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Construction Timber

Construction Timber
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Construction Timber


Condition: New

20% Off All Roofing Timber 9x2,7x2,6x2,5x2,4x2,3x2,2x1,9x3,7x3,4x3

Shipping: To be arranged
Payment: Cash
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Comments & Offers
Gerry33 11 months ago
9 X 2 14 foots.... about 12 needed.
dooco 11 months ago
@Gerry33 €230 for 12 14ft 9x2
matt-dublin 11 months ago
Do you have 2x1 planed treated batons for making up garden panelling?
dooco 11 months ago
@matt-dublin have some. How many do you need
matt-dublin 11 months ago
I’ll work it out today. I probably need a decent amount but might do it in small stages! What lengths have you?
Gsxr600 11 months ago
Hi. How much for 14 4x3 5.4m lenght. Can collect.
Gsxr600 11 months ago
I meant 4x2
Edgar V. 10 months ago
How much for
8no 16ft 7x1 treated
6no 16ft untreated
10no 16ft 2x1 untreated
18no 16ft 2x1.5 untreated
dooco 10 months ago
@Edgar V. €240
Jeanquigley 10 months ago
kennyr 10 months ago
Hi how much for 100 16ft 6x2
Topbandcars 10 months ago
How much for 15 lengths of 2x1
sherflan 10 months ago
Hi,do you have 14ft-16ft and 18ft in the 6x2? Thanks
peterjsher45 10 months ago
What are the prices for 6x2 , 14 ft ,16ft and 18ft ??
dooco 10 months ago
@kennyr 100 16 6x2 €1700
dooco 10 months ago
@Topbandcars 15 16 2x1 €43
dooco 10 months ago
@sherflan have 14ft and 18ft 6x2
dooco 10 months ago
@peterjsher45 €14.90, €17, €19.20
rob113 9 months ago
How much cost 4x3 15ft long ?
Steelfit 9 months ago
Have you 4x2 timber and are you open tomorrow
dooco 9 months ago
@rob113 €20
dooco 9 months ago
@Steelfit have some 4x2 in stock
mobile disk 1963 9 months ago
How much for 10 lengths of 3×2 delivered to clondalkin D22 NY33
dooco 9 months ago
@mobile disk 1963 sorry don’t have anything going your direction at the moment
jorped 9 months ago
Hi I need several pieces of timber for a pergola
10 pieces 4x4 8'
8 piedes 6x2 8' (can be 4 pieces of 16')
4 pieces 6x2 16'
10 pieces 6x2 18'
35 pieces 1.5x1.5 16'
35 pieces 1.5*0.5 16'
jorped 9 months ago
Do you deliver to Athy?
Liverpool 2020 9 months ago
Any 4*4 posts ?
Vanja viz 9 months ago
How much for 31 6x2s 4.8m (are there 5.4m?) delivered to N91FD82?
dooco 9 months ago
@jorped total comes to €850
jorped 9 months ago
Can you make the delivery?
jorped 9 months ago
To athy R14F961
dooco 9 months ago
@Liverpool 2020 all out of 4x4 posts at the moment but should have some in next week
dooco 9 months ago
@Vanja viz sorry don’t have anything going your direction
dooco 9 months ago
@jorped can deliver but waiting for 4x4 delivery
Darryl25 8 months ago
Offer to pm please, have a list of materials I want priced thanks
Woo013 8 months ago
What lenght do the 4 x 2 come in?
Andyfox 8 months ago
how much for 25 lenths 9x2 18fts and 25 8ftx4ft 18mm OSB?
dooco 8 months ago
@Darryl25: €10 OFFER ACCEPTED
dooco 8 months ago
@Woo013 4.8m 4x2
dooco 8 months ago
@Andyfox 25 18 9x2
25 18mm ply
SSE123 7 months ago
What length do the 6 x 2 come in? Can you deliver to Athy? And how much per plank? Cheers, Adam.
charlesjones 7 months ago
Do you have any of the 2x2 mahogany lengths left?
dooco 7 months ago
@SSE123 we have a few different lengths of 6x2 from 11ft to 20ft. What length do you need
dooco 7 months ago
@charlesjones still have some left
kilcullane 6 months ago
Price on 25 lengths of 10ft 4 x 2
kaye12 6 months ago
Have you any 10ft lengths of 4x4 or 6x6? For external use. Thanks
Eagerbeaver101 6 months ago
dooco 6 months ago
@kaye12 have 2.4m 6x6 treated
kamaz884 6 months ago
Hi, do you have any 5”x1.5” and 5.6 or 6m long and what is the price, thanks
kamaz884 6 months ago
price please if you have in stock 4x2 , 5x1/5, 5x2 and 6x2 . in 6m long or 5.6 m many thanks
Chinners 6 months ago
Hi. Looking for cash price on 55 lengths 6x2 16ft. Delivered to celbridge kildare. Thanks
Chinners 6 months ago
Sorry. 20 lengths 5.4m 6x2. 35 lengths 4.8m 6.2. Delivered to celbridge for Thursday if possible. Thanks
carl99 5 months ago
How much for 10 lengths 16 feet 4by3 please
Ardvark40 5 months ago
How much for 10 x 4.8m lengths of 3 x 2 delivered to Dublin , thanks
dooco 5 months ago
@Ardvark40 sorry don’t have anything going your direction at the moment
Ardvark40 5 months ago
No prbs, thanks for coming back to me
RobPainterAndDecorator 4 months ago
Hi,I’m looking for only treated timber ,can you give me price for 5x2 and 4x4 and 4x3 - and lengths please, thanks
sarah222011 3 months ago
Hi how much for lengths of 3x2 and what length are they please.
nedbox 3 months ago
Where abouts are you in Carlow please eir code if possable
dooco 3 months ago
@sarah222011 16ft 3x2 €9
dooco 3 months ago
@nedbox R93YY88
Brianren 3 months ago
What's the longest 7x2 length you have or can get, and price for 80?
dooco 3 months ago
@Brianren 80 of 5.4m 7x2 €1350
RobPainterAndDecorator 3 months ago
16ft -4x3,16ft 4x4,16ft 5x2 can you give me price please?
hondalawnboy80 3 months ago
10 lengths
9x3 timber 16ft long
dooco 3 months ago
@RobPainterAndDecorator €20, 25, €12.50
RobPainterAndDecorator 3 months ago
All treated timber?,thanks
dooco 3 months ago
@RobPainterAndDecorator sorry don’t have these in treated
RobPainterAndDecorator 3 months ago
Ok thanks
robbie g 137 3 months ago
Hi I'm looking for a price please on
60. 2x1.5. 16ft
20 6x2. 16ft
5. 4x3. 16ft
20. 7x2. 16ft
dooco 3 months ago
@robbie g 137 thanks for calling in Robbie. Will get order to you next week
RobPainterAndDecorator 3 months ago
Hi,can you give me quote for 5x2-3.6meter x22 lengths,4x4 post -2.4meter x4 lengths,4x4-3meters x4 lengths,and 4x3=3m x4 lengths please-normal rough timber,thanks
katie2503 1 month ago
Hi I’m in Carlow .. just wondering where you are based to call in and place an order.
dooco 1 month ago
@katie2503 R93YY88
The Real Deal 89 1 month ago
dooco 1 month ago
@The Real Deal 89
Nearest sizes
30 4.8m 4x2
20 3.9m 6x2
1 7.2m 7x3
duffmancb 1 month ago
How much for 70 lengths of 16ft 4x2 delivered to kinnegad?
dooco 1 month ago
@duffmancb €680
niall7777 1 week ago
how much are the 3x2s

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