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Meteorites for sale

Meteorites for sale
Asking price: €10
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€10 by jon7779
MeteoritesEire 28 [28] gold A star A star This user is a verified user of Adverts.ie
Loughanure, Donegal
23/11/2014 5:31 pm (2 months ago)
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Meteorites for sale

Description (updated on 16/09/2014 at 11:25am):

various meteorites for sale ranging in price from 10 euros to hundreds of euros.I have iron meteorites and stone ones.I am a member in good standing with The International Meteorite Collectors Association-number 2424 http://www.imca.cc and guarantee every meteorite for life.

I'll be more specific for the €10 meteorites.This would be one of the Campo Del Cielo iron meteorites in the 10 gram range that are seen in my hand in picture 9, or one of the uncut stone meteorites in the 10 gram range from picture 1.The stone meteorites are NWA869 from Northwest Africa.Classified as L4-6.

I can also do vials filled with 10 grams of meteorites for €10 plus €3 postage.The only type which will fit in the vials are NWA 869 stony meteorite fragments.I'll also throw in a strong neodymium magnet as seen in the picture holding another magnet thru my thumb.These meteorites are magnetic because of the metal content.

I love the NWA 869 stone meteorites for a number of reasons.First of all a lot of them were discovered and are still being found.Over 3,000 kg so far have been brought out of the Sahara.

They are a nice meteorite to work with as they are very solid and not prone to rusting issues.I have a diamond-tipped saw that I can cut these with using distilled water as a lubricant.I then put them in the oven for 4 hours to drive out any moisture and I then use 12 grades of sandpaper ranging from 150 to 3000 grit to polish the cut faces to a nice glossy finish which shows off the chondrules,clasts and metal flecking.The glossy finished stone meteorite shown is sold but I have polished more , check my other ads!!.These are NOW UNDER €1 a gram.It takes me a good hour getting the finish I want on these.The high gloss finish also stabilises the meteorite and I guarantee these will stay rust free as I've had some for 10 years in our wet climate and they never show any signs of rusting.100% guarantee

*See my other ad for meteorite pendant* Or ask me about pendants-still some available

Thanks for your interest.And any farmers out there with strange looking heavy stones that they've dug up in their fields please get in touch...lets find Irelands FIRST ever meteorite find.There have been 6 falls but not one find

Short link: http://www.adverts.ie/400040


  • Collection: Yes
  • Delivery: Yes
  • Post/Courier: Yes
  • To be arranged: Yes

Payment methods

  • Cash/Postal Order: Yes
  • Paypal: Yes
  • Cheque: Yes
  • Bank Transfer: Yes
Comments & Offers
daveo13 asked a question 12/01/2011 9:24 am (4 years ago):
can you tell me ..... how do you guarantee a meteorite for life ???
MeteoritesEire says 12/01/2011 4:23 pm (4 years ago):
perhaps I could be clearer here.I guarantee the meteorite for as long as I'm alive.It will still be a meteorite long after I'm gone but people tend to be skeptical about things which they are unfamiliar with.I am attempting to instill some modicum of confidence that it is exactly what I say it is.I will buy it back if the buyer is not completely satisfied.Thanks for asking.All the best.
shanemort asked a question 16/01/2011 11:39 am (4 years ago):
Hi id be interested in one please. Ill take the best one for the cheapest please :) delivered to Dublin, and pay via paypal.

Can you do?
MeteoritesEire says 16/01/2011 3:58 pm (4 years ago):
I certainly can.I will indeed give you the best one and throw a magnet in.I'll put it in a padded envelope and mail it regular?...extra one euro for postage and envelope ok?Will PM you my paypal details.Thank you and enjoy your cosmic debris ;-)
shanemort asked a question 16/01/2011 5:25 pm (4 years ago):
Payment just made, Thanks
MeteoritesEire says 16/01/2011 6:56 pm (4 years ago):
Good man,I'll pop that in the post tomorrow for you.Thank you and enjoy
deereidy asked a question 19/01/2011 2:00 am (4 years ago):
Hi, know this is oddly specific,but how much is the one in photo number 9?
MeteoritesEire says 19/01/2011 11:46 am (4 years ago):
That one is a particularly fine example of an iron meteorite called Sikhote-Alin that was seen to fall in the Sikhote-Alin mountains of Russia in 1947.It was painted by a Russian artist who saw it coming down as it left a smoke trail in the sky that lingered for hours.Russian commemorated the event with a postage stamp.Over 20,000kg have been recovered making it the biggest iron meteorite fall in recorded history.And also one of the most stable irons known to the meteorite world.

I would sell that one albeit reluctantly.It weighs just under 80 grams and if someone offered me €800 for it I'd probably sell it.However I do also have a couple of smaller less aesthetically pleasing examples from this fall.There's a 44 gram piece and a 35 gram piece that I'd sell for €1 a gram.I also could do a small glass vial with 10 grams of smaller pieces in it for €10.I could upload pics of any or all of these if you're interested.Thanks for asking.
gorey24 asked a question 05/02/2011 8:49 pm (3 years ago):
Have you any left at €10?
MeteoritesEire says 06/02/2011 9:12 am (3 years ago):
I do indeed.I'm away out of the country on business but will be back in Donegal on Tuesday.Thanks for looking.....Jim
MeteoritesEire says 08/02/2011 6:22 pm (3 years ago):
Back home--ready to ROCK n roll.Will get busy cutting some more of these and polishing them up as I have them for sale elsewhere too.Thanks for looking folks.And just to add that 10 euros is a great price for a cut stone thats been worked to a polish.You won't find that anywhere else on the planet.OUT OF THIS WORLD
jamesjimmy5609 asked a question 19/02/2011 6:10 pm (3 years ago):
i am broke but swap you for some of my ads
deereidy asked a question 19/02/2011 6:12 pm (3 years ago):
have u got any 10 euro/cheap ones left?
MeteoritesEire says 19/02/2011 6:30 pm (3 years ago):
yes deereidy---plenty there --can accept many forms of payment--thx

jamesjimmy--I'll have a look at what you've got
jamesjimmy5609 asked a question 19/02/2011 8:14 pm (3 years ago):
deereidy asked a question 19/02/2011 9:31 pm (3 years ago):
OK great, can u send some pictures of them to me and am wondering if it would be possible to get them cut in such a way that they could be put on a chain
MeteoritesEire says 20/02/2011 11:26 am (3 years ago):
you have 3 options to be able to put them on a chain.Drill them,wire wrap them or look for one with a natural hole in it.I have none of the natural holed ones left--they sell quick when I get them in.I also don't have a vice to enable me to drill them although I am looking into wire-wrapping.You can find videos on youtube for this but I don't have any ready yet and they will be probably €30 when I do suss it out.

