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Fiat Punto Parts

Fiat Punto Parts
Asking price: €10 sold
33 1
6 years ago
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Fiat Punto Parts


Pictures of some of the parts above, the body panels are gold metallic paint the same as in the picture of the door.

Parts from a rear accident damaged car that has been stripped for parts.

**BRAND NEW** 4 x brake pads €25
Drivers & passenger door rubbers €10
Drivers & passenger inside plastic sill trims €10
Drivers seat €35
Passenger seat €25
Rear view mirror €5
Dash/clocks unit €35
Centre heater control unit €35
Drivers door - complete €55
Fuel flap €5
Rear wiper motor €25
Rear boot lock inc key €10
Nearside front wing €35
Offside front wing €35
Rear bench seat (bottom and back piece) €35
Bonnet €45
Fuse/relay box €25
Steering rack inc new tie rod ends €100
1/2 drive shafts inc brake disk/caliper x 2 €45 each
Distributor €25
Alternator €35
Carburettor €35
Antiroll bar €15
Airbox/airfilter €15

All parts are sold as seen.
No warranty given or implied
All mechanical parts were working 100% before being taken from the car

Any questions, just ask.

Small parts can be posted at buyers expense otherwise collection in Dublin 15

Discounts given if you buy a few items.

Short link: http://www.adverts.ie/126042


  • Collection: Yes
  • Delivery: No
  • Post/Courier: No
  • To be arranged: No

Payment methods

  • Cash/Postal Order: Yes
  • Paypal: No
  • Cheque: No
  • Bank Transfer: No
GIF-electronics 6 years ago
what size tyres u have?
i am interested
motorimporter 6 years ago
Not sure on the profile, but think they are 14".

2 tyres brand new, not sure how much tread on the other 2.

They would be sold on the rims.

I'll update with the profile when I have checked.

GIF-electronics 6 years ago
pls check for tyres
i need 165/65/14
motorimporter 6 years ago
cris I've sent him a text to find out.

But even if the are 175's or 185's I'm sure they'd be ok if you change all 4 wheels on you car, what car is it you have?

I'll update once I hear back from him
GIF-electronics 6 years ago
i only take 2,so it should be 165
or to be very cheap to buy them all 4
motorimporter 6 years ago
Size is 175/65/14

You can have the 4 for €100, 2 new tyres alone would cost you €60+ each, so thats a very fair price.

Let me know before the end of the day if you can because there is somebody interested in the whole car, my mate ius just discussing a price with the guy.

motorimporter 6 years ago
Pic's now added
motorimporter 6 years ago

Got an offer on the wheels/tyres elsewhere, do you want them or not?

Update ASAP please.

GIF-electronics 6 years ago
how much d other two not d brand new ones?
sorry for delay
motorimporter 6 years ago
Sorry cris03cris looks like my friend has sold them to a guy he knows.

I'll check and update later.
v240gltse 6 years ago
hi ,

looking for a working set of front seat belts, are the ones in the car working ? and if so offer 30e for the pair
motorimporter 6 years ago
Brendan, they are fully operational yep.

Do you need the seat belt anchors aswell (ie the bit you clip them down into), or just the actual belts.

cris03cris, sorry my mate got the size on the tyres wrong they are actually 13" not 14's as he said.

Looks like they were changed as a complete set at sometime, as they are standardly 14" on that age of punto.
v240gltse 6 years ago
ok for the anchors and I will go ahead with seatbelts at 30e for the pair pm sent to close deal.

motorimporter 6 years ago
v240gltse they're stripped out now so €40 for the pair, got all the bolts/trim for them aswell.

I have done an inventory of parts dismantled so far, will update the ad with prices for everything shortly.

Discounts offered if you want a few items together.

