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The Incredible Hulk ! Issue #393 ! Green Foil Cover ! 30th Anniversary Issue ! 1992 ! by Marvel !

The Incredible Hulk ! Issue #393 ! Green Foil  Cover ! 30th Anniversary Issue ! 1992 ! by Marvel !
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The Incredible Hulk ! Issue #393 ! Green Foil Cover ! 30th Anniversary Issue ! 1992 ! by Marvel !


Title: The Incredible Hulk

Author(s): Peter David, Dale Keown

Publisher: Marvel

Date: 1992

First Printing: YES

Comic Age: Modern

Issue: #393

Green Foil

30th Anniversary

Igor Drenkov, after years of being haunted by the day the Hulk was born, wakes up to find himself in the ruins of Los Diablos Missile Base. He is reliving the moments where he and Bruce Banner were going to set off the gamma bomb. To his surprise, Banner is here with him, although he is massive in form. After Banner berates Igor for not having his mind focused on the job he looks out onto the test site with a pair of binoculars. He then notices a boy out near the Gamma Bomb. He tells Igor to hold off the countdown until he can get back. Standing in front of the abort button, Igor's mind races over how he was originally on the base as a Russian spy and how he allowed the bomb to go off in the hopes of killing Banner and stealing the secrets of the Gamma Bomb. However, as the clock counts down, Igor struggles to make a decision and it's his indecision this time that prevents him from stopping the bomb. Just as before, he is suddenly blinded by the flash through the view screen as the Gamma Bomb apparently goes off.

Meanwhile, aboard a ship piloted by the People's Protectorate, the woman known as Fantasma begins to scream. At that moment she had been scanning Drenkov's mind when she was struck with his sense of anguish. Red Guardian tells his time to shape up, as they have been sent into American airspace to track down Igor Drenkov who was kidnapped from Washington, D.C. while on a diplomatic mission. It is imperative that they get him back as a recent political shift has left the Russian government feeling particularly vulnerable. Suddenly, the Protectorate's ship is attacked by Hector of the Pantheon, who damages the wing of the ship, forcing the Russian superheroes to make an emergency landing in the middle of the desert. Red Guardian, Perun, Vostok, Fantasma, and the Crimson Dynamo get out of the ship unscathed. They are confronted by Ulysses, Ajax, Atalanta and Hector of the Pantheon. As the members of the People's Protectorate charge at the Pantheon, they are suddenly teleported away.

While back at the missile base, Igor struggles with his sanity as he wanders around the base, reliving his past. Spotting the cabin where Bruce Banner used to reside, he goes inside thinking he will find his notes on the Gamma Bomb. As Igor begins to tear apart the cabin, in walks the Hulk and Rick Jones. Just like years before, Drenkov pulls a gun and tries to shoot the Hulk but to no avail. As Bruce begins to toss Igor around and berate him for the evil he unleashed, Rick Jones decides that this re-enactment have gone too far. He tells the Hulk to stop before he kills Igor. However, Bruce Banner has years of built up anger to direct toward the former Russian spy responsible for his transformation into the Hulk. As Rick and the Hulk argue, the Crimson Dynamo rips the roof off the cabin, and he orders they turn over Drenkov. Hulk complies by throwing the frightened Russian high up into the sky.

When the Crimson Dynamo flies up to recover Igor, the Hulk leaps up after him. However, he is blasted out of the sky by Fantasma and then attacked by the other members of the People's Protectorate. The Pantheon then arrive on the scene, and Atalanta manages to knock out Fantasma with one of her energy arrows. While the Hulk fights it out with Perun, Ulysses battles Red Guardian, while Vostok fights Ajax. Soon the Crimson Dynamo returns with Igor and joins the frey. Ultimately, each member of the People's Protectorate is overpowered, allowing the Hulk to once more direct his rage at Igor Drenkov. The Hulk takes Drenvok out to ground zero where he makes the Hulk sit right where the bomb went off. When the two groups finally catch up to the Hulk, he tells them that this is very spot where the Hulk was born, thanks to the meddling of Igor Drenkov. It's then that Red Guardian realizes that this is the anniversary of the Gamma Bomb test. The Hulk explains that he brought Drenkov back to make him face what he had done.

To everyone's surprise, Igor begins to laugh manically as he believes he is going to heaven for saving the world. This confused the Hulk, and Igor explains that although the Hulk has caused untold damage himself, he thinks about all of the various evil beings the Hulk has defeated over the years. Igor then asks that if he is to be held responsible for all the bad the Hulk has done, he asks can he not also be praised for the good the Hulk has done as well? Drenkov then breaks down into tears Suddenly, his mind snaps and he begins to rave about how died the day the Gamma Bomb went off. When nobody can answer him, Igor Drenkov then goes utterly mad.

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