There are pictures here of the outside of the stone meteorites and the cut faces of the inside.I have also just uploaded a pic of the metal ones I have from Argentina called Campo Del Cielo--these are the ones I will wire-wrap when I get the tools and wire.If there is some other specific picture you want let me know.
paulthom8 asked a question 20/02/2011 7:21 pm (3 years ago):
Hi ME. What could you offer me for between 50 - 100 euro's range. Interested in a piece/pieces from the Sikhote-Alin fall. Cheers.
MeteoritesEire says 20/02/2011 7:44 pm (3 years ago):
I have the 2 that I mentioned earlier --44 and 35 grams.Thats 79g and I could do you another 20 grams of smaller pieces in the gram range(with or without the glass vials--up to you.).Think I have a pic of the 44 and the vials handy right now,will see if it will let me upload more pics here.Can take a pic of the 35 tomorrow.
MeteoritesEire says 20/02/2011 7:50 pm (3 years ago):
the 44gram Sikhote is on here now just keep clicking forward on the pics.I will throw the metal meteorite label in too but not the scale cube.Also uploaded pic of the vial with 10grams of small sikhotes in it.Will throw in the magnet that you see being held thru the glass at the bottom.I have about 10 of these available
MeteoritesEire says 20/02/2011 10:58 pm (3 years ago):
deereidy I forgot a 4th option to make meteorites into pendants and thats soldering an eye fixing onto one of the metal ones.I will get a soldering iron soon as there is a bit of demand for pendants.
deereidy asked a question 21/02/2011 1:21 am (3 years ago):
that sounds great
deereidy asked a question 27/02/2011 7:59 pm (3 years ago):
any demand for pendants yet? I'd like to buy one soon for a freinds birthday and would like it to be on a chain, how much would that cost?

deereidy asked a question 27/02/2011 8:10 pm (3 years ago):
Alright I would like to buy one of the cheaper ones in the next few days, could you send some pics of them if theyre not already up? and are they a tenner or more? thanks :)
MeteoritesEire says 27/02/2011 9:38 pm (3 years ago):
hi Dee --yes demand is more for the pendants than anything else.I ordered a soldering iron off amazon a week ago but they are taking their sweet time delivering it.I already have the eye fixings ready to go.If you know anyone with a soldering iron I would be happy to throw you in a couple of eye fixings to try to attach yourself if you are in a rush.
I fear my soldering iron will not even be here this week as it's still not sent.

The picture where I am holding about 11 iron meteorites in my hand will be best and easiest to make into pendants(and cheapest).I do plan on making some with slices of the stone meteorites but they will require a lot more work and so expense.If you want to see a closer pic of the campo iron meteorites here is one example http://v.gd/MdPjDq

yes,I can do them for a tenner but will stay clear from providing chains.You will have to sort that yourself.I am going to source some leather thong and see how they go but this is probably a couple weeks away I would think.

If there is some specific picture you want just ask and I will accommodate.Thanks for your interest

therat asked a question 01/03/2011 9:53 am (3 years ago):
how much for the one in picture 11 if still available
MeteoritesEire says 01/03/2011 11:27 am (3 years ago):
yes I have a few of them --€10 --there's about 18-20 pieces in those vials.They are small

the only thing with that one is I'd need to send it in a box to protect the glass so prob be €2.70 postage.I only ever ask for whatever the actual postage is.If you're in Ireland it would be a small packet at about 250 grams for box and packing materials.
deereidy asked a question 01/03/2011 5:26 pm (3 years ago):
alright if you can do one for a tenner ill take it off you so, no problem about the chains, ill get them myself. my freinds birthday is coming up very soon so i would like this sorted as soon as possible.
i really like the ones in pictures 9 or 3, one of them or something similiar would be great
deereidy asked a question 01/03/2011 5:28 pm (3 years ago):
i also really like the quoted pic you gave and i see that youre selling it on another site but i know it may take time to put it on a necklace, if it were at all possible to get it to me before the 11th that would be great but i understand im asking a lot there
MeteoritesEire says 01/03/2011 10:40 pm (3 years ago):
deereidy--I can get that in the post for you immediately upon payment--I am on the internet all day almost every day.Picture 3 is a stone meteorite on my saw ready to be cut.Picture 9 is my hand with 11 IRON meteorites called Campo Del Cielo.They are easiest to be made into pendants.

I can get that one on the other site to you before the 11th no probs but for a tenner I would not throw in the metal label as they cost me €3 a piece.Hope you understand the profit margins are slim at the minute.I'll throw in a bit of silver wire wrap in case you want to make your own pendant---search on youtube and you can see some tutorial vids for making pendants with wirewrap.Let me know what you want,we'll get it sorted
deereidy asked a question 01/03/2011 11:43 pm (3 years ago):
I'll give you 15 for everything, I'm not sure how much the postage will be on top of that but I'm trusting it shouldn't be much over a fiver? Posting to Kildare. If you pm me an address I can send you a cheque, or do you have a preffered payment method?
Rollercoaster asked a question 02/03/2011 12:22 am (3 years ago):

I am looking for a meteorite as a gift for an astrophysicist friend of mine. Do they come with labels / certificate to verify their authenticity and identify the meteor?

If you can give me a decent size piece or vial for 10 to 15 Euro and post it to Dublin, I can pay by PayPal.

MeteoritesEire says 02/03/2011 9:39 am (3 years ago):
Hi Rollercoaster
if your friend doesn't have any piece of meteorite yet he/she will love you.I can still recall getting my first one after finding out the public could actually own these things.amazing feeling.

Now,they do come with my i.d. card stating locality and some other basic info such as what class the meteorite is,how much fell, weathering level if known ,shock level if known.Some of them can come with metal identification labels which are pictured above on the Sikhote-Alin.I can also print off a signed affidavit stating my credentials as a member in longtime good standing with the International Meteorite Collectors Association.I am working on a certificate of authenticity but they are not ready yet.It does give that extra piece of mind so I will provide these when ready but it will be a couple of weeks ago potentially.