Any questions, just ask.
v240gltse 6 years ago
hi ok at 40e . pm sent
motorimporter 6 years ago
front seat belts reserved for v240gltse
motorimporter 6 years ago
front seat belts sold to v240gltse.

full list of parts has now been updated, the body of the cars is being scrapped today.

all parts are stripped ready to go.
motorimporter 6 years ago
Main chassis has been scrapped now, so all parts taken off have been listed in the main advert
motorimporter 6 years ago
Radiator and fan assembly now sold
Dunne.Drift 6 years ago
ill take the Spark plug leads put cant get over to you for a day or to plus mite need a few other little bits waiting for mechanic to get back to me can you pm me your number and ill ring you tomorrow
motorimporter 6 years ago
Deal done on the spark plug leads.

PM on its way
motorimporter 6 years ago

Did you want them plug leads?
motorimporter 6 years ago
spark plug leads reserved for Dunne.Drift
Dunne.Drift 6 years ago
yea stillwant them still waiting to be told what els i need
motorimporter 6 years ago
**BRAND NEW**Wiper motor and linkage + wiper
arms/blades €50

motorimporter 6 years ago
2 wheels/tyres now sold, so only 2 + the space saver spare remaining
motorimporter 6 years ago
gearbox sold
adamshred 6 years ago
hey man i'll take the exhaust off ya do ya think it would fit a 5 door version of the same car or would there be length issues?
motorimporter 6 years ago
Sorry mate should have updated the listing.

My neighbour has had the full exhaust system, so its sold.
motorimporter 6 years ago
Steering column now sold
adamshred 6 years ago
aw dammit well thanks for lettin me know man good luck with shifting the rest of the stuff :)
motorimporter 6 years ago
Yeh sorry about that adamshred, but if you need anything else just ask and I'll do you a good deal on it.

Battery noiw sold, ad updated.
motorimporter 6 years ago
Dunne.drift has now collected the sparkplug leads, so they are sold.

motorimporter 6 years ago
still plenty of parts left here guys
jesterhead 6 years ago
You still have the starter left? Would this be ok on a MK2 03 Punto? And finally would you be willing to post?
motorimporter 6 years ago
Yep still have the starter, would be fine on the 03 as far as I know, is yours the 1.2L engine?

Where do you need it posting to, I'd imagine postage to be around €10 or so.
jesterhead 6 years ago
Yeah I've a 1.2, same as your car but in a 5 door. Could offer 35 including post to Galway?
motorimporter 6 years ago
Couldnt accept €35 inc postage sorry.

I'd need asking price of €30 (+ p/p).

I have a pal who lives in Dublin but heads back to Galway/Athenry most weekends, so maybe I could give it to him, and you collect it from him over there somewhere ?!
jesterhead 6 years ago
Yeah if you could get it to Galway via him I'd take for asking.
motorimporter 6 years ago

I'll be seeing him tomorrow, so I'll find out when he is next out west.

I'll update tomorrow.
noel0000 6 years ago
hi have you got 1 coil pack thanks
motorimporter 6 years ago
noel0000, not too sure what the coil pack looks like to be honest, I'd do a search on the net and see if I can get a pic of one, then I'll know if I have it.

I'll let you know when I get a chance.
noel0000 6 years ago
it where the spark plugs come out of there r 2 of them
noel0000 6 years ago
if you have 1 today it would be good because i can get 1 in a breakers in the morning thanks
motorimporter 6 years ago
sorry noel, onlu just seen your subsequent messages.

havent has chance to check if I have them, and I'm away early in the morning and not back until tuesday evening, so I guess if you can get them elsewhere then work away.

if you have any problems let me know.
noel0000 6 years ago
hi motorimporter i got the coil pack monday thanks anyway .
motorimporter 6 years ago
jesterhead, I may be over in galway this weekend myself, if not I'll send over with my mate.

Could you pm me your contact number so we can make the arrangements.

noel0000, not prob's glad to hear you got sorted out.
motorimporter 6 years ago
Starter motor reserved for jesterhead

Any other interest?
motorimporter 6 years ago
jesterhead doesnt need the starter motor now so that is back available.

anymore interest?
chloestacey 6 years ago
jsut wondering was the sumb nut taking off before the whole car was scrapped?
motorimporter 6 years ago
sorry cloestacey, the sump plug was left on the engine when it was sold.

