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T-55 Tank for sale- unarmed

T-55 Tank for sale- unarmed
Asking price: €30,000 sold
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5 years ago
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T-55 Tank for sale- unarmed

Description (last update: 5 years ago)

Make/Model: T-55
Year: 1980
Mileage: -
Colour: military green
Extras: 12,7 mm WKM DSzK
7,62 MM PKT
both guns unarmed
Tax: -
NCT: -
Any Other Relevant Info:

38,880 cc [38,88 litre] water-cooled diesel engine developing 581 hp (433 kW).

mint condition- never used

just out of the warehouse after 30 years not being used

she is bit heavy on diesel- 3 miles per galon :/

Shipping: Collection
Payment: Cash
pat13wx 6 years ago
Most amazing thing I have seen put on sale. LOL.
various_a 6 years ago
no trade

cash only

Blue_Cherry 6 years ago
Does price include delivery, You have it in poland?
various_a 6 years ago
Yes, shes in Poland. No delivery in price.

various_a 6 years ago
Theres a plenty of permitions to get before you will be able to bring her over by both Irish and Polish offices and all fees could be about +10/15% extra.
She is totaly UNARMED, so not a weapon!
various_a 6 years ago
@gymman it is not fake

@PogMoThoin sorry man but only thing i will swap her for is €30,000 cash

Saggitarius 6 years ago
Hi lads,

It's not a joke. I just seen this model on an UK website as well, and if you don't have enough founds, just hire it!
various_a 6 years ago
as ex6 said: stop asking stupid questions
tumbles 6 years ago
are you willing to take offers?
various_a 6 years ago
sorry- I can`t
tumbles 6 years ago
no its cool. best of luck, i say she's amazing up front
peterdaly 6 years ago
Can I test Drive it?
various_a 6 years ago
yes, but as i said- she is bit heavy on fuel
moonunit1 6 years ago
Hi Various, does this tank have a tow bar and also would she be able to tow a 2 berth caravan ?
various_a 6 years ago
sorry dude- you`ll have to stay in toyota hiace
supergrass 6 years ago
can u drive it on our roads, cant make it any worse, think i will take it up the m50
drnmalone 6 years ago
dude this is seriously cool if i had 30 big ones i would so buy this :)
best of luck with the sale
abes216 6 years ago
Is she left or right hand drive ? :)
billsy 6 years ago
supergrass - funnily enough, it is legal to drive (privately owned of course) tanks on UK and Irish roads.

What an cracker! "just popping down the shops darling..."

Good luck with sale!
area51 6 years ago

class, good luck with sale
samsung40 6 years ago
Removed by Eddie
DaForceCork 6 years ago
NCT due? Is she vtec lol 0-60??

On a serious note though whats the story regarding importing to Ireland?
various_a 6 years ago
costs you extra 10-15% of asking price
pajero2.8 5 years ago
wouldnt mind driveing this through the dail gates :-)
Sorin_the_Spy 5 years ago
funny thing
KM88 5 years ago
Does it have a digital stereo or just one of those old push-button ones?
What condition is the spare wheel?

mahuzier 5 years ago
Is there power steering on it ?? could you post to Cork ? :-)
Manic Moran 5 years ago
For the record, the vehicle in the picture is not the vehicle advertised. That's an Object 137 variant, basically a pre-production T-54 Model 1946, the last of which was manufactured in 1948.

The Nal 5 years ago
I'll swap you for the contents Gerry Adams' basement?
Amalgam 5 years ago
Does unarmed mean just firing mechanism removed, is the gun barrel still on the tank?
bm27 5 years ago
is der nct on it?
Sennen 5 years ago
Going to check my bank balance........ I'LL BE BACK
The Nal 5 years ago
Hang on - "unarmed"??!

Ill have to withdraw my offer. Sorry.
selekta 5 years ago
The "unarmed" bit is a show-stopper indeed.
rob duff 5 years ago
can it be rearmed to fire hot dogs up into the stands in croker
adomino 5 years ago
i want!!!
Care4Your 5 years ago
how did u manage to own one of these things can i ask
Care4Your 5 years ago
€10,000 OFFERED
the_dude 5 years ago
a few of the lads want to get this (7 including me chipping in), so i'm being serious here.

the tank is not in ireland right? and the price is for the tank where it is in poland and excludes all costs to get it back to ireland? just want to make sure the tank is not actually in cork.
the_dude 5 years ago
and so you have any pics of the actual tank?