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Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q 4K RAW video recorder: ARRI, Sony, Canon, etc.

Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q 4K RAW video recorder: ARRI, Sony, Canon, etc.
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Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q 4K RAW video recorder: ARRI, Sony, Canon, etc.


OLED Monitor & 4K RAW Recorder (with Sony F-Series Battery addition and Full RAW Package camera licenses).

I have owned this since new, and has been an incredible piece of kit, which I have used to make a 1,000,000+ view music video to a multiple award winning documentary from Gaza (YouTube links available) connected exclusively to my Sony FS700RH Camera (available separately in another ad).

This was upgraded to the full RAW licence pack, so also supports ARRI (ALEXA), Sony, Canon and Panasonic cameras, among others. This was the best in the business, and still is a monster.

Also comes with 2 x CD 512GB SS hard drives (which were $795 EACH at the time!!!).

Always transported in a custom fit waterproof Stagg Hard Flight Case (again, available separately), and everything is in absolute immaculate condition - it even still has the protective plastic film on the screen from new!

Only selling as I've 'retired' from the film making business, but please check other ads for more equipment, including a Sony A7S II, lenses, tripods, etc.

With the upgraded licenses and SSD's, this was over €9000, so this is an insane piece of kit, actually now being rediscovered for its ability to pair with the now 'economically priced' ARRI Alexa classic!

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norvan5 1 month ago
What camera licences are already loaded on this?
Arsecati 1 month ago
@norvan5: I've updated the ad with a picture of the list at the end. You'll have to google Odyssey 7Q RAW package camera list to see if your specific camera is compatible, as it's licensed for everything from ARRI Alexas to Canon C300ii/500s to Panasonic Varicams - I bought and installed the full RAW package, so whatever needed a license, got it. You are of course welcome to bring your camera around and test beforehand. Cheers.
norvan5 1 month ago
Thanks for that. I’m surmising so from that info that it would record ARRIRAW from an Alexa EV without any issues.
Arsecati 1 month ago
@norvan5: I don't know the EV man, yes, it records ARRIRAW to a range of ALEXA models, but I've never used ALEXAs and so have no idea of the latest models or indeed anything about ALEXAs at all, so as I said, you'll either have to Google it or bring it here to test. I was Sony, so only cared about the Sony licenses, but I did take the opportunity to buy and install the entire RAW licenses package that was available, just to futureproof it - but that was before covid.
norvan5 1 month ago
The Alexa EV is the original/first Alexa cam, otherwise known as the Alexa Classic, so is long in the tooth now. But all the info I read says it is fully compatible with the Odyssey 7q once you have the Arri licence. Thanks for all the info anyway. I’ll have a think on it.
Arsecati 1 month ago
@norvan5: An ALEXA was WAY out of my budget back then (and nearly everyone else's too!), but bloody hell - that would be some combination now, as the Alexa is a legend of a camera....... Hmmmm...... I'd be near tempted to rejuvenate my film career now, keep the Odyssey and get one!! Hahaha!! It's only 'long in the tooth' as manufacturers have to keep producing 'new' cameras to keep the money flowing in: people forget that movies like Skyfall and The Avengers were shot on the original ALEXA (and let's not even talk about what was shot on the original RED). As the saying goes, 'it's not the tool that matters, but the tool behind the tool!'

No worries man, I'm here if there's anything else you need to know. Cheers.

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