Personally speaking for your astro friend I would recommend a piece of Canyon Diablo as this comes from the best known crater on Earth--meteor crater in Arizona.I have some nice pieces in many sizes and they are €1 a gram.I will send you a picture.Of course if you prefer I can do the vial of either Sikhote-Alin iron meteorites from Russian or unclassified stone meteorite fragments from the Sahara in northwest Africa.

Will message you now and see if I can insert pics
billy blio asked a question 11/03/2011 9:45 pm (3 years ago):
hi id like to buy the 1 in pic 11 is there any left would love 1 cheers
MeteoritesEire says 11/03/2011 10:38 pm (3 years ago):
yes billy blio--I have some of those made up and ready to go.10 euros plus 3 shipping as I'll have to ship that in a box.Can accept many forms of payment.Thanks for your interest
sergiogalway asked a question 18/03/2011 1:43 pm (3 years ago):
Hi, I want 3 meteorites of the pic-9. please PM I'll pay via PayPal ASAP. Need it ASAP.

Thanks so much :)
MeteoritesEire says 18/03/2011 5:09 pm (3 years ago):
PM sent thx Oscarm
finto asked a question 22/03/2011 8:02 pm (3 years ago):
I would be interested in a small one also if possible? Thanks
MeteoritesEire says 22/03/2011 11:56 pm (3 years ago):
plenty there finto--would you prefer metal or stone?And if stone--cut or uncut?
finto asked a question 23/03/2011 12:00 am (3 years ago):
I think Metal would be cool, is that the one magnets work on? PM me the price and I will send paypal
MeteoritesEire says 23/03/2011 10:44 am (3 years ago):
finto--the magnets work on the metal ones AND the stone ones.10 euros plus 1 euro shipping --will PM you my paypal details
guinney placed offer 29/03/2011 12:22 pm (3 years ago):
Do you have any left? Any real nice ones for 30 quid?
MeteoritesEire says 29/03/2011 1:55 pm (3 years ago):
Plenty left for years to come--I have been buying and selling these for a decade now and have great contacts around the world for source material.My personal recommendation for your 30 euros is to go for a stone one thats cut in half.You can either have a 30 gram one thats unpolished or a 15 gram one that is polished all the way up to 3000 grit (looks best) or about a 23 gram one that is polished with only 4 grades of sandpaper up to 320 grit (looks pretty good still).You can also have one that is whole and uncut,about 30 grams for your 30 euros

Of course you can have a metal one also-entirely up to yourself.I am about to upload a new pic with a small riker box they can be displayed in with a metal meteorite label.PM me if you need specific pics of a 30 gram one --thanks for your interest
guinney asked a question 29/03/2011 4:46 pm (3 years ago):
I'll go with your recommendation of half cut stone.
I'll go for the lighter polished one cos i want a bigger stone, size matters :)
Are you able to include a brief description of where it came from? i.e. not space, i mean where it was recovered from :)

How do I go about paypalling you?
MeteoritesEire says 29/03/2011 5:19 pm (3 years ago):
will PM you guinney
gaza123 asked a question 23/04/2011 2:05 am (3 years ago):
How can people know they're not just buying pebbles?
sergiogalway asked a question 23/04/2011 2:59 am (3 years ago):
@ gaza123

Hi gaza, I have 3 meteorites from this Ad. I'm so happy and I'll by more soon :)

After you have it and you touch it, then you know (feel) it's from outer space :)

You can belive it.
MeteoritesEire says 23/04/2011 10:23 am (3 years ago):
Oscarm,thank you very much for your endorsement and I'm glad you're happy with your meteorites.You are a gentleman sir.

gaza123 it's a fair question and I know that lots of people are sceptical because it's incorrectly reported in the press here that meteorites are worth thousands of euros a gram.And SOME are.The 6 meteorites that have fallen in Ireland are all worth about $1,000 a gram and I have a few tiny pieces of 2 of those 6 that I sell to collectors mostly in the States as thats where most collectors reside.
However these particular meteorites I am selling are from Northwest Africa(the stone ones anyway) or South America(the Campo del cielo) or Russia (Sikhote-Alin) and quite a lot of them have been picked up.They all have unique features and qualities that differentiate them from ordinary earth rocks or minerals.They all have cosmic exposure ages that can be measured by scientists using advanced equipment that can meaure how long they were in space.The stone ones have chondrules inside which are round conglomerations that formed at the start of the solar system-they are simply not present in ANY Earth rocks as they have all melted and been thru all the processes that make the earths crust rise and be subducted into the core over and over again thus altering them and in fact obliterating them.My good name within the IMCA for this many years is worth a great deal to me.I fully guarantee EVERY meteorite I sell and I love this hobby/pastime and don't make a killing at it believe me.It's hard work cutting and polishing these things but I love to see peoples faces when they hold a meteorite.Go ahead and take a chance,you will be pleasantly surprised I know. ;-) I'll never forget finding out that I could own a meteorite for a few quid after being a lifelong astronomy fan.I was hooked and delved straight into the subject.
pete1 asked a question 28/04/2011 10:57 pm (3 years ago):
hi is there any of photo 11 plus 12 how much and can i pay u through paypal very cool nice to have
MeteoritesEire says 28/04/2011 11:25 pm (3 years ago):
@pete1: yes Pete--I have the vials and I have the riker boxes from pics 11 and 12.Are you asking for one of each? €20 plus 3 shipping as I'll have to box the glass the glass vial.Yes I take paypal
echorox asked a question 04/05/2011 6:38 pm (3 years ago):
can you tell me the dimensions of the 10 euro stones please
echorox asked a question 04/05/2011 6:41 pm (3 years ago):
can you tell me the dimensions of the 10 euro stones please
do they come with certificate? [place of origin] etc

