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DeGoogled SONY Z3 compact ANDROID 9 sim free

DeGoogled SONY Z3 compact ANDROID 9 sim free
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Balbriggan, Dublin
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DeGoogled SONY Z3 compact ANDROID 9 sim free


payment accepted: cash , jewellery, silver coins / bullions etc (will be checked and weighted to be sure I am not getting replicas )

Clear silicon case added

Free to any network


Bootloader unlocked
Custom Twrp recovery installed
Lineage Os Android 9 installed (with custom recovery you can install any compatible os now)

Swap for other phones, silver coins or jewellery welcome

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Apple and Google both track an unnerving amount of your data, mapping out intimate details of your life is intrinsic to their business model. Standard phones will send your data to their servers several times per hour.

They can articulate your history and even your every movement with far greater accuracy than you yourself. If you use their systems (like Google Photos or iCloud) to back up your photos and videos they can take a peek anytime they want. Is that information something you really want them to have?

I don’t see any reason why they should, and I can see a lot of situations where this could go wrong. That’s why I use a version of Android on my phone that does not have any Google services connected to it. My phone doesn’t send their servers a single thing unless I decide to. I’ve taken that power away from them and placed it into my own hands.

Sound interesting?
phone will not automatically or routinely send usage data to Google
Everywhere you’ve gone with an Apple or Google Android device in on your person: they’ve got a log of that.
Every word you’ve uttered into talk to text, or digital helpers like Siri and Google Assistant, is now stored on the respective company’s servers. I’m sure volumes of my voice/ audio data exists in Apple’s databases, but that flow of information ended when I switched to a de-googled phone.

How often do smartphones “phone home” per hour? (as of 2018)

Android: 40.2 instances when idle, 90.3 instances while active
iPhone: 4.2 instances when idle, 17.9 instances while active

Sure, Apple gathers information about you less often, but they’re still gathering info about you even while the phone is not in use. It might be the case that they’re simply packaging that information more efficiently.

Even if you’ve opted out to location tracking and other data collection, this has no effect, they’re still tracking you.

They don’t want you to know exactly how they’re tracking you. Therefore all that code is proprietary and hidden from the light of day. However, Android itself is open source and you can inspect it for yourself or know that professional geeks have done so in their own interest.

De-googled phone operating systems take the open-source code from Android and build from there. This means they can publish and package the code without adding tracking software. If they keep the code open source, that means anyone can inspect it and raise a red flag if tracking is going on or the team is otherwise going against their stated purpose.

you can install and use most Android apps and use them as you would with a Google Android device

Calyx OS and Lineage OS are both operating systems based on Android. They simply do not include Google’s apps and services where the tracking is located, and that’s what you want.

They are Android devices, and they function the same way your run-of-the-mill Android phone does. This means you can install and use most Android apps.

There will be some differences in how you do some things, like installing apps, but overall using a de-googled Android device is the almost exactly the same as using a typical Google Android device.

Social media apps work, weather and mapping apps work, banking apps work, music apps work, my grocery store’s curbside/ delivery app works, of course browsers work, and more. I don’t feel like I’ve sacrificed much utility at all by switching to a de-googled phone.

Do not deal with new accounts created just to get in touch with me or having multiple accounts for every day 24/7 freebies hunting, with accounts with hidden or fake location or lot negative feedback.
If I decide to deal with such account owners I will newer provide my home adres and will keep my right to refuse their queries
Not reading description on ad or not watching details in pictures or offer that does not satisfy me may be the reason of your questions or offers ignored
My items are for collection.
anything posted - paypal gift + registered postage but It is rare exclusion as mostly I dont post

Samsung phone smartphone android mobile cheap nokia htc sony lg iphone xiaomi alcatel tablet pc

