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Kef Ls50 Wireless Ii

Kef Ls50 Wireless Ii
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Donabate, Dublin
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Kef Ls50 Wireless Ii


Four months old Kef LS50 Wireless II.Still under gurantee for three years from HiFi Hut. They know me well.

KEF LS50 Wireless II is more than a high-performance loudspeaker; it’s the perfect all-in-one speaker system, streaming from any source thanks to wireless compatibility with AirPlay 2, Chromecast and more, plus wired connections for your TV, games console and turntable.

This fully active wireless speaker delivers signature KEF sound coupled with great usability and wireless functionality. Based on the LS50 Meta speakers, the new wireless platform has been engineered from scratch. It sets a new benchmark of class-leading acoustics thanks to its active electronics, DSP, wireless streaming platform and new KEF Connect app.

LS50 Wireless II vs LS50 Wireless

KEF LS50 Wireless II features new meta material that absorbs 99% of rearward driver sound while the original LS50 Wireless absorbed 60% using vented tweeters. The result is a 40% smoother frequency response, extremely low distortion of 0.07% (compared to 0.1% on the original) and increased SPL from 106dB to 108dB.

Like the original, KEF LS50 Wireless II has direct access to Spotify and Tidal but also adds support for Airplay 2, Roon Ready, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Qobuz, Internet Radio, Chromecast and Bluetooth. The eARC HDMI input enables use with a screen to compliment video streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or for gaming.

It also no longer requires a cable between speakers and now supports a max res of 384kHz/32bit (MQA, DSD256). Built in amplifier power has been increased from 460W to 760W. Multiroom streaming is now possible as the speaker uses KEF's brand new app platform. It is available in carbon black, mineral white or titanium grey matte finishes as well as a special edition crimson red high gloss finish.

Playback Freedom

The new wireless platform of the LS50 Wireless II ensures minimal fuss and fantastic sound quality no matter how you like to listen to your music. Tune in to Internet Radio Stations and catch up on latest podcasts through the KEF Connect app.

Wired connections are included for TV, turntable, CD player and games console via the HDMI, analogue and digital inputs LS50 Wireless II streams audio files up to 24bit/384kHz as well as MAQ, DSD256 and is Roon Ready; Discerning hifi enthusiasts will marvel at this exceptional ability.

User-Centred Design

Beyond a flawless performance, LS50 Wireless II is easy to set up and use and offers OTA firmware updates bringing you new and improved features with minimum fuss. Connect the speakers with the supplied cable (24bit/192kHz res) or wirelessly (with 24bit/96kHz res) for a clutter-free set up.

You can even select your favourite source to wake up LS50 Wireless II whenever it comes on. Stream to multiple speakers using AirPlay 2, Chromecast or Roon and enjoy music throughout your home. The KEF Connect app walks you through set-up and controls the system with intuitive sound settings to tune LS50W 2 to your own personal tastes.

Accurate and immersive sound

LS50 Wireless II draws on the LS50 Meta speaker employing Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT); a maze-like structure where each channel efficiently absorbs a specific frequency. When combined, the channels act as an acoustic black hole absorbing 99% of the unwanted sound from the rear of the tweeter and eliminating the resulting distortion for a purer, more natural sound.

KEF's Uni-Q point source configuration evenly disperses a 3D sound image so the "sweet spot" is wherever you are in the room. The 12th gen Uni-Q with MAT driver reduces distortion in the midrange for reduced coloration and distortion. Sound is more transparent and lifelike with crystal clear midrange and deep articulate bass.

High-Performance Class A/B Amp

KEF’s bespoke Music Integrity Engine is a cutting-edge collection of bespoke DSP algorithms optimized for the new Uni-Q with MAT driver array to deliver perfectly timed performance with a tighter, unsmeared sound. Each tweeter is driven by a 100W class A/B amplifier producing smooth and incredibly detailed treble performance.

Dedicated 280W class D amplifiers power the mid/bass drivers for controlled room-filling sound. The amplifier is developed in-house by KEF so it completely controls the quality of power resulting in sensationally dynamic sound.