MeteoritesEire says 05/05/2011 1:14 pm (3 years ago):
@echorox: the 10 euro stones are approx an inch long by half an inch wide and half an inch deep.They will come with my i.d. card describing place of find,weight Total known weight and shock level and weathering level.
dohc95coupe asked a question 14/05/2011 12:42 am (3 years ago):
how much is the one in the box
MeteoritesEire says 14/05/2011 1:32 am (3 years ago):
@dohc95coupe: 15 euors
AppleProducts asked a question 14/05/2011 11:30 pm (3 years ago):
they are beauties
giggsirish asked a question 15/05/2011 11:48 pm (3 years ago):
hi meteoriteseire: Would it be possible get one like pic 7/8 that is cut flat on both sides and about 3->4mm thick? Also to top it off a hole drilled in it?
MeteoritesEire says 16/05/2011 8:32 am (3 years ago):
giggsirish--yes that is possible--in fact I have a colleague working on some pendants right now.Thing is there is quite a bit of work involved.Now if you were prepared to finish the piece yourself I could cut you a slice and drill the hole but it would need shaping and polishing.Otherwise you could wait for my pendants ,I will post pics when I have them-may be a week or 2.The price will prob be 30 euros and that includes silver bail and chain
Daryl1991 asked a question 19/05/2011 11:41 am (3 years ago):
Hi, do you send certificates of authenticity with any of these?
MeteoritesEire says 20/05/2011 11:13 am (3 years ago):
No C.O.A.'s at the minute,just my i.d. card for the specimen.I am working on C.O.A's though.
Daryl1991 asked a question 20/05/2011 11:17 am (3 years ago):
how much for the one in picture 12 and one in picture 9 on a chain posted?
MeteoritesEire says 20/05/2011 3:25 pm (3 years ago):
can't do the one on a chain unfortunately--I bought a soldering iron but am unable to attach the rings to the meteorite.I've been told I need a jewellers butane torch and silver solder and borax but although I may get around to this eventually my plate is just too full at the minute--my apologies.

I can do one like picture 12 in the glass fronted case for €15
SamuelHamilton12345 asked a question 25/05/2011 4:26 pm (3 years ago):
I'm a journalist and was looking to do a piece on the sale of meteorites in Ireland, and was wondering if you could give me an email - samuelhamilton AT gmail.com - with a number so I could give you a quick buzz about what you're selling? Thanks a mill, Samuel.
MeteoritesEire says 29/05/2011 1:34 pm (3 years ago):
Hello Samuel
Due to some poorly researched and inaccurately reported articles by journalists over the past few years in regards to meteorites, I find myself wanting to put up a barrier to your approach.This is unfortunate probably for both of us and also possibly for members of the general public who have a keen and increasing awareness and interest in rocks that fall from space.I will cite this recent article published in the NY Times by Pulitzer prize winning journo William Broad http://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/05/science/05meteorite.html?_r=1

and a rebuttal by Anne Black,President of the IMCA which is linked to thru Geoff Notkin of Meteorite Men fame on his Logical Lizard blog for the Tucson Citizen http://is.gd/qmQIPE

Samuel,if I was to assist you in any way I would need to see some examples of your work and know where the piece was to be published.Hope you understand my trepidation.Sincerely..Jim Brady
patrickweblin asked a question 11/07/2011 11:40 pm (3 years ago):
Have you still got some for sale?
MeteoritesEire says 12/07/2011 12:17 am (3 years ago):
sure do---plenty to go around
spudsmagee asked a question 12/07/2011 2:15 am (3 years ago):
Hey how're things? I'm just wondering would you have a 10g piece of Canyon Diablo?
MeteoritesEire says 12/07/2011 10:13 am (3 years ago):
yes I have a 10g piece of Canyon Diablo.
10 euros on it's own--add 3 for metal meteorite label and another 4 for glass fronted riker box as shown in pics and another 3 for postage.So it would be 20 total with label,in the box,posted or just the 10 total for the meteorite on its own.
spudsmagee asked a question 13/07/2011 12:48 am (3 years ago):
I was tempted to ask for a 30g piece of Canyon Diablo but since I've a budget of €30 at the moment I've decided to go for the €10 option. This is becuase I'd like three different 10g ones. I'm looking for Canyon Diablo, Campo Del Cielo and NWA 869
MeteoritesEire says 13/07/2011 10:54 am (3 years ago):
@spudsmagee:yes I can do one of each for 30 euros postage included.Understand that I can't supply the metal labels but I will give you an i.d. card with each one.PM me for paypal addy if you can pay that way,thank you
tomselleck asked a question 13/07/2011 3:41 pm (3 years ago):
how much for the one in picture 11 posted?
MeteoritesEire says 13/07/2011 4:38 pm (3 years ago):
@tomselleck:Hi--according to ANPOSTS website anything less than 250 grams would be €2.20(to Ireland) so thats the charge for postage as I will need to put it in a box to protect the glass vial.PM me if you want to go ahead and I will give you my paypal address or street address--thanks
MeteoritesEire says 13/07/2011 4:39 pm (3 years ago):
@tomselleck:plus 10 for the vial of meteorites of course--thats 10 grams of Sikhote-alin pictured in the pic 11
spudsmagee asked a question 14/07/2011 11:51 am (3 years ago):
pm sent
shaneyboy asked a question 02/08/2011 11:25 pm (3 years ago):
if i post u cash with my address could u post them??
MeteoritesEire says 03/08/2011 12:29 am (3 years ago):
yes ---can do that no probs.Will PM you to discuss what you want
madbuzz asked a question 31/08/2011 10:37 pm (3 years ago):
Hi, do you still have the ones in pic 8 and 10? If so, how much are they?
MeteoritesEire says 01/09/2011 11:08 am (3 years ago):
@madbuzz:Hi madbuzz--the one in pic 8 is sold but if you are after one with a high gloss polish I have more they are €2 a gram and I have sizes from about 10 grams to 30 grams.If you want pics send me an email jim at emeraldislemeteorites.com

