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Trailfinders Voucher

Trailfinders Voucher
Asking price: €950 sold
endnb 5 [5] gold A star This user is a verified user of Adverts.ie
Waterford City, Waterford
22/09/2011 8:09 pm (3 years ago)
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Trailfinders Voucher

Description (updated on 08/06/2012 at 03:00pm):

Travel date(s): Unlimited
Face value: €1000.00

No expiry date on this card. Can be used on the trailfinders website or their agents in Dublin and Cork.

Short link: http://www.adverts.ie/977118


  • Collection: No
  • Delivery: No
  • Post/Courier: No
  • To be arranged: Yes

Payment methods

  • Cash/Postal Order: Yes
  • Paypal: No
  • Cheque: No
  • Bank Transfer: No
madison asked a question 23/09/2011 1:36 pm (3 years ago):
Hi whats the VERY lowest you can go thanks
endnb says 26/09/2011 2:57 pm (3 years ago):
@madison: Hey, to be honest 900, as im trying to raise money for my studies
madison asked a question 26/09/2011 3:39 pm (3 years ago):
right totally understand. thanks for letting me know..
madison asked a question 26/09/2011 4:12 pm (3 years ago):
was meant to ask can they be used against tickets booked with trail finders. please give me 1st offer if you decide to drop price thanks again
chocolatekelmo placed offer 26/09/2011 4:21 pm (3 years ago):
endnb says 26/09/2011 10:31 pm (3 years ago):
@madison: Ye it can be used against anything that the company offer such as holidays flights etc, no problem thanks :)
endnb says 26/09/2011 10:32 pm (3 years ago):
@chocolatekelmo: Sorry but cant accept that offer its too low...
kusuma_k asked a question 27/09/2011 11:32 am (3 years ago):
Hi Can this be used to book tkts from any part of the world with trailfinders.ie?
Any conditions with this voucher?
endnb says 27/09/2011 12:50 pm (3 years ago):
@kusuma_k: Ye it can be used against anything on their website. Nope none at all :)
Diageo1 placed offer 29/09/2011 8:11 pm (3 years ago):
jmillo82 asked a question 12/10/2011 11:00 am (3 years ago):
Is it in gift card form or is it an e-voucher with a code?
endnb says 12/10/2011 11:08 am (3 years ago):
@jmillo82: Hi its a voucher with a pin :)
endnb says 12/10/2011 11:08 am (3 years ago):
@jmillo82: Hi its a voucher with a pin :)
jmillo82 asked a question 14/10/2011 9:41 am (3 years ago):
So the voucher would be posted? Or is it a voucher you email? Thanks
endnb says 17/10/2011 12:43 pm (3 years ago):
@jmillo82: It would be posted, its in the form of a credit card swiped with a pin also
jmillo82 placed offer 18/10/2011 12:59 pm (3 years ago):
is there any way you can prove the card still has the €1000 on it and its not already been spent or will it have to be just based on trust? :-)
endnb says 22/10/2011 7:40 pm (3 years ago):
@jmillo82: How bou 850?? Just based on trust ;)
jmillo82 asked a question 24/10/2011 2:09 pm (3 years ago):
Ah thanks anyway but I'm too chicken to risk it, good luck with the sale!
Hammertime asked a question 15/11/2011 9:59 am (3 years ago):

Is this still available? Whats your absolute best price? I have cash waiting and can meet you pretty much immediatly.

endnb says 15/11/2011 5:42 pm (3 years ago):
@Hammertime: Hi i would be willing to go to 850
Hammertime asked a question 15/11/2011 5:48 pm (3 years ago):
Thanks for the reply, sorry but my max was really about 750, am trying to get a cheap holiday together :(

Thanks anyway
madison asked a question 01/01/2012 12:59 pm (3 years ago):
hello im still interested in your voucher just wanted to ask Is there 1000e on the card for sure?? as we hope to book two flights to India end of January with trailfinders in Dublin im due some money in early January and would take it of you. can you tweak a bit more on the price as i won't mess you around i am very much interested. if you want to p.m me if you wish.
thanks very much and happy new year Will wait on your reply
northernstar asked a question 20/01/2012 11:31 pm (3 years ago):
is this sold?
jj1961 placed offer 26/01/2012 12:41 pm (3 years ago):
endnb says 01/02/2012 5:57 pm (3 years ago):
@jj1961:Hi, the lowest i can go is 850
Odola04 placed offer 06/03/2012 6:02 pm (3 years ago):
Hi pm'd you
carolhanna asked a question 20/03/2012 10:41 pm (3 years ago):
Hi. Just wondering would you be interested in swapping for things in my ads. Many Thanks….
maryd26 asked a question 01/04/2012 1:35 am (3 years ago):
Hi, just wondering whether this is still available and also whether it's possible to break it up into individual vouchers, i.e. if the store would permit it to be used to buy vouchers of smaller denominations in effect? And if so, would you be willing to break up the voucher?! Thanks:)
maryd26 asked a question 17/04/2012 12:50 pm (3 years ago):
Forget all my previous question:) Just, is it still available? Know someone who'd be interested in it if so.
endnb says 18/04/2012 9:28 pm (2 years ago):
@maryd26: Hi, yes it is still available but just as a whole :)
chocolatekelmo placed offer 19/04/2012 7:32 am (2 years ago):
Can offer 850, PM sent
ffrenchy asked a question 11/07/2012 1:36 pm (2 years ago):
is this still available??