Shipping: CollectionTo be arranged
Payment: Cash
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Comments & Offers
holysaintluccus 8 months ago
zemaitijospienas 4 months ago
one more phone sold today only sony and two samsungs left
zemaitijospienas 4 months ago
@DublinSeller2022: first thanks for interest, second - read not only watch pictures and 3 - asking only
zemaitijospienas 3 months ago
Will be in Dublin tomorrow if anyone from there want it
VanZan 2 months ago
Can I ask about the condition of the phone please? Looking at picture 4 of 7 it appears that one of the port covers is missing? Does the phone have any scratches or physical damage?
zemaitijospienas 2 months ago
@VanZan: yes, one little rubber is missing but its not even necessary for the phone. No damages and it even still have plastic protector on back as you can see some bubbles of it in picture
zemaitijospienas 2 months ago
@VanZan: yes but if you want it registeted add extra 6 euro please
zemaitijospienas 2 months ago
For all the watchers: I am selling my stuff elsewhere thats why I withdraw them from here often. I do not keep items here forewer. The longer you watch it does not mean that it will become twice cheaper, this mean it will be gone!
anto34flynn 1 month ago
Best price for Sony plus Samsung j
zemaitijospienas 1 month ago
@anto34flynn: I can drop 30 euro off the price if you buy both
anto34flynn 1 month ago
Just seen u have a few for sale im looking for 2 not to bothered on make its a work phone ill look through ur ads
anto34flynn 1 month ago
For pm
VanZan 1 month ago
I thought you didn't do haggling? Best price for the two Sony Z3 Compact phones you have for sale?
zemaitijospienas 1 month ago
@VanZan: degoogled phones take a lot of work with the risk to brick them, So on degoogled phones I can drop 10 euro off their prices no more
VanZan 1 month ago
€100 offered for this Z3 Compact and the Z3 Compact at:

delivered to Limerick.
zemaitijospienas 1 month ago
@VanZan: this is the same phone advertized second time by misake as I have lot of phones . Have to withdraw one ad.
VanZan 1 month ago
What is the physical condition of this one please? Are there any port covers missing or scratches to the screen? Thanks.
zemaitijospienas 1 month ago
All pictures are posted
MrPaul79 1 month ago
Hi. What unlocked DeGoogled phones have you got for sale?
zemaitijospienas 1 month ago
@MrPaul79: look the links in description
MrPaul79 1 month ago
I did go thru them but they don't work. It's says Website Not Available
zemaitijospienas 1 month ago
@MrPaul79: website is available, just maybe links in your phone do not open, or some of them maybe sold but you should see that sold or withdrawn,
Anyway you can read what phones i have and ask if I still have it
MrPaul79 1 month ago
Do you still have the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x for sale?
zemaitijospienas 1 month ago
@MrPaul79: I am using it myself now
MrPaul79 1 month ago
Would you sell it or have another one like it?
zemaitijospienas 1 month ago
@MrPaul79: No, do not sell this for now, and another one was sold, look for something else, thanks
MrPaul79 1 month ago
OB177 1 month ago
Can I ask what os this has? Thanks
zemaitijospienas 1 month ago
@OB177: You are in Mayo, I do not post phones or laptops anyway, sorry
._. 1 month ago
@OB177: it's LineageOS :)
zemaitijospienas 1 month ago
@._.: 20% sale is ending tomorrow
tomstokes1 3 weeks ago
zemaitijospienas 3 weeks ago
@tomstokes1: When would you like to collect it?
tomstokes1 3 weeks ago
Can u deliver give u extra money
zemaitijospienas 3 weeks ago
@tomstokes1: u r in Balbriggan?
tomstokes1 3 weeks ago
No finglas
zemaitijospienas 3 weeks ago
@tomstokes1: then postage is extra, and it have to be registered postage
tomstokes1 3 weeks ago
Can u deliver it to my door and ill give u extra
zemaitijospienas 3 weeks ago
@tomstokes1: No sorry, my time and petrol for just one phone would cost you double
tomstokes1 3 weeks ago
Give u 80
zemaitijospienas 3 weeks ago
@tomstokes1: No, thanks

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