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The Uncanny X-Men ! Issue #375 ! Autopsy of Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett) ! 1999 ! by Marvel !

The Uncanny X-Men ! Issue #375 !  Autopsy of Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett) ! 1999 ! by Marvel !
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The Uncanny X-Men ! Issue #375 ! Autopsy of Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett) ! 1999 ! by Marvel !


Title: The Uncanny X-Men

Author(s): Adam Kubert, Alan Davis,Terry Kavanagh

Publisher: Marvel

Date: 1999

First Printing: YES

Comic Age: Modern

Issue: #375

Autopsy of Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett)

Wolverine is dead. But Xavier has found out that this isn't Logan. So where is the real Wolverine and how did this imposter take his place?

He was a soldier, he was a fighter, he was a warrior, he was an animal, he was an X-Man,he was Wolverine and now he's dead, The X-Men have recently learned of their beloved teammates death and immediately unite for their the loss of a friend, but as the investigation of Logan death goes on the conclusion may well shock the X-Men more than ever before.

Kurt, Kitty and Rogue are discussing their previous adventure while they went off on their vacation over in New York and conveniently found Mystique who happened to get her self into a little mess, Kurt raises concerns over his previous meeting with Lorna Dane who seemed a little uneasy as she thought she was being followed, while Kitty mentions what she found in Destinies diaries when she suddenly gets a call that shock's her to the core.

Colossus ,Marrow and Mikhail are driving on their way to Boston from New York, Peter Tell's Marrow that she keeps on staring back at Mikhail, she reminds him of her life on the hill and how he was the master and with all the power, seeing him helpless like that put her in an awkward position, Peter then get's a call and is immediately prompted to go to the Xavier Institute.

Professor Xavier was briefing Cannonball and Danni Moonstar on recent affairs, telling them how as mutants they all need to stick together, he also alerted them that how they are an off-branch of the core X-team they may be a liability for infiltration so they need to keep a watchful eye, Danni lets the Professor know that she's heard it all before and that what she's telling him isn't anything new but still the Professor cautions her, he then informs them that he has a meeting with Emma Frost of Generation X and that he must soon leave, Danni asks if he's going to mess with her mind too the Professor answers her but get's interrupted by Storm who gives him the sorrowful news, Wolverine is dead.

The X-Men meet in the medical lab alone with Cable and X-Man, Charles asks Cyclops how it all happened, Cyclops explains to the Professor of what happened while they went to go and help the Mannites and of how a mysterious villain who was exactly like somehow killed him in a one on one duel, a crying Kitty asks why his healing factor didn't save him as it always had but she gets no replies, Charles tells the X-men that he and Moira will be running an autopsy on Logan's body to figure out how he died, Marrow tells the medical team that Wolverine is already dead so there's no point on working on him but Mikhail is alive at the least and he can still be saved, Moira assures Marrow that Mikhail will be fine and that all he needs is rest but Moira tells Marrow that she's more concerned about her after her little transformation in the Skrull-home world, Kitty still weeping confesses her guilt for studying too much Destinies Diaries while she could have helped him, Rogue then tells her that none of the X-Men would have made a difference and that all they can do is just avenge his death, as the times are dangerous for the X-Men she mentions that Destinies Diaries may be the only weapon they have against enemies of the X-Men.

Kurt brings up Lorna's case again while Cyclops adds on it and says he hasn't been able to get through to her either after Havok's death, Jean re assures the matter telling them that at least they know she's safe and in no danger but she adds that she more concerned about Iceman as the X-Men haven't heard from him even after the Death of Logan, Archangel says that he's more concerned of his lover Psylocke and that this little gathering is nothing that he can contribute to, he storm's off without a word in hopes that he finds Betsy.

