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Technics service and Repair

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Technics service and Repair
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Technics service and Repair

Specialising in Technics SL series 1210/1200 Servicing, calibration, repairs and modifications of MK2, 3, M3D and 5

I have worked on technics turntables for over 20 years and know them inside out.
I have seen turntables that have ‘supposedly’ been serviced but we’re not, or done badly!.

I use a specially designed jig to carry out all my work and high quality tools and materials, I do not use blankets, foam, beanbags etc.
I will look after your decks as if they were my own and bring them back to life again.

Once I get the units and have had time to check them over I will give you an honest and very detailed assessment of them, you can then decide what you would like done.

Service €100 (each deck) includes (but not limited to) :-

Stripping down the units for full clean of interior

Calibration of pitch zero point back to factory settings (fixes the double zero point effect)

Calibration of pitch range (+8/-8) back to factory settings

Brake calibration

Complete breakdown of centre spindle, deep clean, application of graphite grease and genuine spindle oil 'Technics SFW0010' (for Technics sl-1200, sl-1210) and rebuild.

Re-damping of Target light, restores the smooth motion of the lamp to factory specs and also helps to prevent possible short circuit of main board (expensive fix) due to cable wear by the mechanism.

Service Document (supplied)- proof of service and details all work carried out and contact information, very useful if you ever decide to sell your turntables, I keep a record of all serial numbers if you wish to reference this.

I will also put your turntables through their paces with a full field test.
Turnaround time is usually a few days (sometimes longer if parts need to be ordered)
This service goes way beyond the bog standard service in the service manual.

Repairs (per deck):-

Pitch Replacement.
:-€50 *in stock (€40 as part of a service)
Involves disassembly of the unit, removal and desoldering the part from the pcb, re-soldering the new pitch into place and calibration.
This is the preferred SFDZ122N11-2 pitch with original centre click and better +/- 0.5mm quartz lock (LED lights up). Also replaces SFDZ122N11 and SFDZ122N11-

Tonearm Height adjustment refurb:- €30 (€20 if part of a service).
Involves disassembly of the unit, full removal and strip down of the tone arm assembly, deep cleaning of all threads, re-grease and reassembly, if not done it will cease up completely as the grease hardens with age, the grease I use is a higher spec ‘helicoid grease’

Repair loose tone arm:- €40 per bearing(*€20 if part of a service). If you are able to safely remove the tone arm assembly (including height adjustment part) yourself and you can post it to me, I can repair it and send it back to you (postage extra), this involves removal of the damaged bearing (which are machine pressed into place) and fitment of the new tone arm bearings to the gimbal *very common issue and very few know how to fix this problem.
Arm will be fully tested before being returned to you to make sure the tracking is as it should be, I will also check the anti-skating for you.

Tonearm repairs, bent tube etc- €price varies depending on damage

Replacement of main circuit (motor) board - €20 (or free fitment as part of a service)
*contact me for a quotation for replacement board options

Board diagnostics:- repair cost will depend on the fault but I can give you a quote once I have tested the board (contact me).

Main Board recap and sil/heatsink of control chips - €80 (*€60 if getting a service)
More info here:-

RCA cable replacement:- €40 fitted *in stock (€30 as part of a service)
These cords are a perfect replacement for the original Technics part numbers SFDH122-05 / RJL2P009S12 / RJL4P002S12.
Hand made by myself to a high tolerance using quality leaded solder
Fits the tonearm cable clamp perfectly
Sommer SC-ONYX 2025
Length:- 1200mm
Gold platted Rean connectors by Neutrik
AWG 24
Shielding factor 90%
Capacitance cond./shield. Per 1m (pf): 120
These are priced per unit at a very competitive price
I can make up longer leads on request but be aware that the sound quality does drop when the length is increased, it should not be an issue in most situations as long as they are not more than 2-3 metres.

Ground cable replacement €15 (€10 as part of a service)

Refinish of platter dots and edge €20, if you have ever tried to do this with cleaning products and found that it doesn't work, that is because the original finish was done at the factory with a machine lathe, I mechanically refinish the edge with a jig of my own design to bring back the shine, it will eventually oxidise again over time but will still last years.

Modifications (per deck)

Upgrade pop-up (target light) to LED €30 (I have most colours in stock, just ask)
*€20 when carried out as part of a service

Full LED conversion:- €20 per sub assembly, ie. target light, pitch, 33/45 and strobe to colour of choice.

Tough Plug:- €10 (fitted) extremely strong black plug to replace the continental 2 pin and aftermarket white 3 ping plugs supplied on some models (eliminates the need for adapters or old brittle standard UK/Ireland plugs)

Power cord replacement (new):- €10

Quartz lock removal on MK5G model:- €10 (free as part of a service).
It does not fix the known problem with the digital pitch control but it does make mixing/beat matching a lot easier, if you are a scratch dj it is not really an issue, these mods can be easily reversed if required.

Drop off is safest though posting via courier or Anpost is an option.

I am located in Kilmore Quay, Wexford

I also buy old and/or damaged Technics decks, any condition considered.

Any questions just ask

Thank you

*note, due to brexit some prices have gone up on parts because of import fees, please ask so I can check the price

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Tips on choosing a service

  • Contact a few service providers and compare prices/quotes
  • Know exactly what you are getting for your money
  • Get quote in writing and ask for references
  • Know your rights, visit the CCPC website
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"I highly recommend this seller,Chris is very easy to do business with. Very simple and honest straight forward transaction. I wish him well."