the one in pic 10-sikhote-alin is still available €45
madbuzz asked a question 02/09/2011 1:38 am (3 years ago):
Hey, I'll take the Sikhote-Alin. Do you mind holding out till after the weekend, I need to get my finances in order? Thanks :)
madbuzz asked a question 02/09/2011 2:06 am (3 years ago):
....sorry just to clarify, the Sikhote-Alin in pic 10, that's the one I'm after. Thanks. Can you tell me anything about the properties of this iron? Is it different in any way from indigenous iron?
MeteoritesEire says 02/09/2011 8:11 am (3 years ago):
@madbuzz:yes madbuzz I have just taken that sikhote-alin out of the storage box to double-check it's weight as I was going on memory.It is as I suspected just under 45 grams -it's 44.1g.I will throw in the metal description label also and it will come with certificate of authenticity and my i.d. card.As for it's properties,yes it is completely different to earthbound iron ,it is roughly 93% iron ,6% nickel and the other 1% is made up of various exotic minerals and different phases of iron such as taenite,kamacite,troilite,chromite and plessite.Get in touch when you are ready-thanks
purplemonkey79 asked a question 15/09/2011 11:07 pm (3 years ago):
how did you come to own all these meteorites if you dont mind me asking
email1459 asked a question 16/10/2011 9:55 am (3 years ago):
from wich galaxy coming from?
mikapollo asked a question 16/10/2011 11:40 am (3 years ago):
Hi, my son is mad into the "Meteorite Men" on TV and has had me out regularly with him and his Metal Detector. I would like to buy him a meteorite for his Birthday. A small one boxed would be great. Please PM me as I would like to see pics and sizes before I order, thx.
MeteoritesEire says 16/10/2011 1:19 pm (3 years ago):
all known meteorites are from within our own galaxy as far as current understanding goes.The parent bodies for lots of meteorites are however unknown.
MeteoritesEire says 16/10/2011 1:21 pm (3 years ago):
@mjosulli:PM on the way
hzlmph asked a question 18/10/2011 7:13 pm (3 years ago):
WOW :) what size is the biggest one youve got?
MeteoritesEire says 18/10/2011 7:37 pm (3 years ago):
@hzlmph: just under 10 kilos--it's the first 5 pics here on this shortened flickr link. http://bit.ly/qfTuxg
also if you search youtube for "meteorite 9 kilo" you will see a video of it under my name emeraldislemeteorite
for sale €5,000 I keep it in the banks vault ;-)
lil_stevie placed offer 26/10/2011 9:37 pm (3 years ago):
Howya ,

Looking for a present for the brothers bday ..
What sort of stone one could I get ?

Any chance of a PM with pics ?

MeteoritesEire says 27/10/2011 9:59 am (3 years ago):
@lil_stevie: Hey there lil stevie I will send you pics shortly--actually I'll need your email addy to do that if you want to pm me that,I'll get right on it,cheers bud.
hzlmph asked a question 10/11/2011 8:19 pm (3 years ago):
hi what could i get for roughly 60 to 80 :) it will be a gift for my dad who loves astronomy ect
MeteoritesEire says 11/11/2011 10:20 am (3 years ago):
@hzlmph: I just got some beautiful polished slices back from my lapidary man so what we could do is give you a nice complete stone(about 30 grams or so) and a slice (about 20 grams) and I also got some tumbled Canyon Diablo's back from Meteor Crater in Arizona ,I could add one of those in the 10 gram range also for €60.For an extra 20 I would throw in 2 glass fronted riker display boxes and 2 metal meteorite labels,you can see these in my pictures here.You can drop me an email to jim at emeraldislemeteorites.com if you'd like some pictures
Nigel Njd asked a question 18/11/2011 2:24 am (3 years ago):
hey looking for a pendant for around 80 to 100 euro ?? just wondering what it will look like colour wise and what is the chain made from?? i was thinking if i dont like the laterial you use for the chain i could buy one seprate nd you could just hook up the stone to be ready for it be it a natural one or a ring fixing... and i would like if i buy, to know where the stone came from where it landed etc etc :)
MeteoritesEire says 18/11/2011 10:48 am (3 years ago):
@Nigel Njd:I don't have any pendants that are worth 80 to 100 € ...I do have a few different pendants that I sell for 40 or 50 depending on size ,finish etc.I can supply them with 22 inch sterling silver chain or 18 inch hemp cord.All my meteorite pendants are made from NWA 869 which was discovered in Algeria in 2000 but the exact co-ordinates remain with the finders,they have never been published.I can send you some pictures of different pendants if you PM me your email address.
Saxodar asked a question 29/11/2011 11:41 pm (3 years ago):
i would be intrested in one what kind of one is in picture 8 i would like one like that and could u give me a few prices for the different types of ones u have do we get a box and a cert with them
MeteoritesEire says 30/11/2011 10:29 am (3 years ago):
@Saxodar:Hello--yes the one in picture 8 is the same one from picture 7,it is a stone meteorite cut in half and polished.I have plenty of these they are €2 a gram when cut and polished or cheaper when left as a complete stone,less work of course.I can also supply that in a box with a metal meteorite label.I'm unable to get pictures today but if you PM me your email address I can forward some pics tomorrow.thanks for your interest
mikapollo asked a question 17/12/2011 7:34 pm (3 years ago):
Hi, I would like a small present for my son...what could I get for E30 including postage? Could u post so I would receive before xmas?
MeteoritesEire says 18/12/2011 1:34 am (3 years ago):
@mjosulli:I could get something in the post for you on Monday if you paid by paypal but I'd need to know generally what you're after---stone or iron meteorite? If stone,would you like it cut in 2? Could also do you one of each
willoco asked a question 19/12/2011 8:39 am (3 years ago):
Hi , Do you have a 5g piece from Canyon Diablo
MeteoritesEire says 19/12/2011 10:29 am (3 years ago):
@willoco: I do indeed.Could get that to you in a labeled membrane box if you like.PM your email addy and I'll send some pics
niamh9627 asked a question 10/02/2012 12:38 am (2 years ago):
hi there i would like to buy one of your meteorites like the ones in pic 9 (on your hand ).. can you pm me your postal details for payment ????????? thanks
MeteoritesEire says 10/02/2012 7:17 pm (2 years ago):
@niamh9627:plenty of those still available.Have PM'd you-thanks for your interest
niamh9627 asked a question 12/02/2012 3:43 pm (2 years ago):
payment sent thanks again
niamh9627 asked a question 12/02/2012 3:43 pm (2 years ago):
payment sent thanks again
MeteoritesEire says 12/02/2012 5:07 pm (2 years ago):
@niamh9627:will get that off to you as soon as payment arrives-thanks again and please excuse any delays in answering-----adverts dot ie isn't the most stable of websites--I understand they have lots of traffic
lindaxx asked a question 22/02/2012 2:44 am (2 years ago):
omg i think i found no 9 in the pic at a beach we went to on are honeymoon it was bit biger then a que ball jus looked like melted steal to me i still have it
MeteoritesEire says 22/02/2012 12:28 pm (2 years ago):
@lindaxx: if you could send me a pic I may be able to see if it's worthwhilesending it somewhere for analysis--if it's real ,it could be worth a few quid/euros.What beach? I mean what country?
sarahof13 asked a question 05/04/2012 3:39 pm (2 years ago):
Cool, have you any small/cheap ones left?
MeteoritesEire says 05/04/2012 5:49 pm (2 years ago):
@sarahof13:oh yes indeed--quite a few small cheap ones left.I have a few kilos of NWA 869 and plenty of them are one gram and under.Also have plenty of Campo De Cielo iron meteorites and some Canyon diablo from Meteor Crater.I really should update this ad but I've been busy trying to learn HTML and working on my website http://www.emeraldislemeteorites.com
Rikp2005 asked a question 06/04/2012 3:23 pm (2 years ago):
Hi there, i'm looking for something, metallic, pref. polished and around 80-100€, but it has to be a single piece! not too much to ask? any photos appreciated. Cheers
MeteoritesEire says 06/04/2012 9:03 pm (2 years ago):
@Rikp2005: yes I have some Canyon Diablo that would fit the bill.If you want some pics send me an email to jim at emeraldislemeteorites.com ---thx for your interest
ciaranfitz asked a question 28/04/2012 7:09 pm (2 years ago):
do you have a certificate of authenticity? which ones do you have left
MeteoritesEire says 28/04/2012 8:02 pm (2 years ago):
@ciaranfitz: I have all of them---yes I can print you off a COA
thebike asked a question 22/05/2012 8:32 pm (2 years ago):
Is pic 10 still there? How much?
MeteoritesEire says 22/05/2012 9:25 pm (2 years ago):
@thebike: yes I can still do one of those -I'll have to double check if that exact one is sold or not but I definitely have more.Ten euros on its own.Add 2 euros for the metal meteorite label and 3 euros for the glass fronted display box.Thx for your interest
katana1 asked a question 23/06/2012 6:50 pm (2 years ago):
Hi, I am very interested in one of these.I collect fossils (when I can afford them).I am a keen astronomer for the last 30 years and would love one of these.I envy your job--it must be amazing.
Could you show pics in the E50 range.I will pay more if you have something aesthetically better.If you have a cut of something larger that I could put in a frame.Thanks.
MeteoritesEire says 23/06/2012 9:37 pm (2 years ago):
@katana1: as a matter of fact I have just uploaded 20 videos to youtube of gorgeous slices that are mirror polished to 14,000 grit.Here is one of them shown in a membrane box--could do you that one for €50. http://bit.ly/Nm2eQY