Elegant and striking design

LS50 Wireless II fit comfortably into your living space. The curved baffle is modelled around the Uni-Q driver array, heat sinks and colour-matched ports are set on the rear. LS50 Wireless II is available in three matt finishes, Carbon Black, Titanium Grey, Mineral White and a Crimson Red Special Edition.

On the LS50 Wireless II’s underside, each corner has a threaded inset allowing the speaker to lock onto the top of the new KEF S2 Floorstands. For even more impact and bass extension, LS50 Wireless II features two subwoofer outputs, one on each speaker.


Drivers: Uni-Q Driver Array
LF: 5.25" aluminium cone
HF: 1" vented aluminium dome
HF: Metamaterial Absorption tech
Freq range (-6dB): (@85dB/1m) 40Hz–47 kHz
Freq resp (±3dB): (@85dB/1m) 45Hz–28 kHz
MAX SPL (@1m): 108dB
Output: (LF/HF) 280W/100W p/speaker
Class: (LF/HF) Class D/Class AB
Wireless Streaming: AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast, ROON Ready, UPnP Compatible
Bluetooth: 4.2
Network: up to 384kHz/24bit
Optical: up to 96kHz/24bit
Coaxial: up to 192kHz/24bit
HDMI: up to 192kHz/24bit
Wireless: 96kHz/24bit PCM
Wired: 192kHz/24bit PCM
Supported File Format: MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, ALAC, WMA, LPCM, MQA, DSF, DFF: DSD64, DSD128, DSD256 and Ogg Vorbis
Output: 100 – 240VAC 50/60Hz
Operating consumption: 200W
Standby consumption: <2.0W
Dimensions (HWD): 305 x 200 x 311mm
Weight: 20.1kg (44.31lbs)
Primary Speaker Connectivity

Digital: Optical, Coaxial
Analog 3.5mm Auxiliary
USB Type A (service)
RJ45 Ethernet: network/speaker
RCA Subwoofer output
WiFi: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac IPv4/6
Network: Dual-band 2.4/5 GHz
Secondary Speaker Connectivity

USB Type A
RJ45 Ethernet: interspeaker
RCA Subwoofer output

Hey why take my word for it. Look at any review e.g

Important the left speaker has extremely light grey marks. They are on the side and included in the photos.

No swaps sorry. Cash ONLY!

Shipping: CollectionDelivery
Payment: CashBank transfer
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Kindly accept offer for pm purpose, have certain questions about the speakers
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@aidankkk: 1400 and you check them out, call the shop and confirm guarantee. Has iPhone and Android app. I will also throw in bloody expensive wiring worth over €100. If you come to my flat I will also throw in a. Lavazza capsule coffee machine which has been used once.

Looking to get rid of things as I am moving to a house soon
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bcronin12345 4 weeks ago
@aidankkk selling all electronic equipment for a higher price than he bought them for. AVOID
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longshotvalue 4 weeks ago
This is Aidan, i'm posting using by current account,. You got it wrong there i never asked about boxes or anything, i just made a an offer and it stands. I wouldn't be trying to sell them on as this kind of thing is difficult enough to sell in this price range.

We had no other contact other than the offers i made.
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@penetantx: €1400 OFFER ACCEPTED

I am happy to accept your offer. You have brilliant feedback and no crap. I just want to sell my items.
You are free to check the sound over the weekend. Please feel free to call HiFI Hut to check me and the Kefs out
bcronin12345 4 weeks ago
@uhavethatpowertoo you haven’t got a clue what you are talking about. They come with a 2.5 year guarantee. Oh and I have a receipt.

My guess is that you buy things off people who undervalue them and then sell for a profit.
Exactly like the guy I banned below.

Receipt is proof of purchase, serial number and guaranteed in Ireland for 2.5 years. I am very well known by the CEO’s of Richersounds in Belfast and HiFi Hut Ireland.

This can easily be verified.
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Still available? Ready to go..