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Amiibo Loose Figurines Mario Zelda Splatoon Nintendo Switch

Amiibo Loose Figurines Mario Zelda Splatoon Nintendo Switch
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Westport, Mayo
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1 week ago
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Amiibo Loose Figurines Mario Zelda Splatoon Nintendo Switch


Selling off different figurines from my personal collection. Please read individual price in brackets and will consider doing a deal if taking multiple. An asterisk beside a name indicates that the opened original packaging can be provided, which can be included at no extra cost. Below are prices individually but I'm open to PM with those (only those who have good reviews) who want to take a bundle. This ad contains non-Smash Bros figures

Mario series:
- Bowser (25)
- Bowser (13) missing one of his horns
- Super Mario 30th Anniversary* (35) with box

Legend of Zelda:
Zelda Wind Waker (30)
Link Wind Waker (sold)
Link Skyward Sword (45)
Link Majora's Mask (45)
Link Archer (sold)

Splatoon series:
- Inkling girl - orange (sold)
- Inkling boy* - blue (sold)
- Inkling boy - green (sold)
- Inking squid - green (sold)
- Marie (sold)
- Octoling girl (30)
- Octoling octopus (30)

Animal Crossing series:
- Isabelle - Winter Outfit (sold)
- Celeste (35)

Other series:
- Alm - Fire Emblem (28)
- King Dedede from Kirby series (24)
- Chibi Robo (16) the one with the plug on its head
- Magnamalo from Monster Hunter Rise (40)

Buyer pays for postage, if required. Please let me know if you have any questions. Genuine offers only and lowball offers not welcome.
Thank you.

Shipping: To be arranged
Payment: To be arranged
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Comments & Offers
tboty 3 months ago
Updated with Goomba
tboty 3 months ago
This ad will be updated later this week with more amiibo, particularly Smash ones but some Zelda/Mario/Kirby ones too.
emfinn81 3 months ago
Hi, is the mr gaming watch available please? Will offer the 45 and pay postage. Thanks
tboty 3 months ago
@emfinn81 Yep, he is, i have his box for him if you want too. Would be €5 posted
emfinn81 3 months ago
Great, will take it please
emfinn81 3 months ago
emfinn81 3 months ago
It won’t let me offer more than 1 euro..
tboty 3 months ago
Ad updated with lots of new Amiibo. Please take a look!
tboty 2 months ago
Still Available:
tboty 2 months ago
Updates with Cat Mario and Cat Peach amiibo
tboty 2 months ago
Another big update today with new pics! :)
tboty 2 months ago
Mario 30th (without box), Ness and Megaman now sold!
tboty 2 months ago
Hello, this ad has been updated to include loose figurines that are not in the Smash series (new ad coming for those figures very soon). Thanks
tboty 2 months ago
Smash Bros amiibo ad now active with lots of added figures, please check my most recent ad, thank you!
tboty 2 months ago
Link Archer sold!
morrissey110609 2 months ago
I have a blue brand new yarn Yoshi if you want it

A sly amiibo card

And a loose red super mario Bros base yoshi
tboty 2 months ago
@morrissey110609 I'm grand for those, thanks though!
morrissey110609 2 months ago
No bother
Paul me 1 month ago
hello, I’m interested in the Marie, octoling girl and octoling octopus. What’s the best price you would do for the three of them
tboty 1 month ago
@Paul me Hi, can talk in PM if you'd like?
Paul me 1 month ago
tboty 1 month ago
Still Available:
tboty 4 weeks ago
Updated with Zelda series amiibo, see image 5
tylerkelly 2 weeks ago
How much would the green inkling Marie octoling and both squid amiibo be? Those 5 splatoon amiibos
tboty 2 weeks ago
@tylerkelly sorry, not dealing with those who have no feedback anymore, had too many issues and time wasted eventually
Thank you for the interest, though.
tboty 6 days ago
Splatoon Amiibo bundle here →

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