Are you looking for stone or metal? I have bigger ones of both.Send me an email to jim at emeraldislemeteorites.com for some pics
niamh9627 placed offer 25/06/2012 12:24 am (2 years ago):
MeteoritesEire says 25/06/2012 9:01 am (2 years ago):
@niamh9627: Hi ,yes please click the orange 'place offer' box
niamh9627 placed offer 25/06/2012 11:16 pm (2 years ago):
MeteoritesEire says 26/06/2012 8:41 am (2 years ago):
@niamh9627: Hi niamh , for some reason I am not getting the 'accept offer' option to your offer so while I can accept your offer it will not show on the system,perhaps you might contact admins about this? Up to yourself .Thanks for further interest....Jim
BArra asked a question 07/08/2012 1:19 am (2 years ago):
hi, i would like to buy a stone meteorite as per picture 1 and also an iron one as per picture 10, with a glass fronted box included. have you got them both available? postage to Co.Cork, would it be €23?
MeteoritesEire says 07/08/2012 3:05 pm (2 years ago):
@BArra: yes I can do that for €23
BArra asked a question 07/08/2012 3:07 pm (2 years ago):
Thanks could you pm me your PayPal email and ill get the payment sent this eve, thanks
BArra asked a question 09/08/2012 11:31 am (2 years ago):
Received today, excellent packaging and effort in getting the item delivered quickly. Thanks very much
MeteoritesEire says 09/08/2012 11:33 am (2 years ago):
@BArra:Thank you Barry-glad to be of service
dlaw1 asked a question 11/09/2012 2:33 am (2 years ago):
how much is the one in picture 8?
MeteoritesEire says 11/09/2012 9:48 am (2 years ago):
@dlaw1: Hello--the one is picture 8 is the same one as picture 7 and is sold, however I have plenty more -please see http://www.emeraldislemeteorites.com/nwa869-split-polished-individuals.html

thanks for your interest
michy asked a question 21/11/2012 8:55 am (2 years ago):
Hi, how much is your cheapest one and do they come in boxes or vials as they are a present?
MeteoritesEire says 21/11/2012 10:49 am (2 years ago):
@michy:Hello , I have vials and boxes and gem jars so can present them in multiple formats.I have small pieces there which I could sell you for a euro but it's not going to be a whole lot of pleasure to the eyes to be frank. I recommend getting one which has been cut in half because then you see the internal structure which is completely unique to meteorites, that is to say the chondrules which were formed at the beginning of the solar systems formation, and the flecks of iron/nickel metal which make the meteorite attracted to a magnet.

I could also sell you a small slice on its' own in a gem jar with a label.I have metal labels also which cost €3 and are more suited to the riker box glass fronted display as shown in one of the pictures.

So basically there is a lot of flexibility here and it totally depends on your budget.I always try to sell the best looking material that I can afford as I do love getting these meteorites into peoples hands especially children as they are so awestruck.

Let me know your budget and I'll recommend the best looking presentation.You can PM me this of course.Thanks for your interest
robert hayes asked a question 04/12/2012 12:01 pm (2 years ago):
how much do you charge for p+p with a 10 eruo one.Robert
MeteoritesEire says 04/12/2012 6:07 pm (2 years ago):
@robert hayes: if it fits in a padded envelope 1 euro would do.Anything else I only ever charge whatever the actual postage is.Thank you
rhjw90 asked a question 04/12/2012 11:42 pm (2 years ago):
hi! could you tell me how much a pendant on a silver again would be please? and have you any images?
MeteoritesEire says 05/12/2012 11:48 am (2 years ago):
@rhjw90: you can see a list of all current pendants at the following link where there are loads of pictures,thanks for your interest.

rhjw90 asked a question 05/12/2012 12:07 pm (2 years ago):
will get one off you next week when Im paid. ill post you the money.
TheHamster placed offer 10/12/2012 6:10 pm (2 years ago):
I would like a pendant like pendant no 2 on your web page,
if you advise me of your paypal address and total inc postage I'll get it paid, also include a small €10 iron meteorite of your choosing

