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Games for Nintendo 3DS and DS

Games for Nintendo 3DS and DS
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Games for Nintendo 3DS and DS


Prices listed after each game. Each game plays in English. 3DS games only work with PAL 3DS/2DS consoles. DS games work with any of the DS/3DS/2DS consoles!

3DS games

- Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash on hold - cover art in Italian, plays in English
- Yo-Kai Watch €8 - cover art in Italian, plays in English, tear on sleeve
- Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn €70
- Hey! Pikmin €25
- Spirit Camera €55
- Fire Emblem Awakening €65
- Fossil Fighters Frontier €18 - sealed, cover art in French, plays in English
- Sushi Striker The Way of Sushido €15 - sealed
- Pokémon Omega Ruby withdrawn
- Pokémon Alpha Sapphire sold
- Pokemon Moon Fan Edition €100 - includes steelbook (tiny groove on steel book, please ask for photos) and sealed copy of Pokémon Moon
- The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D €50 - slight damage to case and cover art
- Dragon Quest VII €75
- Lego Friends €10
- I Love My Pets €10 - boxart in German, plays in English
- Bibi & Tina €10 - plays only in German
- Tomodachi Life €35 - boxart in German, plays in English
- Rhythm Paradise Megamix €75 - Box in Italian, plays in English
- Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright €150
- Baymax Disney €8 - Box in German, plays in English
- Luigi's Mansion 1 and 2 bundle €75
- Yo-Kai Watch 2 Psychic Specters €50 - sealed, cover art in Italian, plays in English
- Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure €75 - sealed, cover art in Italian, plays in English

DS games

- Professor Layton & Pandora's Box sold
- Professor Layton & The Lost Future sold
- Phineas & Ferb Race to the 2nd Dimension €15 - sealed
- Spongebob Squarepants Surf & Skate Roadtrip €15 - sealed
- The Penguins of Madagascar €15 - sealed
- Star Wars The Clones Wars Jedi Alliance SOLD
- Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs €10 - sealed
- Disney Up €6
- Dogz €10 - Box in German, plays in English
- Disney Foster's Imaginary Friends €15
- The Magic Roundabout €10
- My Animal Centre €10 - Box in German, plays in English
- Animal Crossing Wild World €35 - Box in German, plays in English
- Super Mario 64 DS €40
- Soul Bubbles €35
- Guilty Gear Dust Strikers €35
- Konami Arcade Classics €60 - USA version, works on any DS
- Resident Evil: Deadly Silence €85
- Electroplankton €45
- Okamiden €120
- Pac'NRoll (PAC-MAN) €35

Loose DS games includes Freepost:
- Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga sold
- Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 sold
- Lego Batman sold
- Rub Rabbits €9
- Meteos sold

If you have any questions, please let me know.
Postage extra, deals only considered on multiple items.
Open to swaps - only to users with solid feedback, though.

Shipping: To be arranged
Payment: To be arranged
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Comments & Offers
amearhart 4 months ago
Is Fire Emblem sealed?
tboty 4 months ago
@amearhart thank for comment. no, sorry, it's not sealed.
amearhart 4 months ago
Hi, please don't comment on my other ads like that. Thanks for your consideration, but your unsealed price is high, so I'll pass on the sealed copy. Thanks again
tboty 4 months ago
@amearhart Going by the quick change in numbers of followers on my ad, you had already unfollowed it so you would not have been notified of my reply. I thought I was being decent by going out of my way to let you know but obviously it offended you and that was not my aim. Best of luck!
ArmoredArtist25 4 months ago
Can you post pictures of Majora's Mask please?
tboty 4 months ago
@ArmoredArtist25 no worries, will do!
tboty 4 months ago
@ArmoredArtist25 I have added photos now of Majora's Mask 3D. As you will, the case is damaged but everything else is fine.
tboty 4 months ago
@clank20 thank you but looking for more, cheers!
tboty 3 months ago
Big update with DS and 3DS games, please take a look when you can!
tboty 3 months ago
Still Available: Meteos sold!
martinkeadin 3 months ago
15€ For Professor Layton & the lost future nintendo ds game can meet in castlebar to get the game on Saturday thank you
tboty 3 months ago
@martinkeadin hi, i wouldn't be able to meet in Castlebar on Saturday but can discuss possible arrangements in PM!
tboty 3 months ago
Reserved: Layton and Lost Future reserved

Added to ad: Electroplankton (see pics)
Apoca 3 months ago
How much are you selling Electroplancton?
tboty 3 months ago
@Apoca forgot to put in the ad as created a separate ad for the game. It's in the ad now, thanks for pointing it out!
Apoca 3 months ago
Haha no probs
alexS95 3 months ago
Hi is it still available?
tboty 3 months ago
@alexS95 hi, which game(s) are you referring to?
tboty 2 months ago
Luigi's Mansion bundle (1 and 2) added to list, amongst others!
corroonb 2 months ago
Does Okamiden have the manual? Is it the English version? English on the box?
tboty 2 months ago
@corroonb hi, it doesn't have the manual (only the black Nintendo health and safety one), but it is the English box and cartridge.
ammc2002 1 month ago
would you take €20 for rhythm paradise?
tboty 1 month ago
@ammc2002 no, sorry, but thanks for the offer!
tboty 1 month ago
Still Available:
mosman956 2 weeks ago
is tomodachi life still available?
tboty 2 weeks ago
@mosman956 hi, yes Tomodachi Life still available!
mosman956 2 weeks ago
how much is it?
tboty 2 weeks ago
@mosman956 it is €35 or if you are not looking for one with the box, I've another for €25. Postage would be a little extra.
mosman956 2 weeks ago
Would you take 20€ for the unsealed tomodachi life?
tboty 2 weeks ago
@mosman956 hi, they are both unsealed but sorry. it is €25 for the cartridge or €35 for the one with the box. Postage would be €2 for the cartridge or €3 for the box. Thanks!
mosman956 2 weeks ago
Ok I see that tomodachi life is in German at least the cover is, is the gameplay in English at least?
tboty 2 weeks ago
@mosman956 hi, yes, fully playable in English as long as your 3DS/2DS is in English. It actually has its own ad here if you want to ask more questions (this ad has a lot of watchers so they get a notification each time there is a reply ):

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