human health as this technology uses infrared radiations. In fact, infrared heat is the same sort of heat that you feel when you are outside on a warm, summer day. It has been proven that this system is 100% safe to use, even by small children. Not only create warm and cosy environment, but also consumes 60% less electric energy than the conventional heating systems!

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  • The Bike Hut

    5 We are an Irish-based ecommerce retailer of bicycle components, accessories and tools selling to cycling enthusiasts the world over with fast, reliable postage and at minimal cost to our customers.

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  • The CleanTechStore by GorillaSpoke

    5 Hello and welcome to The CleanTechStore by GorillaSpoke. We specialize in Water and Energy Conservation with the very best of Clean Technology. 99% of our products don't need batteries. We source from the very best suppliers & dispatch directly from Dublin/Meath and/or sometimes directly via our preferred suppliers! Note: All items come with FREE P&P to Ireland & UK. However, as the UK isn't separate from Europe on, UK customers please purchase and we will refund your postage immediately. Go 'Clean Tech' this year with your presents and stop paying for expensive and environmentally harmful batteries! Supporting Clean Business, Clean Enterprise! ADVERTS OFFER: Shop & Save with your 10% Discount Code: CLEANTECH2019 on our sister site: "Saving the planet, doesn't have to cost the Earth."

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  • The Pet Tree

    5 Handmade products for pets & owners

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  • The Vape Life

    5 Welcome to our shop, here you will find all the products that satisfy your vaping needs from starter kit to small accessories we have got you covered.

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  • The Acorn Brew 

    5 Selling luxury coffee & compatible goods

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  • The Decal Lounge


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