Many thanks
MeteoritesEire says 10/12/2012 6:47 pm (2 years ago):
@TheHamster: Hello-the pendant works out at €37 plus the €10 for iron meteorite.I'll cover the postage since you're buying 2 pieces.Will PM you my paypal addy.Many thanks for your interest
USMC84 asked a question 11/12/2012 3:42 pm (2 years ago):
@MeteoritesEire how much for pendant 7 in your website? Is says 49 dollars...
MeteoritesEire says 11/12/2012 5:05 pm (2 years ago):
@USMC84:hello there $49 is €37 ,thanks for your interest.If you'd be ok to add €3 for shipping that would make me happy ;-)
USMC84 asked a question 11/12/2012 5:10 pm (2 years ago):
@MeteoritesEire yes I'm happy enough I say with 40 euro all together...does it come in a box and how long does it take to get to me in Kildare once I pay?
MeteoritesEire says 11/12/2012 6:11 pm (2 years ago):
@USMC84:yes in a box with an i.d card .I could get it in tomorrows post if you're paying paypal-2 days max to kildare
fighter05 asked a question 19/12/2012 5:11 pm (2 years ago):
Do you sell any Krytonite, preferably the red type to make a ring with
terry94d asked a question 19/12/2012 5:27 pm (2 years ago):
wud u send it gift wrapped??? b4 friday possibly cos ders no need for it after friday
niallbeggan placed offer 20/12/2012 10:26 pm (2 years ago):
Hi, How much grams could i get if I get one cut in half to show chrondule,in a case with glass front and metal label and high polished whichever looks nicer, stone or metal my offer including postage, do you do paypal and would I get it before christmas as I want one for my sister and could you include all docuementation, certification stuff?
MeteoritesEire says 21/12/2012 1:29 am (2 years ago):
@niallbeggan: for 30 with postage I would give you this one (http://www.emeraldislemeteorites.com/17_9set.html) in a glass fronted case with the metal label.Will come with my i.d. card and a full guarantee of authenticity.There is nothing else on Earth that looks like a meteorite-it speaks for itself-thanks for your interest but I doubt it would arrive by Christmas at this late stage
MeteoritesEire says 21/12/2012 1:30 am (2 years ago):
@terry94d: sorry .missed your question but giftwrapping is not my forte and you're right it's too late for crimbo
mammamia placed offer 21/12/2012 3:53 am (2 years ago):
Hi can you send me a €10 one today please? Which pic is that from, is it the dark or shiney one? Do they come in a box or can you put them on a keychain? How big are they compared to say a grape? Thanks
MeteoritesEire says 21/12/2012 12:50 pm (2 years ago):
@mammamia: Hello mammamia--lets run through your questions and see if we can supply answers.

1. "Hi can you send me a €10 one today please? " A: sorry but can't get to post office today
2. "Which pic is that from, is it the dark or shiney one? " A: yes I have dark and shiny ones.....
3. "Do they come in a box or can you put them on a keychain? " A: They could come in a box but not for €10.The reason for this is that a box costs more to post thru the mail system and depending on which box you get I pay extra for them so must pass that along.I can send you one in an envelope for €10 no probs, but no box.I also have some meteorite pendants which can be found here -sorry that adverts.ie does not allow the link to my site to be live for whatever reason

4. "How big are they compared to say a grape?" A:.For 10 euros I could give you one the size of a grape.For 100 euros I could give you one the size of a plum,for 500 euros I could give you one the size of an apple.
mammamia asked a question 21/12/2012 3:16 pm (2 years ago):
ok, thanks for your reply, so how much for a grape sized one in a box? also, this is a gift for a space fanatic, so which would they appreciate more, shiney or not? i've no idea about these things! thanks for your reply.
mammamia asked a question 21/12/2012 3:18 pm (2 years ago):
how much for one of these? Sikhote-Alin
MeteoritesEire says 22/12/2012 1:17 pm (2 years ago):
@mammamia:the glass fronted riker box costs me €4-I'm happy to give it to you at cost.Postage is another 3 euros so 17 total for a meteorite in a riker box.I'll throw a metal label and a magnet in for free since I just got a new supply in.

Hard to know which your friend would prefer.I always recommend getting a stone one thats cut in half because then you can see with your own eyes that it is not of this Earth.

