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Intes MK-67 Telescope , 6" Maksutov

Intes MK-67 Telescope , 6" Maksutov
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Limerick City, Limerick
4 years ago
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Intes MK-67 Telescope , 6" Maksutov


I'm selling my Intes MK-67, it's a 6" F/12 Maksutov guaranteed at 1/6 wave accurate optics.
I'm selling cos I've got bigger scopes so this scope never gets used.

Here's what this scopes comes with,
Bobknobs collimation bolts (fitted)
Padded carry bag (fits airline luggage carry-on size restrictions)
Homemade Bahtinov mask
Felt lines dew shield
2-1.25" eyepiece adaptor
1.25" diagonal
Brass (low profile as possible) rearcell adapter with SCT threads.
Brass rear cell adapter allowing a meade microfocuser to be added to the scope
Stainless steel rear cell adapter with SCT threads, adds 67mm onto the back of the scope.
(the 3 rear cell adapter I had custom made and are vital if you ever want to do any kind of astrophotography with this scope)
The stock "2 crayford focuser is in perfect working order.
Red dot finder not included.

It's optically as good as the day it came out of the factory and has shown me some of the finest star points I've ever seen in any scope. It is in good cosmetic condition with perfectly intact anti-reflective coatings on the corrector and perfect mirror coatings. Its Russian all metal build quality makes it extremely robust, this scope was built to last. It hold its collimation very well also.

The added bobs-knobs collimation bolts on the secondary mirror makes collimation far easier. I have documentation showing how to collimate this scope, if you can collimate a Dob, then you can collimate this scope.

Some MK-67 background info,
This is one of the very rare compound scopes where both mirrors have their positions fixed.
Rarer yet, both secondary and primary mirrors are collimatable, ensuring the best possible collimation!
Almost every other compound scope (SCT and MAK) focuses by sliding the primary mirror, this has the effect of very slightly cancelling out some of the corrective effect of the corrector plate, thus very slightly adversly affecting the scopes optical quality.
Since the MK67's primary mirror doesnt move, the optical correction and quality is gauranteed. Many attest on the web that it is optically as good as any topend 4 inch refractor out there.

I'm asking 750euros for this scope and the parts listed at the top of this post. For those with a decerning eye, its worth every penny. All you have to do is type "Intes MK-67 review" into google and see the good reviews it gets. I'm not willing to ship this scope but am willing to travel half way to meet up or all the distance if I can. I'm living in Limerick and will deliver if you are relatively nearby.

No tripod or mount included.

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