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New Swissgear/Wenger Roller case

New Swissgear/Wenger Roller case
Asking price: €75 sold
minimax1 7 [7] gold A star This user is a verified user of Adverts.ie
Swords, Dublin
15/06/2012 1:40 pm (2 years ago)
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New Swissgear/Wenger Roller case

Description (updated on 21/06/2012 at 02:54pm):

New Swissgear Roller case (Model GA-7001-02F00). Piggyback trolley strap system. Overnight compartment.

Short link: http://www.adverts.ie/1756062


  • Collection: Yes
  • Delivery: Yes
  • Post/Courier: No
  • To be arranged: Yes

Payment methods

  • Cash/Postal Order: Yes
  • Paypal: Yes
  • Cheque: No
  • Bank Transfer: No
polandst asked a question 19/06/2012 4:52 pm (2 years ago):
is this the luggage from tesco???
minimax1 says 19/06/2012 7:29 pm (2 years ago):
@polandst Hi there. No definitely not Tescos. This is an original Swissgear case. I have seen the Tesco stuff and it is not the same quality as this item.
newbeginnings asked a question 20/06/2012 1:04 pm (2 years ago):
Swap - check my ads? Cheers
minimax1 says 20/06/2012 5:14 pm (2 years ago):
@newbeginnings: Had a look. Nothing there for me I'm afraid. Thanks
newbeginnings asked a question 20/06/2012 5:21 pm (2 years ago):
Cheers anyway - GLWS
The Stig 2011 placed offer 21/06/2012 12:08 pm (2 years ago):
minimax1 says 21/06/2012 1:03 pm (2 years ago):
@The Stig 2011: Internal laptop case now gone I'm afraid. Offer accepted for the Roller case if you are still interested.
The Stig 2011 asked a question 21/06/2012 2:11 pm (2 years ago):
Think I will pass mate thanks anyway.
crackedup placed offer 21/06/2012 2:44 pm (2 years ago):
minimax1 says 21/06/2012 2:51 pm (2 years ago):
@crackedup: No thanks
gerryk asked a question 21/06/2012 7:12 pm (2 years ago):
Have you removed the internal laptop case and sold it separately?
minimax1 says 21/06/2012 7:26 pm (2 years ago):
@gerryk: Yes. A relative asked for it. Sorry
Scooby_Doo placed offer 23/06/2012 4:15 pm (2 years ago):
Ill offer 40 based on the fact that the laptop compartment is gone, but that the rest of the case is in perfect condition!
minimax1 says 23/06/2012 6:37 pm (2 years ago):
@Scooby_Doo: Hi thanks for offer. Case is in perfect condition. Would really want 50 Euro. Cheers
Scooby_Doo asked a question 24/06/2012 5:06 pm (2 years ago):
@minimax1: no worries. Offer stands if you change your mind. GLWS
minimax1 says 24/06/2012 6:37 pm (2 years ago):
@Scooby_Doo: Cheers mate. How about we call it 45 Euro and I'll deliver it to Lusk for you?
kelloz asked a question 25/06/2012 1:29 pm (2 years ago):
is this gone?
Scooby_Doo asked a question 25/06/2012 1:50 pm (2 years ago):
@minimax1 : Thanks anyway but ill pass. By the time I replace the laptop bag it will cost more than buying it new so 40 really would be my max. Im sure it will suit someone who just needs a travel bag!
Cheers anyway!
minimax1 says 25/06/2012 11:20 pm (2 years ago):
@kelloz:Still available thanks. Not interested in swopping however.
jake1 placed offer 11/07/2012 3:07 am (2 years ago):
Hi ya
Can offer 40.00 if its in new condition.Subject to inspect.Cheers
minimax1 says 11/07/2012 10:39 am (2 years ago):
@jake1:Offer accepted. PM me about meeting. Cheers
Scooby_Doo asked a question 11/07/2012 1:19 pm (2 years ago):
I previously stated that my offer of 40 still stands should you be willing to accept 40? .... Anyway no worries, if this falls through let me know!
minimax1 says 11/07/2012 6:49 pm (2 years ago):
@Scooby_Doo:Hi there. I see what you mean about your earlier offer. Sorry about that. I had only remembered your last comment about not being interested but someone else might be. Still waiting for a PM from Jake. I'll keep you in mind. Thanks for reminding me.