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Bugaboo Donkey Duo & Accessories

Bugaboo Donkey Duo & Accessories
Asking price: €499
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Blackrock, Dublin
1 month ago
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Bugaboo Donkey Duo & Accessories


*** REDUCED ***
RRP Total Cost €2879 (main duo RRP €1689 plus extension kit and accessories)


Originally bought as a duo and extension kit purchased after to get second seat.
RRP accessories all from Bugaboo website.

Gorgeous Bugaboo Donkey bought usable as
- single pram/ seat with shopping basket
- pram and seat combo
- two seats

Includes all you need for baby/ toddler or two toddlers.

Bugaboo Donkey Duo Going out with your first child or first and second child can often present a dilemma. That's where the bugaboo donkey duo comes in and makes it all so easy. In just three simple clicks your bugaboo donkey can convert from a mono pushchair to a side-by-side pushchair for two children. Reversing the seats make it possible to put children into any desired position - facing you, the world or each other for complete sibling interaction.

Sale package includes
- buggy chassis
- 1 x sand colour pram base. cover and sunhood
- 1 x sand 6m+ seat
- 1 x black 6m+ seat
- 1 x side shopping basket
- 1 x sand parasol
- 2 x baby blue footmuffs
- 1 x sand footman
- 2 x blue sun hoods
- 1 x sand sun hood
- 1 x grey holiday UV breezy full cover hood
- 1 x drinks holder
- 2 x clear rain proof covers
- 1 x car maxi cosi seat
- 1 x isofix attachment
- 1 x non bugaboo branded buggy board which is not costed into package but given with sale


If require more pics pls let me know.

Delivery cost not included. Will meet any buyer south Dublin FOC.

Shipping: CollectionDeliveryTo be arranged
Payment: CashTo be arranged
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Comments & Offers
Czarny123 4 months ago
Can you just sale grey holiday UV breezy full cover hood
deecolgan 4 months ago
@Czarny123 hi, the ad is only live this morning & I want to sell as full package ideally sorry!
deecolgan 3 months ago
@Czarny123 hi, if still interested I will sell €50 it’s perfect condition used one wk holiday
Deskelly 3 months ago
Hi there, what year was the buggy bought? Is there much wear and tear on the items?
deecolgan 3 months ago
@Deskelly hi, it was bought 2014 and used initially for 18m as single so sand colour was used for this. I got the blues then when used as double.
With all extras it RRP at over €2800
jolochka25 3 months ago
jolochka25 3 months ago
Sorry, don't know how I send offer. I'm not looking for a buggy..
sarah_ellen 3 months ago
Hi is it just the one grey sun breezy canopy or do you have two?
deecolgan 3 months ago
@sarah_ellen hi, just the one as I initially used the duo as a single.
deecolgan 3 months ago
@KatieBeirne hi, sure sorry I’m late replying! €45
Johndeere6930 2 months ago
Hi, how much for the travel bag and the sun breeze cover? Thanks
deecolgan 2 months ago
@Johndeere6930 €125
I’m away until Thursday 27 would you need before then?
Johndeere6930 2 months ago
Hi, no not at all, going on holidays in July! Would you take 110? Thanks
deecolgan 2 months ago
@Johndeere6930 €120 is my lowest as hood only been used once for wk holiday and bag is expensive too!!!!
catbelize 1 month ago
Hi. Is the travel bag still available?
deecolgan 1 month ago
@catbelize hi yes it is. I’m away until 12th Aug however but hopefully you’re not in rush
catbelize 1 month ago
How much are you looking for it? The twelfth would be ok for me
deecolgan 1 month ago
@catbelize I will reduce to €100
catbelize 1 month ago
Thanks, but I thought it would be cheaper considering the conversation below. Would pay 60 if you’re interested. Let me know. Enjoy your holidays:)
catbelize 1 month ago
Hi. Had a look around and can buy new with delivery for 135. Would you sell for 80 as I’d have to pay for delivery too?
deecolgan 1 month ago
@catbelize hi, so sorry for delay I am away, yes €80 is doable x
deecolgan 1 month ago
@catbelize hi, so sorry for delay I am away, yes €80 is doable x
catbelize 1 month ago
Perfect. I can’t put an offer in so we can private message re:payment and delivery as your asking price is ‘not negotiable’. Perhaps change that when you get a chance and we can organise everything. I fly a week after you’re back so would like to organise the transaction as soon as you’re back if it suits.
deecolgan 1 month ago
@catbelize super I’m 87 6386532
Let me know where you are based and we can arrange x
ruthcassidy 3 weeks ago
Hi I see a few items have been requested what is left for sale,where Southside for a viewing
deecolgan 3 weeks ago
@ruthcassidy hi. The sun canopy & carry case are gone but I’ve reduced price accordingly with this.
deecolgan 3 weeks ago
@ruthcassidy hi again, Blackrock / donnybrook area if suited
lukedelaney2018 2 weeks ago
How much would you sell the buggy as is in picture 2 and the side shopping basket?
lukedelaney2018 2 weeks ago
deecolgan 2 weeks ago
@lukedelaney2018 hi, so just as pic 2 it would be €390
SaraBart 6 days ago
Hi, how much would it be the buggy for baby and toddler and 2 toddler (ie, 1 baby carrycot and 2 toddlers seats)? thanks
deecolgan 6 days ago
@SaraBart hi, am I right in thinking it’s no footmuffs, buggy board etc?
SaraBart 5 days ago
Could you confirm the price including the buggy board? No footmuffs. Thanks
SaraBart 5 days ago
Just to be clear image 8+3
deecolgan 5 days ago
@SaraBart hi Sara, I would be happy to sell this for €420 x
SaraBart 5 days ago
Thx , and what would be the price for that plus rain covers ?
deecolgan 4 days ago
@SaraBart I’ll keep it same for you x
SaraBart 4 days ago
Hi, Perfect. Would do €450 with two footmuffs? Apologies for being so undecided about what I want. could you please confirm if there are any scratches ? and what is the general condition of the buggy? would you be available during the weekend? thx
deecolgan 4 days ago
@SaraBart hi, if you want to send offer I can PM you my mobile & send you more pics/ info.
There is wear and tear more so than big scratches etc. I’ll happily give you the lot listed x
SaraBart 4 days ago
Sorry I couldn't change the price as it's marked as non negotiable. looking forward for your message. thx
deecolgan 4 days ago
@SaraBart: €499 OFFER ACCEPTED