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  • Motorbike Alarm

    3 Motorbike Security System - Supply and fit for 340.00 - We offer a Lifetime Warranty on all Viper systems installed by us. - Alarm Works on all Motorbikes. - We provide mobile installation as well. - Check our website page or our Facebook page for daily updates and great offers: - The Viper Powersports Security System was specifically designed and engineered for motorcycles, ATVs, boats, PWCs, and snowmobiles. - Compact and waterproof, the Viper Powersports Security System features two small and easy-to-carry, 2-button waterproof remotes. - The security system features a closed-loop trigger, which is perfect for protecting helmets and other valuables. - Once the closed-loop trigger is broken, the Viper Powersports Security System will activate. Additional features include an onboard shock & tilt sensor, extra trigger input, and auxiliary output. - Features: - Small, water-resistant alarm for motorcycles, ATVs, boats, and more - Small 2-button Waterproof Remote - Shock and Tilt Sensor onboard - Extra Trigger Input - Auxiliary output - Closed Loop Trigger for protecting helmets and other valuables (if the loop is broken, alarm triggers) - 110db siren - IP 66 Water-Resistant - Includes: - Main Module with wiring - 2 2-Button 1-Way remotes - Miniature, Water Resistant Siren

  • Motorbikes Alarm

    3 STARLINE V67 Innovative Security-Telematic System for Motorbikes Integrated Engine Blocking Relay Bluetooth Smart Authorization by a Wireless Tag or Smartphone Compact Waterproof Housing SMS ALERTS - Smart StarLine V67 will send SMS alerts to the owner mobile phone in case of motorbike theft or damage attempts in armed mode RADIO NOISE IMMUNITY - StarLine system efficiently operates in city extreme radio interference to integrated Bluetooth Smart signal TRUNK PROTECTION - Magnetic sensor protects the trunk in the armed mode and activates the alarm and SMS alerts in case of attempts to open the trunk EXTENDED TEMPERATURE RANGE - Due to high-quality components StarLine security-telematic systems stably operate in severe climatic conditions at a temperature from 40C to +85C BLUETOOTH SMART AUTHORIZATION - To start driving owner should pass authorization by a small waterproof wireless tag or smartphone with StarLine Key App (available for iOS and Android smartphones with Bluetooth 4.2 version and above) SMART 3D SENSOR - Smart 3D control with remote settings registers shocks, carjacking, evacuation and evaluates driving style safety RECORD ENERGY EFFICIENCY - StarLine guarantees low energy consumption, saving sufficient car battery charge up to 60 days in arm mode due to patented progressive technologies and firmware solutions - Car Alarm Ireland Supply and Fit STARLINE V67 from 340.00 - All StarLine system installed by us come with a Three-Year Warranty. - Mobile installation is available upon request. - Check our Facebook page for daily updates and great offers:

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