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Mitsubishi Lancer GLX 1.3 2000

Mitsubishi Lancer GLX 1.3 2000
Asking price: €1,100 sold
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7 years ago
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Mitsubishi Lancer GLX 1.3 2000


Make/Model: Mitsubishi Lancer GLX
Year: 2000
Mileage: 104K
Colour: Black
Extras: Central Locking, Electric Windows, CD Player,
Tax: 6/09
NCT: 1/10
Any Other Relevant Info: Very clean car inside, NCT passed, Tax just up, full service history with main Mitsubishi dealer, drives lovely. Bonnet and passenger wing paintwork might do with some attention as bird droppings have lifter the laquer as seen in last picture. CD/Radio can be fitted. Two owner.

Shipping: Collection
Payment: Cash
denisor 7 years ago
Any interest?
conwaycabra1 7 years ago
i give you 800 for the car
denisor 7 years ago
Ouch Conway! that hurt! she's a grand car to bow that much, but I'd be willing to meet you somewhere in between between our figures, preferably my side!
denisor 7 years ago
Any one interested?
saram 7 years ago
Haha, I'm selling a very similar car (below). They are a great car to drive aren't they?? Mine has higher mileage but still going very well! There is a good chance I'm selling mine today!! There have been developments but not on this site... I'd vouch for your car too. It looks very well! Hope it sells. Seems the market is not great at the moment though!
armo 7 years ago
any intrest in a swap http://adverts.ie/117346
denisor 7 years ago
Sorry my friend, looking for a sale only.
However, I do love that model 3 series.
Dunne.Drift 7 years ago
€800 offer on inspection....

has it got a radio/cdplayer?
denisor 7 years ago
No cd radio in the car at the moment, 800 is a fairly low offer that's alr
allready been declined DunneDrift, I'll meet you in that neighbourhood but won't be able to put a cd radio in it. Pm met to arrange a viewing.
muffler 7 years ago
[b]denisor, you're around long enough now to know the rules.

Ad binned and 1 month ban on its way.

muffler, Amod[/b]
muffler 7 years ago
Ad reinstated.
CODWAW 7 years ago
hey densoir,

Great looking car just trying to sell my own and i will be back in touch if its still available?
zreba 7 years ago
still for sale?
denisor 7 years ago
Yes, still for sale,

I've been offline here for 2 weeks doing time for suggesting Dunne.Drift above could get in touch to view the car. My 1 month ban was reduced to 2 weeks, and in case you have concerns about me being banned you can read my appeal here.


Anyhow back to the car, yep still available, as a matter of courtesy I'll give Dunne.Drift till tomorrow night to pop in and let me know if he still is interested, as its 2 weeks now, and no contact from him here I'll assume after that he's out.
zreba 7 years ago
I offer 600 and can collect tomorrow
denisor 7 years ago
600 is too low sorry zreba, last price was 800 minus CD player
zreba 7 years ago
ok, no prob. good luck with selling, but keep in mind my offer, as I might still be interested after a while if you change your mind
denisor 7 years ago
will do many thanks,
toiletduck13 7 years ago
are you intrested in a swap
denisor 7 years ago
Sorry Duck, not looking to trade, thanks.
pinoy 7 years ago
hi, swap for a bmw 325 1993 ? http://www.adverts.ie/showcat.php?cat=500&ppuser=221829
mick 085 7 years ago
hi would you take 750 today without cd player
pokerface_me 7 years ago
offer 900 pending inspection
denisor 7 years ago
Mick too low,
Pokerface offer of 900 accepted your welcome to inspect.
pokerface_me 7 years ago
Hi Denisor will you pm me contact details
thenightrider 7 years ago
Is this still for sale ?
denisor 7 years ago
I accapted an offer on this can but am still awaiting contact .
denisor 7 years ago
Car not can!
denisor 7 years ago
No responce from pokerface so car still available.
cman101 7 years ago
wel i will offer 800 on inspection can you get in contact to arrange viewing
denisor 7 years ago
Cman offer accepted pending your inspection, will pm you to arrrrange viewing
denisor 6 years ago
Guys this is still available for sale at the last offered price.

In agreement with Cmar above, as he cant view the car for another week, he and I agreed to leave the item still for sale in the meantime untill he can see it.

So car still available for sale or inspection at €800 without Cd Player
scorchio2009 6 years ago
Can make a max bid of 700,any interest?
denisor 6 years ago
700 is to low , 800 is the bottom line without cd player.
scorchio2009 6 years ago
Offer stands!
denisor 6 years ago
Car sold this afternoon to Cmar after his inspection