I wouldnt imagine they would be expensive from a main dealer though.
motorimporter 6 years ago
Anymore interest?
motorimporter 5 years ago
chloestacey 5 years ago
passenger seat with the clip cable?when u pull the clip the chair moves forward?
in sanity 5 years ago
chloestacey are you looking for the whole passenger seat?

If so, yes I have that here.

If you just want the mechanism.I'd be reluctant to start taking parts off the seat to be honest.
motorimporter 5 years ago
Sorry clhoestacey, that last comment was me, my housemate was using my laptop lastnight, and he obviously didnt log out of adverts when he finished using it.
motorimporter 5 years ago
motorimporter 5 years ago
any further interest ???
motorimporter 5 years ago
I have added a few different photos and have reduced a lot of the prices now, some even by 50%.

If there is anything you want to buy, dont be afraid to make a (sensible) offer.
chloestacey 5 years ago
what size fuse does the herting take?
Design_Dude 5 years ago
Hi, offer €20 for the front bulkhead if you still have it.
motorimporter 5 years ago
I presume you mean the part in the upper middle picture ?!

I'm not 100% sure if I named that part correctly ?!

I was originally asking €50 for that part, but have just reduced it to €35, so your offer of €20 is nearly 50% of my REDUCED price.

Mmmm not sure I could drop quite that low, but if I did when would you come to collect it, the quicker you are, the more likely I am to do a deal

I just want to get some of this gear shifted at this stage.
Design_Dude 5 years ago
Hi yes, its the part in the top middle. Should be able to get out to you some night this week, where are you?
Design_Dude 5 years ago
O and also, is the mark2 punto, 99-03?
motorimporter 5 years ago
Yes the mk2 is 99-03 thats right.

€25 if you can collect tonight and we have a deal, I'm away for the weekend and not back until tuesday you see.

I'm 5 mins for the blanchardstown exit of the m50.

away for the weekend and not back until tuesday.
Doyler92 5 years ago
Hi. If you get a claret coloured passenger door and tyres, I'll buy them.
motorimporter 5 years ago
doyler92, sorry mate but these parts are a one off.
motorimporter 5 years ago

I'm back home now, did you want that part?
Design_Dude 5 years ago
Hi there, can you pm your number and address. So whenever i can get a lift ill ring you..
Design_Dude 5 years ago
Hi PM me please, might be able to collect tonight!
motorimporter 5 years ago
pm sent
motorimporter 5 years ago
Ad updated, bulkhead collected by design-dude.

Thanks mate.
TomPetty 5 years ago
Do you have a Fiat Punto Fuel Pump availale ?
Many thanks.
motorimporter 5 years ago
Sorry Tom, thats gone already
motorimporter 5 years ago
bumpety bump
dav32cs 5 years ago
Hey man

You still have the bumper left around?

Would be interested in that and the bonnet
motorimporter 5 years ago
Got the bonnet, but the bumper has gone already sorry.

I'll reduce the cost of the bonnet to €40 if you want it, as I just want to get some of this stuff shifted out of the shed.
chloestacey 5 years ago
motorimporter 5 years ago
€25 for the seat, only have the drivers side wing mirror, its manual not electric, €10 for the mirror.

PM me your number if you want them.
motorimporter 5 years ago
Side repeaters now sold.

Also found 2 x rear boot struts/hydraulics, these are the things either side of the boot that keep it up and open once you have lifted the tailgate - €10 for the pair
chloestacey 5 years ago
does the seat have the wire still attached to the clip so when you flip the clip the seat pulls forward??
motorimporter 5 years ago
Yes the seat still has that attached.
motorimporter 5 years ago
Right lads,

I have had an enquiry from a crash repair centre who want to buy most of the remaining parts.

In the interests of fairness to adverts.ie users I shall let this listing run a short while longer, so if you want anything be quick and let me know please.