Sikhote-Alin is sold out at the minute but more will be coming
mammamia asked a question 22/12/2012 2:27 pm (2 years ago):
@MeteoritesEire ok I'll take the one you recommend, can you pm me your paypal details pls?
j4498 asked a question 03/01/2013 5:20 pm (2 years ago):
how much is the type in pic ten
MeteoritesEire says 03/01/2013 5:56 pm (2 years ago):
@j4498: hello--they are 10 euros if mailed in an envelope with no metal label or glass box.Those cost extra--3 for the label and 4 for the box -thanks for looking
j4498 placed offer 15/01/2013 1:52 pm (2 years ago):
@MeteoritesEire would like tge one u mentioned with box and card can pay via paypal
MeteoritesEire says 16/01/2013 10:53 pm (2 years ago):
@j4498: I really appreciate your interest however I would have to charge you extra for the box plus shipping is extra as I have to protect the glass fronted box inside a bigger box costing me €2.70 I'm fairly sure.Margins are tight here and I only make a couple of euros so I do have to be careful-sorry about that.
j4498 asked a question 16/01/2013 11:53 pm (2 years ago):
@MeteoritesEire thats fine can pay extra adverts wont let me thou,pm me the ammount and paypal details and ill pay u,want
the box and label as in pic 10
, thanks
MeteoritesEire says 17/01/2013 10:54 am (2 years ago):
ok will PM you now--thank you
Keedo asked a question 20/01/2013 5:10 pm (2 years ago):
Could you send me on some pics of meteorites I could get for about €500 - €1000.
MeteoritesEire says 20/01/2013 8:18 pm (2 years ago):
send me an email jim at emeraldislemeteorites dot com and we'll discuss what you're after and whether I can help
j4498 asked a question 30/01/2013 5:51 am (1 year ago):
@MeteoritesEire when should my package arrive?
MeteoritesEire says 30/01/2013 11:40 am (1 year ago):
@j4498: sorry , I made a mistake with my paypal address.Will get that off to you immediately.Apologies
james335k asked a question 30/01/2013 9:51 pm (1 year ago):
Hi, Have you currently any meteorites left?
james335k asked a question 30/01/2013 10:14 pm (1 year ago):
Hi, Have you currently any meteorites left?
MeteoritesEire says 30/01/2013 11:17 pm (1 year ago):
@james335k: I do indeed have a quite a few left.Lots of stone ones and a few metal ones.Stone ones from one gram up to a thousand grams and a selection of small metal ones in the 5-10 gram range.
Ar2hur asked a question 14/02/2013 4:34 pm (1 year ago):
what size would a 10gram Sikote-Alin be? and can I buy for €10 including shipping?
Ar2hur asked a question 14/02/2013 4:34 pm (1 year ago):
shipping to Waterford.
MeteoritesEire says 14/02/2013 4:39 pm (1 year ago):
@Ar2hur: hello-thanks for your interest.I really need to edit this ad as I have no Sikhote-Alin left and no prospects of getting more as prices have gone up as the strewnfield is getting picked clean.I can't even do you a 10 gram Canyon Diablo either as I'm sold out and they are impossible to find now at a decent price.Plenty of 10 gram stone ones still here though or 10 gram Campo Del Cielo metal ones
Ar2hur asked a question 14/02/2013 4:46 pm (1 year ago):
approx. how much cm would 10 gram Campo Del Cielo one be?
MeteoritesEire says 14/02/2013 4:49 pm (1 year ago):
maybe 2 or 3 cm long if I pick out a long flat one.Most are thicker and shorter.Can do one for 10 euros with free shipping in an envelope and I'll throw in a small piece of nwa 869 stoney meteorite slice, and a magnet
somedarknights asked a question 21/02/2013 9:58 pm (1 year ago):
hi interested in a cheap metal one but could only offer a swap? please let me know :) really interested
MeteoritesEire says 21/02/2013 11:21 pm (1 year ago):
@somedarknights: ok -interested in your sharpies....make me an offer (",)
somedarknights asked a question 21/02/2013 11:43 pm (1 year ago):
@MeteoritesEire sorry sharpies are already in a swap I have to mark them as sold as posting tomorrow I can have a look around I have 1 black nearly new promarker and 1 black sharpie if you're interested ?
Garycrowley asked a question 28/02/2013 11:08 pm (1 year ago):
Swap for one of same value ?
MeteoritesEire says 28/02/2013 11:31 pm (1 year ago):
@Garycrowley: what exactly did you have in mind?
Garycrowley asked a question 01/03/2013 1:16 pm (1 year ago):
Pm sent
skutch asked a question 12/05/2013 3:35 pm (1 year ago):
any €10 stones left?
MeteoritesEire says 12/05/2013 4:41 pm (1 year ago):
@skutch: there are indeed.I've been busy cutting more too.Let me know what yer after and I'll sort ya out no probs.Stone ones and metal ones all in stock
skutch asked a question 12/05/2013 5:55 pm (1 year ago):
il be looking for a stone one
MeteoritesEire says 12/05/2013 6:10 pm (1 year ago):
@skutch: no probs-you after one thats split in 2 or uncut? Paypal ok or you need my address?
skutch asked a question 12/05/2013 7:54 pm (1 year ago):
chopped in 2 and i dont use paypal, so postal order?, unless your ever in dublin?
MeteoritesEire says 12/05/2013 8:00 pm (1 year ago):
@skutch: will PM my addy
yak face asked a question 05/09/2013 2:41 pm (1 year ago):
radiation? might be a silly question but i have to ask. ty
MeteoritesEire says 05/09/2013 4:17 pm (1 year ago):
@yak face: negligible
MeteoritesEire says 02/10/2013 11:19 pm (1 year ago):
@edenogue: accepted
MeteoritesEire says 03/10/2013 9:53 am (1 year ago):
@edenogue: yes plenty left of both the iron and the stone ones.PM on the way
seanpuptreacy placed offer 12/11/2013 7:29 pm (1 year ago):
iron meteorite
Sanno asked a question 07/12/2013 11:51 pm (1 year ago):
Do you have any pendants left and how much would they be?
MeteoritesEire says 08/12/2013 1:21 pm (1 year ago):
I do indeed.There's a few left here http://www.emeraldislemeteorites.com/meteorite-pendants-for-sale.html
number 1 just sold the other day and I haven't marked it SOLD yet and number 13 is provisionally sold ,just waiting on confirmation.Also I have some dinosaur bone pendants , check my other ads on here thx
MeteoritesEire says 09/03/2014 7:07 pm (10 months ago):
Ad relisted:
still available
mightymeaty placed offer 07/09/2014 9:07 am (4 months ago):
I want the one in picture no.9
MeteoritesEire says 07/09/2014 11:46 am (4 months ago):
@mightymeaty: yes I have some of these left.I'm all out of the metal labels though at least for Campo Del Cielo.The case would be extra--€3

I'll throw in a bonus stone meteorite also.

postage is free without the case or €3.40 with the case.Thank you for your interest
mightymeaty asked a question 07/09/2014 12:25 pm (4 months ago):
Hi I don't need the case.
MeteoritesEire says 07/09/2014 5:29 pm (4 months ago):
ok thats great-any preferred method of payment? I'll PM you details
mightymeaty asked a question 07/09/2014 5:34 pm (4 months ago):
I'll pay you thru paypal.
MeteoritesEire says 16/09/2014 11:22 am (4 months ago):
Ad relisted:
still available
jon7779 placed offer 28/11/2014 2:48 pm (2 months ago):
have you any of the meteorite pendants (silver ball and chain) for sale ? thank you
MeteoritesEire says 01/12/2014 1:03 pm (1 month ago):
@jon7779: hello yes I have a few pendanst left-they vary in price depending on shape and size, from €30-60.Best thing is to pm your email and I will send pics-thanks
MeteoritesEire says 01/12/2014 1:10 pm (1 month ago):
yes some pendants there ranging in price from €30-€60 depending on size and shape.Best bet is to pm your email so I can send pics-thank you
jon7779 asked a question 02/12/2014 11:35 pm (1 month ago):
thats brilliant ., but it wont let me PM you?
jon7779 placed offer 02/12/2014 11:37 pm (1 month ago):
MeteoritesEire accepts offer 04/12/2014 3:00 pm (1 month ago):
@jon7779: €10 OFFER ACCEPTED.
hmm strange-maybe theyve changed it so you can only pm after accepting offer?? i'm celticjim at gmail dot com

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