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175 vinyl singles, I have only mentioned one song on each record, there is one or two on each side ,also there are 2 or three of The same record in the box and mentioned twice ie.mike Oldfield, most in v good condition some in good condition , i had more but not not in a condition to sell, 140 ono for them all not selling separately .

1. Dr hook and the medicine show- i call that true love
2. The glitter band - makes you blind
3. Johnny Keating
4. Mike Oldfield - on horseback
5. Tom Jones - promise me anything
6. Bay City rollers - all of me loves all of you
7. Little eve - the loco motion
8. Slik - again My love
9. Ace - how long
10. Guys and dolls - don't turn the other cheek
11. David bowie- sound and vision
12. David Bowie - Amsterdam
13.billy lee riley- i got a thing about you baby
14.barry biggs- ill be back
15.jean Claude borelly and his orchestra
16. Congratulations - do you remember
17. Lola and the new blues - im so afraid
18. Silver conversation - tiger baby
19. David Cassidy - could it forever
20. The Beatles- Lady Madonna
21. John and yoko- happy Christmas
22. Barry White - let the music play
23.slade- my town
24. Bay City rollers - give a little love
25.the commodores- machine gun
26.barry White - sweet moment's
27.gigiola cinquetti- go before you break my heart
28.donny osmend- puppy love
29. Isaac Hayes - disco connection
30.adam wade- Linda chocolate - changing World
32. Faces - pool hall Richard
33.donny osmand - the twelfth of never
34.bobby goldsboro- hello summertime
35.john Denver - Annie's song
36. Showddywaddy- you got what it takes
37.judy collins- send in the clowns
38. Billy Ocean - love really hurt's without you
39.petul Clark- heart
40.barry white - you see the trouble with me
41. Clifford t ward - scullery
42.hank mizell- jungle rock
43.johnny cash- Danny Boy spotlight magazine - greetings from thin Lizzy David Cassidy ect
45.marianne faithful - dreaming my dream's
46.dr hook - if not you
47.detroit emeralds- feel the need
48.rick dee- disco duck
49. Donny Osmond - Young love
50. Frankie valli- watch Ware you walk
51. Dr hook - make it natural
52.neil diamond- its been this way before
53.the Tymes - the North hills
54.van mccoy - that's the joint
55. Nicole Rieu - live for love
56.tony christy- give me your love again
55.gheorghe zamfir- the light of experience
56. The chequers- rock on brother
57. Ken boothe- every thing I own
58.roger whittaker- i don't believe in if anymore
59.silver convention - son of a gun
60. Barry blue - miss.hit and run
61 magic and the swallow's - calender girl
62.sam cooke- only sixteen
63. Johnny Nash - tears on my pillow
64.the cadets- heartbreak USA
65. Status quo - face without a soul
66.james Taylor - you got a friend
67. Ray Stevens - sunshine
68.the sharonettes- papa ooh
69.billy Preston - that's the way god planned it
70.andrea true connection - More more more
71.suzie quatto- the wild one.
72 the sweet - blockbuster
73.peter Blake - lipsmackin Rock n roll
74. Moment's and whatnots- dolly my love
75.andy Ross and his orchestra
76 Andy firwether- same old story
77.johnny Nash - More questions then answers
78.david Cassidy - cherish
79. The three degrees - get your love back
80. David soul - don't give up on us
81. Leeds football team - Leeds Leeds Leeds
82. The peppers - pince of Salt
83.diana ross- nobody's gonna be a fool
84.chrispy and co- get it together
85. The biddu orchestra - summer of 42
86.looking glass - Brandy
87.izhar cohen- illusions
88. Hamilton bohannon- truck stop
89.jane barkin - Jane b
90.dead end kids- have i the right
91.neil diamond- Brooklyn roads
92.marie osmend- paper roses
93 Hamilton bohannon- run it on down
94. The Osmands- having a party walker - Geraldine
96.orleans- ending of a song
97. Danny willims- no more cane
98.the stylistics- funky weekend
99.gladys knight and the pips- Street brother
100.julie rogers- the wedding
101.paul McCartney - we all stand together
102.frank Sinatra - New York
103.the shadow's - the frightened City
104.the eagles- new kid in town
105.wings - love in song
106.the business - let me in
107spitting image - Santa on the dole
108. Bing Crosby - White Christmas
109.the drifters - down on the beach tonight
110.mouth and McNeil - my friend
111. Gallagher and lyle- northern Girl
112. Andrew Gold - never let her slip away
113.barry white - standing in the shadows
114. Dr hook - if not you
115. The Pacific showband - photograph to the wall
116.mnhattns- hurt
117.chic - everybody dance
118. Marilyn mcgoo- you don't have to be a star
119.barry manilow- Mandy
120.mike Oldfield - on horseback
121.eruption- I can't stand the rain
121.blondie- Denis
122.dee.d Jackson - don't think you do it
123.john Williams - nocturnal persuit
124. Brian and Mitchell, matchstick men
125.singing in the rain
126. New kid's on the block -hanging tough
127.the royal philharmonic orchestra
128.david essex- winters tale
129.chriss de burgh- ferryman
130.mike Oldfield - pictures in the dark
131.michael zager- soul to soul .
132.aled jones- walking in the air
133.paul McCartney - we all stand together
134. Jon and Vangelis, back to school
135.douge sheldon- if you be mine
136.dave mason- little woman
137.brendon grace- visit to Santa
138.jack good - blue train
139.donna summer - love to love you Baby
140.mac davis - baby don't get booked on me
141. Julie Covington - rainbow high
142.wings at the speed of town - bewair my love
143. Wings - backward traviler
144.gordon giltrap- heart song
145.neil diamond - crackling Rosey
146. Garry glitter - hands up it's a stick up
147.roger jensen- jezebel
148. Typically tropical- sandy
149.sweet dreams - Honey Honey
150.the Osmands- One way ticket to anyware
151. Trammps- toms song
152. Dickie rock - me not you
153.vickey leandros- Danny teach me to dance
154.frank Sinatra - you are there
155.abba- Fernando
156. Glen Campbell - love light
157. Reunion- life is a rock
158. Roxy music - all I want is you mccrae- get lifted
160.tavares- my ship
161.jean Mitchell - oxygene
162.the swarbriggs- love is
163.kiki dee- once a fool
164.elvis Presley - way down
165.brendon Grace - Delilah
166.ronnie carroll- speak once
167.perry como- love looks so good on you
168.the edger winter group - Frankenstein
169.rod Stewart -angle
170.bimbo jet- el bimbo
171. Johnny's mathis- emotions
172.johnnie Taylor - best in the world
173. Allan sherman- The end of sympathy
174.evelyne john- Honey bunny and teddy
175. Peter keegen and tudor- happy song

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