If not I'll shift the job lot.

Italia 5 years ago
Is this a Mk1 or Mk2 punto?
Do still you have the petrol cap & its key?
Do you have the control panel with the buttons for hazard lights /demister etc?
I can collect from D15 no problem.
motorimporter 5 years ago

I'm away at the moment, I've rang my housemate to get him to look for me.

I'll update you when I hear back.

motorimporter 5 years ago

Yep have all the parts your looking for.

They came froma 2001 car, so its a MK2 (199-2003) model.

Let me know if you want them and I can arrange for you to collect them from my housemate.

I was originally looking €55 for the control panel/heater switches/vents etc but have reduced them down to €35, so I'd do you that lot and the petrol cap/key for €40 all in.

Cant say fairer than that.

Italia 5 years ago
Sounds good.
I'll need to ensure compatibility (my car is a Mk3) but as most non-body parts are interchangeable, it shouldn't be an issue.
I'll PM you my details.
motorimporter 5 years ago

Great to hear we might have a deal, but for us to comply with adverts.ie rules we need to agree a deal (ie I say what I have for sale, and you agree [subject to inspection]to buy the items at that price) before we can exchange details via pm.

Obviously if the items are not as described or not suitable your under no obligation to buy them.

I know its a bit daft, but them's the rules.

So please confirm that you are prepared to pay my asking price for the items, then we can exchange contact details via pm to conclude the sale.

I look forward to your response.

Italia 5 years ago
Offer asking for petrol cap as well as control unit, subject to suitability.
If this is acceptable, please PM me your details
motorimporter 5 years ago
Thanks, pm sent
motorimporter 5 years ago
Petrol cap and heater control until reserved for Italia
Design_Dude 5 years ago
Do you still have the cat/exhaust?
motorimporter 5 years ago

The exhaust system has sold.
chloestacey 5 years ago
do u have the fan motor from under the glove box?
noel0000 5 years ago
hi do you have a passenger side cv joint thanks
motorimporter 5 years ago
Hi cloestacey and noel000

Sorry for the delay, I'm replying for my partner who has been unwell for the last week.

I asked him about the parts you both want and he said....

fan motor? not sure - will get a friend to check and update soon.

passenger side cv joint? not sure that is - but have the complete assembly from/inc the drive shaft out of the engine to the wheels hub ( so yes presumably the cv joint is in that section of parts).

noel0000 - you want that part I can arrange with you to come round and get it.

chloestacey, when I update to inform you if/when that bit is here, please have the courtesy to reply if you want it or not and if necessary we can arrange for you to collect it.

Hope thats ok all, and if you have any other questions please ask and I'll get the answers as quick as poss.

Thank you
chloestacey 5 years ago
i went to duffys and got the fan motor stuck it in me car and its not the fan motor that broke but its the big red relay fuses.do you have them?
motorimporter 5 years ago
noel0000, any update if you want that part?

chloestacey, the big red relay fuses you refer to, do you mean those pictured in the bottom right picture above? if so yes there are 3 red relays on the fusebox.

also you have previously asked about a passenger seat which is hear, and also there is a wing mirror that you asked about.

Which parts do you want?
Bu11et_Proof 5 years ago
Hi do you have the wishbone from divers side ?
motorimporter 5 years ago

I checked with my partner and the wishbones were left on the car when it was scrapped.

If you need anything else please ask.

motorimporter 5 years ago
chloestacey, do you want any of these parts you have been asking about or not ?
motorimporter 5 years ago



motorimporter 5 years ago
No fair offers refused
motorimporter 5 years ago
Starter motor now sold
simzoli 5 years ago

Do you have the sun visor for driver's side?

motorimporter 5 years ago

sorry dont have that part
motorimporter 5 years ago
Startermotor and 2 rear 1/4 glass windows sold.
motorimporter 5 years ago
Advert now closed due to circumstances - selling as a job lot at a hugely reduced price.

See new advert here.


Hope this is ok with the mods, thanks