Cyclops tells the Professor yet again the whole story of Wolverines death in a harsh tone and states that all there is and nothing else, the Professor argues back and tells him that that decision is not his to make Scott was the leader of that team and protecting it was his full responsibility and that he will answer for the loss of one his X-Men, Scott disagrees with the Professor and questions why he thinks that he runs everything the X-Men do, Ororo tries to calm the tension down and pleads with them to put their differences aside in hopes of ending the quarrel, suddenly the power goes out causing some of the X-Men to panic, Charles tells The X-Men that it was a minor power outage adding that the type of panicking they portrayed shows him that they have not been listening to what Xavier has been warning them about, Scott angrily tells the Professor that they were only being human he adds that a friend has just died so they won't be at full operating to what happens, Charles tells Scott that it was his choice to lead that team of X-Men and that he could not hide himself in self-pity, Ororo knows that Charles just pulled the last straw with Scott and gets in between them before things get out of hand, Charles reminds him of Magneto, an evil person in the world who needs some unification and that Charles will be proven right, Scott adds that being right is all Xavier cares about Ororo tries to ease the situation and tells them both to calm down in Scott's annoyance he accuses Ororo for taking sides with Xavier, Ororo then tells Scott that what he's saying is insane and that the matter at hand is about reuniting the X-Men once more, Scott tells Ororo that the team are in no shape to reunited, he points to Cable, Kurt, Kitty and Peter and then tells her that that part of the X-Men are blindly following Xaviers dream as well as caring for his well being, he then points to Jean, Rogue, Gambit, X-Man and Marrow with reference to himself showing her that they all have lives of their own and would love to live those lives without following the dream, Kurt steps in and confirms to Scott that he can speak for himself he then adds that the arguing is pointless and that the X-Men should be working together to find the enemy instead of fighting themselves, Professor Xavier confirms Kurt and announces to the X-Men that Jean was controlling Scott's mind as how he recognized the psi patterns that she was using followed by a psychic assault to Jean, Scott felt the pain that Jean was going through and ordered the Professor to release her but the Professor did not listen, Scott then ordered him once more and yet again Charles didn't listen, Scott went out for one last order until he took off his visor and unleashed an optic blast headed straight for the Professor, Kitty managed to get to the Professor in time to save him but the optic blast went straight through to Storm who fell unconscious due to its massive force, the other X-Men tend to Storm while Kitty tells the Professor she only had time to save him, Charles tells her not to worry as he believes Scott has inner rages within him and is finally ready to let them out, he then assualt Scott with a psionic barrage almost killing him, Jean see's this and Orders Charles to release him and then hits the professor with a telekinetic attack in the process destroying his wheel chair, Cable then attacks Jean with fury of attacking the Professor but X-Man backs her up and states that they had every reason to defend themselves as much as the Professor did and attacks Cable back, Jean thanks Gambit for saving her but alerts them that they need to leave the place before something bad happens but it's too late, Cable and X-Mans fight caused the whole room to fall in on them separating the X-Men into 3 different groups, Colossus is with the Professor and Storm and says that they need to get help immediately, Cable then adds that they should try to get to the medical room as soon as possible, as soon as that suspicions on who the real traitor is rises, Professor calls Gambit out a the traitor seeing as how he made a deal with Sinister and even abandoned the X-Men at one point, the X-Men then start to worry if Professor Xavier is well in the head, Marrow wonders if his imprisonment with Bastion made him revert back to Onslaught again or worse, X-Man suspects Cable, he wonders if his battle with the techno virus has been lost causing him to be alienated, Gambit suspects Kitty as she had previously spent some time alone with the Skrulls on their home-world wondering if they could have done something to her, Kurt slightly agrees with Gambit but says he is more concerned about Marrow and her run in with the Skrull technology, wondering if that may have done something to her, Kitty adds that she may not even be the real Sarah, Colossus states that she is the real Sarah and as real as they get, but he says someone who he really is concerned about would be Rogue, he sensed something different about her after their vacation as well as her added talk of conspiracies, Kurt wonders if Mystique may have done something to her, Cable storms off saying that the suspicions are getting them no where, Jean wonders if it's Kurt who may have been the traitor seeing as how he didn't mind Scott leaving in the first place, Rogue wonders the same as well but says that she trust's him except for Colossus who she thinks may have defected to the bad side again as she once joined the acolytes before, Jean states that he was just in shock and nothing more but she said she was much more concerned about Mikhail who can alter reality to anything he wishes, Marrow adds that Mikhail should be of no concern as he already knocked himself put previously.

Warren continues his search for Psylocke and notices something following him, he wonders were it might have came from and if it knew where he was coming from, he then tries to avert its attention and succeeds but then he notices its going back to its trajectory path and he realizes that the thing knows far more about him then Warren does about it, he then continues his search again.

Gambit runs impatient and agrees with X-Man as he wants to get to the bottom of it himself, Rogue ushers him to stay, Gambit is surprised that she still cares, suddenly Cable blasts the whole place down again cause more destruction, Jean tries to plead with him over Scotts injuries he then tells her that he cannot take any more risks and shoots her with a telekinetic blast, Marrow reacts and manages to scratch Cable in his face damaging an artifact of his, he then tells her that her attack was of no use and used his telekinesis to fatally knock her out, Rogue see's this and gives Cable a kick to the wall in anger of killing Marrow, Cable then notices that his grenades are about to explode,, he tries to tell Rogue but she does not listen and the grenades explode right in-front of Rogue giving her the full impact knocking her out, Colossus goes to help but then gets submerged in flames coming from X-Man, Kurt immediately teleports to Peters side in hopes of saving him but then gets killed as well by X-Man, a staggering Colossus attacks X-Man with a body of flames killing them both in the process, Kitty see's this and quickly rushes to his side.

Warren manages to find his lovers destination along with a Warren imposter? the 2 battle it out.

Gambit pleads with Rogue not to go bu she tells him that she can't hold on forever and also tells him that they would never be together anyways, leaving him speechless holding her in his arms.

A crying Kitty tries to restore Peter back to life but to no avail he gives her his last words and departs and then suddenly Kitty hears a loud booming voice, she looks and see's it is Onslaught and realizes that Charles had turned back into him, Gambit yet again tells Rogue to hold on and then suddenly a flash of bright red light befalls him and he see's none only but the Dark Phoenix, Gambit and Kitty go in for their last battles while questioning the defection of their teammates, they are quickly captured, examined and its finished.

The X-Men wake up back where they started as they started with Charles explaining what really happened, he had actually played out a pyscho-drama in their minds in order to fool them just to see if there were any more imposters as he had realized that the team had been infiltrated, Remy angrily asks why he put them all through that, Ororo answers with her beliefs that the team really has been infiltrated otherwise she would not had agreed to such a ploy, Xavier states the people who into his confidence from First to Last and explains it more to the X-Men, his reason was to exploit their deepest loyalties and passions, the X-Men are not amused and then Kitty asks who was the traitor in their midst.

Warren fights off against his doppelganger and as the fight goes on the doppelganger reveals itself to be in fact Psylocke and he is extremely surprised.

At the mansion Charles reveals who the traitor was to the surprise of all the X-Men it was Wolverine, he had been kidnapped and taken hostage by the skrull people and had a Skrull doppelganger take his place, Charles explains while it all happens while Warren and Psylocke share a romantic kiss after finding each other, Storm then wonders now that they have found the imposter then where is the real Wolverine?

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